We recognize you love watching the sexy movies and also TV mirrors on Netflix, but are you obtaining the most out that the streaming service? If you want to binge-watch favor a pro, any—or all—of these impressive hacks have the right to help.

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1. USE category CODES TO uncover WHAT YOU yes, really WANT.

If you feel favor you’re see the same movies and also TV reflects on her Netflix homepage again and again, that"s due to the fact that the streaming firm caters its recommendations to your taste through a highly specific algorithm. But if you’re in the mood because that something different, Netflix breaks under each movie and TV present into much more than 76,000 surprise categories, which are as broad as "Action & Adventure” or as thorough as “Critically-Acclaimed Witty movies from the 1930s."

You have the right to find category codes within the Netflix URL itself: The last four numbers in the web attend to correspond come each category code. It looks something like this: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/1365. Therefore if you desire “Exciting B-Horror Movies,” form in “2852” in ~ the end of the URL (replacing the 1365 in the example). Carry out you want to uncover something in “Feel-Good sporting activities Movies For ages 8 to 10”? that’s “855.” “Visually-Striking movie For periods 5 come 7”? kind in “2851” to unlock the category.

Check the end a an extremely extensive perform of Netflix group codes here.

2. Gain THE super NETFLIX expansion FOR better VIDEO QUALITY.

If she watching Netflix via the Google Chrome browser, yes sir a complimentary extension referred to as Super Netflix that deserve to enhance your viewing experience. As soon as installed, the extension enables you to pick your video clip streaming quality instead of Netflix instantly doing it for you. This is best if you want the best video clip quality at house on her Wi-Fi connection, or if you desire to alleviate it ~ above the walk to conserve your data.

Super Netflix can also automatically skip TV present intros, blur plot descriptions and also image thumbnails to prevent spoilers, enhance video brightness and color contrast, and speed increase the video (just in case you desire to binge-watch Stranger Things as conveniently as girlfriend can).

3. Make EXTRA ROOM on YOUR residence SCREEN.

From American Vandal come Wormwood, Netflix Originals are extremely entertaining and definitely precious watching. However sometimes you desire to watch something the isn"t produced by the streaming service. No Netflix Originals is a Google Chrome expansion that does precisely what its name suggests: clears all Netflix Originals from your house screen, therefore you have the right to see everything else Netflix needs to offer.


Are you worn down of hitting the “Next Episode” button when you’re binge-watching a new TV show? The Never ending Netflix Chrome extension puts an finish to the inconvenience. After you install it, the extension permits you come skip title sequences, immediately play the following episode, and disables the dreaded “Are you Still Watching?” prompt that pops increase every pair of hours. The extension also lets you search Netflix through genre.

Flix plus by Lifehacker

Created by the an excellent people at Lifehacker, Flix to add is a Chrome extension that enables you to completely customize your Netflix viewing experience. The comes v 18 built-in customization settings, such as hiding spoiler descriptions and images, disabling a shrinking screen during finish credits, and also pinning her “My List” web page to the optimal of the house screen. However the finest feature is the capacity to add notes come titles. Now you can add the reason why you added Wild Wild Country to your list or include a note around when Disney’s The jungle Book will expire from the streaming service.

6. SEARCH concealed CATEGORIES appropriate FROM THE residence SCREEN.

FindFlix: Netflix an enig Category Finder is a Google Chrome extension or Firefox add-on that permits you to search through every one of the hidden group codes without leaving Netflix itself, rather of scrolling v a never-ending list on a different website. When installed, just search because that a genre or everything you’re in the mood to watch, prefer “movies starring Sean Connery” or “movies because that children in between ages 2 and 4 year old.”


Do you want to clock BoJack Horseman with your far-ranging other, but they space on the various other side of the country? nothing worry, Netflix Party has acquired your on the back! It"s a handy Chrome extension that enables you to watch Netflix with anyone, also if they’re not in the same room, city, or also state.

After you download the extension, friend can create a shareable attach of those on Netflix. The connect opens come the precise movie or TV display you’re the town hall at the moment, for this reason you have the right to watch together at the very same time and perfectly synced. It also comes v a group chat feature, so friend can discuss the activity on the screen. Netflix Party is perfect for world in long-distance relationships, so you’ll never ever be accused the “Netflix Cheating” again.

In addition, if you’d prefer to take the party ~ above the road, use Rabbit for Android and iOS. That a platform that permits you to clock Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, YouTube, or just around any video clip streaming platform through your friends via mobile application or Chrome extension. You can even message or video chat with each other while you’re watching an illustration of Ozark on the go!

8. Instantly SKIP end EVERY SHOW"S INTRO.

Are you sick of click the “Skip Intro” button when you watching a TV show on Netflix? SkipFlix is a comfortable Chrome extension that skips all intros automatically, so friend don’t have actually to. Currently you deserve to spend more time binge-watching The Crown instead of fiddling v a mouse.

9. Clock IN THE highest possible QUALITY HD POSSIBLE.

While web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have actually a lot of useful extensions and add-ons, respectively, they"re no the ideal browsers because that streaming Netflix in the highest possible quality HD possible. Chrome (on Mac and also Windows), Firefox, and Opera tap the end streaming resolution at 720 pixels, when browsers choose Apple’s Safari and Microsoft"s net Explorer and Edge browsers supply Netflix in complete 1080 pixels.

It’s also important to consider your Wi-Fi connection. Netflix proposal at least 5.0 megabits per second download speed for HD quality. (For more helpful tips, below are some an easy ways to an increase your house Wi-Fi network.)

10. Check out A MOVIE"S DROP-OFF RATE prior to YOU start IT.
Enhancer by Simkl

Enhancer by Simkl is a exorbitant Google Chrome extension that functions over many streaming platforms, consisting of Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. Once you download it and register an account, you can hover her computer’s cursor over any type of title to reveal its IMDb score, TV rank, and also even that drop-off rate—which means you have the right to now view how plenty of others stopped watching midway through a movie or TV show. And since the syncs with various other streaming services, you can track your viewing habits throughout multiple services.

11. Kind MOVIES by YEAR.

While Netflix functions the ability to sort movies and TV reflects by genre, yes a basic hack that can also sort chronologically by year (at least in a internet browser). Simply go to a classification page like horror, drama, or comedy and look for a small box with four dots within on the upper best hand next of the page. It will certainly then broaden the “Suggestions because that You” dropdown menu, which provides you the alternative to type by year the release through the many recent title at the peak of the page and the older ones in ~ the bottom. It can also sort in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order.


Did you understand you might pay your monthly bill v a Netflix gift card? Raise.com is a company where you deserve to buy or offer gift cards for retailers like Target, CVS, Walgreens, and Rite aid at a deep discount. If you buy one for, stop say, Rite Aid at a 12 percent discount, you might then purchase a Netflix gift map in-store to conserve money on your monthly bill. For this reason if you buy a $100 Netflix gift card from Rite Aid, it would certainly only price you $88, which you can turn approximately to save 12 percent on her Netflix bill, too.

In addition, friend can also buy Netflix gift cards straight from Raise.com in ~ a discount, however the savings i will not ~ be together deep as ones from a retailer.

13. Acquire EASY accessibility TO NON-NETFLIX REVIEWS.

While Netflix has its very own user-generated rating device (thumbs up/thumbs down), you have the right to use a trusty Google Chrome extension referred to as RateFlix to include ratings from other rating aggregates. As soon as installed, IMDb ratings, “Rotten” or “Fresh” percentages, and also Metacritic scores will appear in the movie"s description.


So currently that you recognize all around Netflix’s mystery categories and codes, you need to admit that much more than 76,000 micro-genres is much too countless to remember. Luckily, Super browser takes the most well-known categories and makes it straightforward to navigate and also scroll through the Netflix interface itself. Just click the genre you’d prefer to browse and also the comfortable Google Chrome expansion will do the rest. You can also browse through what’s brand-new to Netflix and what’s expiring soon.


This one is a game-changer! rather of craning her neck come binge-watch Marvel’s Daredevil while lying down, Netflix upper and lower reversal is a Chrome expansion that will certainly flip the video clip 90 degrees on your computer system screen, therefore you deserve to comfortably clock Netflix in bed. No much more turning her laptop ~ above its side to gain a far better viewing angle—Netflix flip will perform it for you.


Sometimes you just want something play in the background if you’re functioning on a spreadsheet, however it’s tough to constantly have video playing when there are other windows acquisition up room on your desktop. However, yes sir a means to constantly have Netflix running in that own home window that’s floating over everything else, if you clock it in a Helium web browser on a Mac.

Helium is a web browser that keeps media play in a transparent “floating” home window that will certainly never acquire lost behind other windows, even throughout task-switching. You deserve to still click, double-click, drag, and scroll behind Helium and never connect with the micro-browser itself. It’s right for city hall Netflix while working ... No that friend would ever before do that, the course.

17. Emphasis ON "WHAT"S NEW."

When it come to brand-new and old titles, Netflix is always adding to and also subtracting native its catalog. To remain updated, you have to take benefit of services prefer JustWatch or WhatsNewonNetflix.com to see all the great movies and also TV mirrors that will show up or walk away ~ above Netflix.

18. VOLUNTEER to TEST new FEATURES before THEY end up being PUBLIC.

Do you desire to be the first to try out brand-new features native Netflix? The streaming service permits you to opt-in v “test participation,” i beg your pardon is where brand-new features—such as brand-new interfaces, brand-new rating systems, and pre-roll trailers—are very first rolled out. If you want to offer it a shot, go to “Accounts,” then “Settings,” and look because that the “Test Participation” toggle. Rotate it on if you want to shot the latest and also greatest features from Netflix before everyone else.

19. Enable AUDIO descriptions SO that YOU DON"T miss A THING.

If you can’t keep your eye on a TV display screen or cell phone device, however still want to reap Netflix, yes sir a handy small category hidden deep within of the streaming organization called “Audio Description” that offers narration explaining what the characters are act on the screen. This surprise feature basically turns her favorite movies and TV shows into an audiobook or a podcast.

It"s chiefly viewed on Netflix originals, yet it’s perfect because that anyone who wants to follow together with the latest episode of 13 factors Why or Grace and also Frankie while acquisition a to walk in the park.


Over time, your “Continue Watching” queue can acquire overrun v half-watched Adam Sandler movies and episodes the The Ranch. (We"re no judging.) You understand you’re never ever going to end up Bright, for this reason clear out your queue to make it cleaner and also easier to navigate.

Go to “Account,” and also then under “My Profiles” you’ll watch an option for “Viewing Activity.” This is wherein Netflix stores everything you’ve ever before watched top top the streaming service. Merely click the “X” on noþeles you’d like to leaving behind and also Netflix will change your queue accordingly. And also now girlfriend have an ext time for the points you actually want to watch.

This is also the technique to usage if you want to delete her Saturday afternoon binge-watching conference of Fuller House prior to the other human being on her Netflix account find out. (Again, we"re not judging.)

21. Present IN 4K.

Streaming video in 1080p is so 2017; Netflix renders it possible to present in full 4K resolution (2160p) v the streaming organization adding new titles easily accessible in Ultra HD. If you fulfill all the requirements, favor owning one Ultra HD TV, high-speed internet (about 25 megabits per 2nd downloads), and Premium subscription ($13.99 a month), girlfriend can accessibility all the Netflix’s 4K content. Just type 4K or UltraHD right into the search box to see all the title available.

Please note, no every title on Netflix is presented in 4K, but it go offer an ext than 200 popular titles, including Alias Grace, Ugly Delicious, Chef’s Table, Okja, and also Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Just be aware that this can eat v your data plan: Netflix estimates that UltraHD provides 7 GB an hour.


Every Netflix account come with 5 profiles for your friends and family to use, but if you don’t want to offer out your password, girlfriend could constantly use those spare file for any occasion. Because Netflix recommends points you could like based upon each details profile"s city hall habits, you deserve to “train” it for her mood or unique event.

For example: girlfriend can create a profile that’s totally filled through horror movies and TV mirrors for a Halloween party, and also another with rom-coms for date night for some actual “Netflix and also Chill.”


If you have actually children and also want them to enjoy Netflix, but not its maturation content, you can set up a distinct four-digit PIN password that will certainly restrict what they can and also cannot access. Go to “Account” (which have to open up a internet browser) and under “Setting,” you’ll discover “Parental Controls.” as soon as you click the link, you’ll be triggered to get in the account"s password and then be asked to create a unique PIN code.

Afterwards, you’ll be asked to set the period restriction because that “Little Kids” every the method up to “Adults.” If your kid tries to accessibility something that’s as well mature, a notice will show up on the display asking for the pen code. And since the kid wouldn’t recognize the code, the or she won"t be able to watch Disjointed or Hot girl Wanted.


If you want to clock Netflix, but know that you"ll it is in offline because that a good period that time—like ~ above a cross-country flight—you deserve to simply download the location to her Android, iOS, or home windows 10 maker and clock it offline through the download feature. You can even download movies and also TV mirrors in conventional or high definition.

However, no every title obtainable on the streaming company is easily accessible for download. Netflix has actually a category called “Available because that Download,” i m sorry is situated under the food selection option, wherein you deserve to see every one of the titles that are easily accessible to watch offline. Just look for the download icon and also remember to download the preferred titles before you shed your internet connection. Also, if you have actually an Android device, you have the right to download more titles v the extra space detailed on an SD card.


Netflix doesn’t have every title ever before produced, and also the titles they do have have the right to leave top top short an alert as licensing deals expire. However if there’s something you desire to watch and also it never seems come be component of the streaming service’s ever-changing lineup, simply ask Netflix directly for a movie or TV show and they might include it.

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It can be a long shot, however you can actually request a new title because that streaming. You can even call or begin a live chat v Netflix to do a request. It just goes to show that the agency is constantly on the lookout for an ext streaming content.