This week, The Saints pat the Bills. This overview will explain how you deserve to watch every brand-new Orleans Saints game during the 2021-2022 NFL season, nevertheless of wherein you live. This overview will cover how you have the right to watch every 18 mainly of regular season football, also if girlfriend don’t have cable.

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Best remedies inside Saints TV Market: If girlfriend live in the Saints TV market, fuboTV (free trial) is your finest option. This streaming service provides live access to all the channels you have to watch every Saints game: ESPN, Fox, NBC, CBS, and NFL Network.

Best Solution when living outside the Saints TV Market: while fuboTV will provide accessibility to nationally televised Saints games on ESPN, Fox, NBC, and also NFL Network, Saints games may not air in your area if they aren’t on a nationwide broadcast that week. In those cases, you may need to use this blackout workaround.

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watch The Saints digital (Live within TV Market) clock The Saints virtual (Live exterior TV Market)

Watch The Saints online (Live inside TV Market)

As you deserve to see through the 2021 Saints Schedule in ~ the finish of this article, the Saints will play ~ above a combination of NBC, CBS, Fox, NFL Network, and ESPN. Below are your alternatives for watching Saints games.

Best choice – fuboTV


fuboTV provides subscribers local and cable TV channels just together if you subscribed come a cable TV package. The live TV streaming organization provides all the networks you need to watch the Saints this season, consisting of ESPN, Fox, NBC, CBS, and NFL Network. You deserve to watch Saints gamings through fuboTV digital or on her TV using a sustained streaming maker like aRokuorFire TV Stick.I recommend checking your website to uncover thechannels they sell in your areausingthis link.

FuboTV offers aOne Week cost-free Trial, but there is no contract, and you deserve to cancel any kind of time. If girlfriend cancel during your free trial, you will certainly not be fee at all. Below are part features contained with her subscription come fuboTV:

live neighborhood CBS, FOX, ABC, and also NBC transfer in nearly all of the country together with NFL Network and ESPN.a cloud DVR because that recording gamesstream come 3 gadgets at when (can update to more)

The monthly cost of fuboTV at this time starts in ~ $64.99. For an ext information ~ above this streaming service, view ourguide to fuboTV.

fuboTV is accessible on Android, iOS, Xbox One, 4th Gen apologize TV, Chromecast,Roku, and also Amazon Fire TV and stick. There is no contract when you sign up, so you can cancel any type of time girlfriend like.

Other options

Below are some other TV streaming services and choices to watch the Saints this season.

Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TV dead ESPN, NFL Network, Fox, CBS, ABC, and also NBC. You can examine to view which channels are easily accessible to friend by entering yourzip code on Hulu’s channel finder.

Hulu Live TV starts with a 1-week complimentary trial and costs $64.99 every month ~ the trial. You deserve to cancel any type of time there is no penalty as there is no irreversible contract. The list below shows some of what Hulu + Live TV has to offer:

live neighborhood ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and more in most industries of the countryCarries, ESPN, NBC, FOX, and CBS so you can watch the Saints50 hours of cloud DVR storage. You have the right to upgrade to 200 hours and also fast-forward through recorded commercials for secondary $9.99 every month.Comes v 6 customizable profilesWatch Hulu on 2 display screens at once. Clock on unlimited display screens for secondary $9.99 every monthYouTube TV

YouTube TV also offers ESPN, Fox, NBC, CBS, and also NFL Network, for this reason you have the right to watch every Saints video game if girlfriend live in the Saints transfer area. The organization costs $64.99 a month. The live streaming service additionally includes a DVR and supports a hold of streaming devices. Youtube TV supports Android, iOS, to apologize TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, and more. The YouTube TV app isn’t obtainable on Roku. However, users deserve to use YouTube TV through the YouTube app on Roku devices. Prefer the other services, YouTube TV uses afree trial, cloud DVR, regional broadcast channels, and many other features. Please check out ourreview the YouTube TVfor much more details on their service.


DIRECTV present is a live streaming organization that dead ESPN, Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS, which will let you clock Saints games. However, DIRECTV currently doesn’t sell NFL Network, i beg your pardon you might need to watch Thursday Night Football. ESP, Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC are obtainable in DIRECTV Stream’s “Entertainment” channel plan for $69.99 per month. You can sign up online and also get a full refund if friend cancel in ~ your first 14 days. Lock don’t force you right into a contract, and you deserve to cancel at any type of time.

The service also includes a cloud DVR business and enables you to stream come 20 tools simultaneously. DIRECTV present is sustained on apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, iOS, Android, Roku, and also more. See ourreview that DIRECTV Streamfor much more details top top this streaming service.

Local networks Only

If you nothing mind lacking out on Monday Night soccer on ESPN and Thursday Night football on NFL Network, then you may get away with using a TV Antenna to carry out your regional NBC, CBS, Fox, and also ABC stations.

If you live close to network transfer towers, you deserve to watch games airing on CBS, NBC, Fox, and ABC cost-free if you have a TV antenna. Ns recommend purchasing a TV antenna like the GE Ultra edge antenna. As we said in our review of the GE Ultra Edge at home antenna, it gives a money-back guarantee with no inquiries asked if you purchase through Amazon. To buy an cheap antenna through a money-back insurance eliminates the hazard of payment too lot for an antenna, setup it up, and realizing friend cannot acquire reception for local networks TV. You deserve to see our guide to utilizing a TV antenna for an ext details.


Paramount+ is a streaming business from ViacomCBS. The streaming organization provides gamings airing in your region on CBS. So friend will be able to watch the Saints if they waiting on CBS the week. However, girlfriend would miss out on any type of games airing ~ above ESPN, Fox, or NBC. To view if your regional CBS channel is obtainable on your service, friend can examine out your free trial. You have the right to subscribe to Paramount+ because that as tiny as $4.99 every month and have access to the NFL top top CBS. See our review of Paramount+ for an ext information ~ above the service.

Watch The Saints digital (Live outside TV Market)

If you live exterior the Saints TV market, the encourage solution over (fuboTV) will just provide access to nationally televised gamings (Thursday Night, Sunday Night, and also Monday Night Football) airing on ESPN, NFL Network, and also NBC. If you desire to watch the Saints live however don’t live in the Saints TV market, our recommended systems is NFL Gamepass, yet you have to use the complying with blackout workaround.

Blackout Workaround

NFL game Pass is very minimal If friend live in the US. However, NFL video game Pass worldwide will not just let you watch the Saints yet every single game from every solitary team this season. While game Pass international isn’t obtainable to friend if you live within the U.S, over there is a means around this problem. You have the right to use a VPN business outside the united state to get your computer an IP attend to outside the US. Then, you i will not ~ be clogged from making use of NFL game Pass. You can do this v a VPN likeIPVanish by following these steps:

Once you sign up, install the IPVanish client. ~ that, it’s merely a issue of beginning the client, logging in, and click India together your ar on the map to rotate on the VPN.Your computer system now looks choose it’s in India.Clear your internet browser cache. This is vital in situation Game happen stored a place cookie on her system

Saints 2021 TV Schedule

The Saints 2021 TV schedule is in the table below, along with the game’s TV network.

(*) – suggested a flex week video game that is subject to change

(Local) – suggests a preseason game that will certainly air top top the regional CBS or Fox affiliate

WeekDateTime (ET)OpponentNetwork
12Thu, Nov 258:20 PMBillsNBC
13Thu, Dec 28:20 PMCowboysFox/NFLN/ Amazon
14Sun, Dec 121:00 PMJetsFox
15Sun, Dec 198:20 PMBuccaneersNBC*
16Mon, Dec 278:15 PMDolphinsESPN
17Sun, jan 21:00 PMPanthersFox
18Sun, jan 91:00 PMFalconsFox

For info on various other teams or nationally transfer games, please check out our post How To watch The NFL without Cable.

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