Tesla"s most mysterious start is around to take it place, however nobody knows what the end product will look like.

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It’s virtually here. The Cybertruck, probably Tesla’s most mysterious vehicle in its brief history, is around to be unveiled. Anticipation is running high because that what CEO Elon Musk has actually pitched as his an individual passion project.

“I can not talk about the details, yet it’s gonna be favor a yes, really futuristic-like cyberpunk, Blade Runner pickup truck,” Musk stated in a November 2018 interview. “It’s gonna it is in awesome, it’s gonna be amazing. This will certainly be heart-stopping. It stops my heart. It’s like, oh, that great.”

Musk even went as far as to say that “I in reality don’t understand if a lot of of civilization will to buy this pickup van or not, yet I nothing care,” before adding that “I do care, eventually” as “we wanna acquire gasoline, diesel pickup trucks off the road.”

Based top top the this firm 2016 master plan, the truck deserve to be seen as the third step in a three-part setup to transform Tesla from a premium automaker to a mass industry manufacturer. That started with the Tesla model 3, a sedan that gotten in production in July 2017 and starts at $35,000. It proceeds with the Tesla model Y, a compact SUV intended to struggle roads next summer beginning at $39,000. Back it’s supposed to have minimal appeal compared to these other two, the Cybertruck was noted as the final piece the the proverbial puzzle.

Here’s what Tesla may have actually lined up.


Tesla Cybertruck: what come expect

Tesla and also Musk have actually dropped a number of hints around what to suppose from the truck. Here’s what we know so far:

Design: mean something that looks favor an armored personell carrier, something the end of Blade Runner, and nothing like the existing pan concepts.Performance: The firm is pushing for something much better than a Porsche 911.

In terms of features, Musk has actually said he is aiming for something better than the Ford F-150. Right here are several of the functions he’s likewise suggested, back in June 2018:

High level of torque.Suspension with dynamic load adjustment.A power outlet that supports 240-volt, high-power tools.A utility port that can utilize the air compression system.Dual-motor all-wheel-drive.

On that last note, Armormax has currently announced its intentionally to it is in the very first firm to market its armoring because that the Tesla Pickup Truck.

Tesla has already revealed a teaser picture of exactly how the truck might look:


Musk’s comments have spooked part pickup truck fans. lasignoralaura.com interviews disclose a number of them have expressed worry that the truck “won’t look prefer a regular truck” in Musk’s words.

Perhaps the truck’s greatest competition is the Rivian R1T. This automobile is intended to cost $69,000, v a variety of 400 miles and also a 0 come 60 mph acceleration time of three seconds.

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Tesla Cybertruck: exactly how to watch

The presentation is expected to start on Thursday at these times:

8 p.m. Pacific time11 p.m. East time4 a.m. Greenwich meantime (Friday)5 a.m. Central European time (Friday)12 p.m. China conventional time (Friday)3 p.m. Australian eastern time (Friday)

The firm will likely host the occasion on the YouTube channel during a livestream closer to the time.

YouTuber Sean Mitchell is streaming a post-launch livestream ~ above his YouTube channel: