The chosen is steadily moving towards it’s score of getting to one billion people throughout the globe with the message of Jesus Christ and his life.

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To date, they have actually reached end 100,000,000 people, yet they do an intriguing decision freshly to just allow access to check out The chosen on their app or their website at


When the goal is to reach as many people as possible, that seems practically counterintuitive come restrict the number of channels they permit it on.

The producer of The Chosen, Dallas Jenkins, explained why they do the decision they go in a current email to their fanbase:

From below on out,Season 2 episodes will just be availablein the appandon our website(so don’t sweat if girlfriend don’t have a smart phone). You might be wonder why.

There’s a lot of benefits to moving you and all our pan to ours app. Because that starters, making a display outside the Hollywood system method we’re safest when we don’t count on any big companies to host our story. That also allows us to inform you and also share access to all our newest content in one place. Plus, component of our goal is to construct a community, and also that’s really tough to do when everyone is the town hall the show in a various place.


So, if girlfriend haven’t currently downloaded the app, make sure to do sohere. The app is free, has no ads, and permits you to actors the display to her tv (what an ext could girlfriend want?). However like we said, friend can likewise watch future illustration at our website,

If you run into any kind of trouble v the app, visitthechosen.tvand click the help icon in the bottom right corner. Our support team is happy to assist out.

How to clock The Chosen

You only require a smartphone to watchThe Chosen– and also you can cast it straight to your TV. The Chosen: Season Twoepisodes started to be exit on April 4, 2021.

The Chosenis easily accessible for streaming viaThe Chosenapp top top the Apple app Store and also Google Play.The Chosen: Season Oneis also easily accessible for acquisition on DVD and also Blu-Ray in ~ TheChosen.tvThe Chosenis obtainable in English, Portuguese, polishing and likewise in a called Spanish variation with an ext translations pending.The Chosenapp is compatible v AppleTV, Google Chromecast, Android TV, Roku, Amazon FireTV, and Samsung clever TV.

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To learn an ext aboutThe Chosen,you deserve to visit their website here.To read some of the finest reviews ofThe Chosenthat will certainly make it virtually impossible because that you to no watch it, read right here >Some of the best reviews ofThe Chosen.