The very first presidential debate between Donald Trump and also Joe Biden kicks off Tuesday, September 29, indigenous Cleveland. With only 36 days until Election Day, the the very first chance to view the 2 nominees square off on a selection of issues. The timing is auspicious: In the past couple of days, trump nominated conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett to the can be fried Court just weeks prior to the election, and also The new York Times obtained and also detailed two decades of the president's tax information. Expect to hear plenty around both.

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The debates will wait live beginning at 9 afternoon ET, through Fox News anchor kris Wallace moderating. Wallace has announced the 6 topics he plans to cover over 90 minutes: the Trump and also Biden records, the can be fried Court, the coronavirus, the economy, electoral integrity, and also “race and violence in our cities.” (The phrasing of that last one has actually understandably invited quite a many criticism.) no on the docket? Climate change, an unfathomable omission provided the existential stakes.


Case west Reserve University and also Cleveland Clinic will certainly cohost the event at Cleveland’s Health education and learning Campus; it had actually originally been slated for the university of Notre Dame in south Bend, Indiana, however the school withdrew in late July, citing health precautions. Speak of which: points will look at a tiny different this year through the pandemic. Cleveland Clinic offered as health Security torture to the the supervisory board on Presidential Debates, which has actually instituted some simple guidelines to encourage social distancing. The audience will be limited, with spacing in between seats. And there will certainly be no “spin alley,” the traditional post-debate gauntlet where reporters crowd candidates.

Unlike the major debates, which room televised by a rotating slate of channels, the presidential discussions are simulcast across all the major networks and cable news programs. If you have actually cable or satellite TV, or a live streaming TV company or a Mohu antenna, check your regional listings—do those exist anymore?—and she good. Girlfriend can also stream it best here:

In the name of completism, girlfriend can find the debate on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, Telemundo, Univision, CNN, MSNBC, and also CSPAN. Usually it’ll be harder to avoid it 보다 to clock it.

You can also stream it on those various networks’ web page and/or YouTube channels. If you’re trying to find something come bookmark, CBS, CSPAN, and also ABC News have YouTube streams prepared to go. Most of these channels have streaming apps top top the major providers: apologize TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Xbox One, and so on.

If you’re much more interested in sounds 보다 sights, friend can additionally stick with NPR’s coverage, which friend can find on your regional station or with the NPR One app.

Again, in ~ a details point you’d need to actively shot to avoid finding the debate on her TV, streaming service, or radio. I beg your pardon is good! her cord-cutting status shouldn’t cut you the end of the autonomous process. And if you need to miss this one for whatever reason, don’t worry: There space presidential disputes on October 15 and also October 22 as well, along with a vice-presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence ~ above October 7. You’ll have the ability to find those in all the very same places.


Caitlin Kelly is a senior editor in ~, where she edits daily coverage of nationwide affairs, internet culture, and also more. Previously she was a an elderly features editor at VICE and a controlling editor because that VICE Sports. She has additionally worked at The new Yorker, ESPN, and also Glamour.

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