The FIFA Women’s human being Cup is underway this summer. has actually rounded up every one of the details you must know


The 2019 Women’s human being Cup is boiling approximately the climax with just a grasp of groups left in the fight for supremacy.

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England have been dumped out of the tournament one step short of the final, yet will expect to lug home the copper medals ~ above Saturday,

Defending champion USA are the favourites to triumph over the Netherlands in the final, when Sweden sign up with the Lionesses in the third-place match.

Fans will be able to tune in come every complement with live, complimentary and uninterrupted coverage throughout the tournament. has rounded up every little thing you need to know around how to clock the Women’s people Cup.

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What channel is the FIFA Women’s world Cup 2019 on?

Fans deserve to tune in to watch the Women’s human being Cup for totally free across a selection of BBC platforms.

For TV viewers, BBC1, BBC2, BBC4 and the Red button will every boast live coverage throughout the tournament.

You can likewise live stream every match via BBC iPlayer top top a range of tools including laptops, smartphones and also tablets.

For particular details on i m sorry fixtures are obtainable to watch, inspect out the considerable fixture list below.

FIFA Women’s human being Cup groups

Group A: France, south Korea, Norway, Nigeria

Group B: Germany, China, Spain, south Africa

Group C: Australia, Italy, Brazil, Jamaica

Group D: England, Scotland, Argentina, Japan

Group E: Canada, Cameroon, brand-new Zealand, Netherlands

Group F: USA, Thailand, Chile, Sweden

FIFA Women’s civilization Cup fixtures

All kick-offs room in UK time. All gamings on BBC iPlayer.

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Saturday 6th July – Third-place play-off

England v Sweden (KO: 4:00pm)

BBC1 native 3:45pm

England v Sweden match preview, exactly how to watch, prediction

Sunday 7th July – Final

USA v Netherlands (KO: 4:00pm)

BBC1 indigenous 3:30pm


USA v Netherlands enhance preview, just how to watch, prediction


All about Fifa football Awards

News, photos, videos and also full episode overview

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