We all love listening to our favorite podcasts. Even if it is it’s top top your means to work, relaxing prior to bed, or happen the time, podcasts have become a common form of entertainment among today’s generation. For this reason why just listen when you can now watch together well? introducing Spotify's latest feature, video podcasts!

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This blog will answer all her questions about the new Spotify video feature and also dive right into the distinct content opportunities video podcasts open up up because that creators. We will likewise discuss how to develop your very own video clip podcast online. 

What is a video podcast?

Does Spotify have video podcasts?

Why produce a video podcast?

How come watch video podcasts ~ above Spotify?

Which creators have a video clip podcast obtainable on Spotify?

How to do a video clip podcast

What is a video podcast?

A video podcast is no different to a regular podcast you can discover on Spotify, however it includes a video clip element. Video podcasts permit viewers to listen to their favorite creators and also watch at the same time. Succinct right? 

Podcasts usually have a solitary static photo as the lift or a video recording the the podcast hosts and guests.

Does Spotify have video podcasts?

Yes! Spotify go have video podcasts. Spotify has released its first-ever variation of the video podcast feature with pick creators.

When the communication grows, video clip podcasts will certainly be made available for live independence creators and also businesses. The new feature will enable users, consisting of both free and payment subscribers to watch video clip content. 

Why create a video podcast?

Video podcasts allow (at the moment) selected creators to attach with your listeners ~ above a an ext meaningful, face-to-face level. Once viewers look into the eye of a creator, also virtually, it helps them feel connected to that person and also become much more receptive to what the creator needs to say. Humans are hardwired come look in ~ faces, for this reason the video element within a podcast may deepen audience engagement and expand viewership.


How come watch video clip podcasts ~ above Spotify

Spotify video podcasts are obtainable to watch on desktop and mobile gadgets for both cost-free and Premium users. To begin watching and listening, simply press play. Unlike watching a video podcast top top YouTube, Spotify permits users come multitask between apps and also lock a an equipment during one episode. The video podcast will proceed to pat its audio facet in the background through no interruption. Listeners will also be able to download the audio ~ above the go to a mobile device. 

Which creators have actually a video podcast accessible on Spotify?

Although Shopify video podcasts are limited at the moment, over there are numerous well-known creators who market listeners a video element. Listed below are 9 famed creators who have actually released Spotify video clip podcasts: 

How to make a video clip podcast

Now for the funny part.

For those the you that aren’t too confident in filming or editing, don’t let this host you earlier from developing your own video clip podcast. Video podcasts are exceptionally easy come make v the aid of lasignoralaura.com’s totally free online video editor. 

All you have to do is set up your smartphone or camera, make certain you and also your guests are in the frame, then start recording. Learn how to make a video clip podcast in this in depth lasignoralaura.com video podcasting guide.

Edit your video clip podcast v lasignoralaura.com

Once you’ve recorded your video clip podcast, log in to her lasignoralaura.com account or sign up for free. If she stuck because that ideas, head over to ours ready-to-use templates. Add your video clip footage come a new video indigenous your computer system or upload the from among lasignoralaura.com’s countless integrations choose Google drive or Dropbox.

Check the end these confront to face podcast audio visualizer templates you can modify your video however you would certainly like. Include a video clip podcast surname or title, special impacts like ours audio visualizer overlay or get an imaginative with captivating share footage and also audio tracks.

Don’t forget to add in her personalized branding v lasignoralaura.com’s easy to usage brand kit feature and logos uploads. 

Export your brand-new Spotify podcast video directly to your computer, share through your girlfriend or save it to one of lasignoralaura.com’s integrations like YouTube. 

Want to know much more tips and tricks about our online video clip editor? examine out our ultimate help guide for beginners. 

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Edit her podcast video with lasignoralaura.com’s iOS app

If you on the go, lasignoralaura.com’s iOS application is the perfect device to create podcast videos in no time. Even if it is you’re on your commute to work-related or be sure in bed, edit your video podcast absolutely anywhere. Our handy mobile application has every the features you need to create an engaging video experience. 

Many Spotify users listen come music and podcasts through headphones, so adding subtitles is the perfect enhancement to her podcast video. Captions allow the article of mute videos come still be heard. Captions assist SEO too, so have the right to even aid grow your following as well.. 

lasignoralaura.com’s text-to-speech attribute assists creators who want to be inclusive come everyone like the hard-of-hearing community, creating a reading facet to your video clip podcast. 

Not just is it straightforward to modify captions as you have the right to preview the clip and edit in real-time, but the captions generated are likewise usually so specific with minimal mistakes. 

You deserve to also add branding such together a logo for your Spotify channel and the creative font choices are better. Set yourself apart from the competition on Spotify and create your very own personalized contents today.