When friend think of YouTube, movies most likely aren’t what an initial comes come mind. Yet if you’re trying to find something to watch, the online video platform might be the perfect ar to look.

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Did you know you have the right to buy and rent movies on YouTube? many of lock are around the same price you’d uncover them on any other digital organization (iTunes, Amazon Prime). But there are a few exceptions.

Not sure what to watch this weekend? There space a select number of movies you deserve to watch on YouTube for sure free. Here’s how.

‘YouTube Movies’ is the YouTube channel girlfriend didn’t know you needed


YouTube | Google

YouTube is infamous for that is creator-driven channels (think PewDiePie or that seven-year-old who gets paid numerous dollars to review toys). That’s what it to be originally constructed for: average world who had the alternative to upload their very own videos onto the internet.

What began in 2005 as a “you do it” platform has actually evolved significantly over the previous 13 years. Countless studios and brands now have actually their own channels on i beg your pardon they post TV present clips and also other videos made especially for marketing your products.

But Google (which owns YouTube) currently uses the platform for an additional service: video clip rentals, TV present streaming, and also more.

YouTube movie is the channel that residences the licensed content, new and old, you could be looking for. You can also pre-order titles that aren’t obtainable for digital streaming yet (as in, they’re tho in theaters but won’t be for lot longer).

There space a many of areas to watch movies online, however there aren’t numerous (legitimate) virtual platforms to find complimentary movies. Despite their an option is what you’d expect from an online cost-free movie arsenal — sorry, no Deadpool or Disney — it’s still precious checking out.

Free YouTube movies you can watch right now

YouTube newly made a portion of its digital movie library completely totally free — and there space some worthwhile jewel worth city hall — either again or for the very first time.

Some significant titles include:

Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2The TerminatorAll Dogs walk to Heaven (but not the sequel, for some reason)

The complimentary library also includes a couple of documentaries about everyone’s favourite real-life royals, Kate Middleton and also Meghan Markle. They’re over there for your viewing satisfied if you ever need much more background on this beloved modern-day “princesses.”

Head over to the YouTube movie channel and scroll down to their free movies selection. Friend just could find other you’ll enjoy.

Do you require a YouTube Premium subscription to clock movies online?


YouTube | PressureUA/iStock/Getty Images

YouTube Premium is the “Netflix” of YouTube. If videos space normally easily accessible for anyone to watch online, there room usually ads before, after, and/or during each one. A YouTube Premium account permits you to clock videos ad-free, together with many other bonus perks for just $9.99/month.

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You don’t need a paid subscription to clock YouTube’s selection of cost-free movies. You don’t technically require a premium account come buy or rent movie on YouTube that aren’t free. This movies are available to anyone that really needs to rewatch Agent Cody Banks or that sequel (yes, there to be a sequel).