Waxing and tuning her snowboard helps to store it in height condition and also running smoothly on the slopes. The procedure can be incredibly rewarding, and also really no that hard to do. Sure, you deserve to take her board to a shop to acquire it serviced, yet you’d miss out on out ~ above a good bonding experience.

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This overview shows you exactly how to wax and also tune her board in a few easy steps. Take the time and you’ll reap terrific results.


What you need


You"ll need to invest in a bit of kit before you can obtain going, however it isn’t overly expensive and also you’ll save on shop services in the lengthy run. Right here are the essentials:


ScrewdriverEdge sharpenerNylon brushWaxIronPlastic scraperSomewhere to rest your board


If you have workshop and bench, great, but hardly any of us have actually that luxury. All you really need is a durable surface that’s half to three-quarters the size of your board. You can use a device box or also a sturdy coffee table. It’s finest to do every little thing in a garage or outside, as the wax does tend to stick to flooring and also make a little bit of a mess.


Step 1 – ease or take her bindings off


This is crucial step i beg your pardon is regularly overlooked. Once your bindings are tightened right into your board, the screws have the right to suck minor divots into the base. It’s not advisable to warmth up the base once the divots room there, as it deserve to accentuate them and make them permanent. You also want a nice flat surface come wax on to.


If friend don’t want to take it them every the way off, you have the right to just ease the screws a little.


Step 2 – sharpen her edges


It’s most likely that her edge sharpener has several edge options. 90 degrees is the standard setup for beginner / intermediary riding. 89, 88 and 87 degrees are progressively an ext advanced. The much more acute angle will give you an ext bite, i beg your pardon is handy on hard-pack and is regularly used because that racing.


Once you’ve determined on an edge angle, take it a long-term marker pen and also draw down your next edge. This technique is comfortable while you’re acquiring used to sharpening edges, yet not always necessary. As soon as the line’s gone, did you do it sharpened the totality edge.


You need to only sharpen the concave ar of the edge. To view where come sharpen an ext precisely, ar your plank right way up top top a flat surface, the area you desire to sharpen is between where the board touches the ground at the former and back (assuming you have actually a consistent camber board).


The record in her edge sharpener is more than likely one-directional. There need to be an arrow on the next of the document that suggests the direction it need to go. Species the document so the it is pointing in the best direction for you come stroke from sleep to tail ~ above your first edge – ideally most actions you take as soon as waxing and edging walk in one direction, indigenous the sleep to the tail the the board. Now use pressure with the document on the next edge and drag it follow me the size of the edge. Carry out this number of times till your black marker pen line has actually gone.

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To test the sharpness the the edge, scrape her fingernail over it – your nail will peel if her edge is sharp. When you’re happy through the sharpness that your first edge, rearrange your file and perform the other side.