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Are friend trying to figure out exactly how to wear a durag correctly? If yes, friend should check out our guide here to learn much more about tying a durag.

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The durag to be historically illustrated in misleading depictions by tendency media. Now, however, times are changing with the rise of a vast fashion wave. The black ar has succeeded in ruining the negative stereotypes linked with the clothing.

Rihanna herself wore a durag top top the British magazine cover that Vogue. This is a action forward to display the world about the wonders of the garment and its history to people of color. That helps the the durag is additionally a fashionable piece of clothing you can wear on any occasion.

If you desire to learn how to undertake a durag, then look no further. We have actually a guide to assist you dress up in style. This is just how you put on a durag and also the different ways you can go around it:

Why Do people Wear Durags?

What is a durag? A durag, likewise known as tide cap, protects the hair trends on your head. This is to store styled hair from acquiring messed up while sleeping or wearing hats. The also straightforward and sure way to obtain trendy and cool 360 waves!

Alternatively, human being wear durags to express themselves and also their identity. The clothing represents the reclamation of identification for civilization of color. Wearing one is as lot a explain of pride as it is an appreciation for such stylish clothing.

Wearing one can also boost the growth of the dreadlocks and also waves on your head. The optimal durag because that waves helps stop frizzing and keeps your locks neat throughout the day. The lid keeps her curls native springing ago after combing your hair.

So why do guys wear durags? It’s because the durag is not simply a fashionable piece of clothing, but also one steeped in identity and also pride.

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How to Wear a Durag

Before put on a durag, right here are a couple of good advice you deserve to follow come look her best.

Firstly, as soon as tying a durag, the ties must be lying flat and also smooth on your forehead. This is not only much more practical, but it watch way much better than pack it willy-nilly!

If you are sleeping with the durag on, certain it v a headband so it won’t acquire undone. This provides sure that all your difficult work won’t slip turn off in the center of the night.

It’s much easier to usage any type of mirror you have at your home to help you tie your durag. If a mirror isn’t accessible, feeling it out yourself to see if you put it properly. If you room a beginner, you are likely to produce some failure so it is ideal to practice first.

How to put on a Durag

Knowing how to undertake a durag is easy once you have actually the cave of it. Rotate the durag inside out so the seam is top top the outside. You carry out this come smoothen the durag and also ensure the there space no monster bulges developed when friend wear it.

Place the durag on her head and also align the center seam through your nose. The edge of her durag have to settle over her eyebrows or in ~ the facility of your forehead, depending on your preference. Ensure the your hairline is completely covered or your durag won’t remain on her head for as well long.

Take the ties of her durag in different hands and lead them over the room above your ears. Afterward, wrap your head native the earlier and overcome the ties in former of her head to form an x. Finally, tie a node behind her head come secure the entirety thing.

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This is optional yet you deserve to fold or tuck the flap inside the knot. If you desire to permit the flap cave on your neck, friend are free to execute so.