And in Paris, if I might confess, the great weather is making it difficult for me come focuss, reasoning I’d fairly go swim in bassin de la Villette than sit top top my workdesk ^^

I know many of you have to look an extremely “business” to occupational (unlike me who have the right to wear every flowery mini dress I favor to hihi).

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And to accomplish this, there is an iconic piece: the pencil skirt!

Characteristics: tight, just over or under the knee length, largely high waisted, optionally splitted.

The reality that the is so figure hugging scares away countless women. The look on the confront of mine clients once I indicate them to shot one on tells it all.

And they are also afraid that it will certainly look too “old”.

Both room untrue of course.

You’d it is in surprised how many women watch fabulous and contemporary in a pencil skirt

I. Just how to wear the pencil skirt follow to her body

a. You have actually an hourglass figure

No issue if you space thin or chubby, you obtained the most basic body come dress, you lucky girl.

You deserve to emphasize her thin belt by tucking your top, put on a crop top or play it more discreet v a slightly oversize top.

b. You have an A-line figure

Wide hips, slim waist and also torso.

If you aim to make her hips look smaller, ns recommend you to wear a slightly oversize top. The finest is because that it to prevent where the i know well is the largest. It deserve to be a sweater, a shirt, a blazer…

But showing off your beautiful curves by tucking your peak in is additionally a good option!

You can additionally go for crop tops that reveal your thin waist while slightly minimizing her hips.

c. You have an H, O or V shame body

Thin or strong legs, not really defined waist, small hips and rather broad shoulders.

You shall avoid defining your waist due to the fact that it will certainly make friend look “rectangle” just like cute Maisie Williams here.

The surprising point is the the best for you is just like for A shaped women to wear a slightly huge top.

The optimal shall prevent mid hips or also under the target if you space tall with long legs.

It candlestick be large but not develop a “tent” impact by continuing to be close to the body.

If you have beautiful breasts (and beautiful does not necessarily typical big), wear short neck tops.

d. You have actually a tiny torso

Like yes, really small.

In that case, you will certainly benefit avoiding the tucking in plus high belt combo. See how it watch on Marion Cotillard.

Instead girlfriend could shot to wear your tops untucked, crop tops that space not also short and find short or mid waisted pencil skirts (good luck).

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e. Round belly

95% of women do have actually some belly and that is perfect normal and also pretty. And yes the high waisted pencil skirt emphasizes it.

But if you have actually a slim waist that emphasizes this also, and, trust me, everyone will focus on this and also not notice the fact that, looked indigenous the next you do have a ring tummy. Because, other than yourself in the mirror, who looks native the side?

If you do not have actually a slim waist or really have a the majority of belly, then prefer the fluid/larger height trick