I’ve been making much more of an effort to shop (which is a entirety other short article in itself the I’ll speak to friend guys about later) just because I’m constantly looking for points that I deserve to wear and also style in multiple ways. I recently discovered this tube optimal (see the here) and ns just had to snatch the up due to the fact that I knew I might wear the in a bunch of various ways. Store scrolling come see how I styled this tube peak in 3 totally different ways!

Here, ns paired it with my these navy trousers for an ext of a laid ago summer vibe. Since the peak is so cropped, i like just how the high waisted trousers help to balance it out. Throw your hair in a optimal knot and also slip top top some chic mules and you’re an excellent to go!

Here, ns wearing the top as a bandeau bra top. I’ve excellent this a couple of times before, but I like doing it much more with an ext simple outfits that can use a little much more something-something.

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It’s sort of like an update modern way to wear a corset. This is an excellent for piece that space oversized prefer Allen’s shirts (putting it about his work switch up shirt) to make it look traction together. It’s really great for oversized pieces to give it an ext of a shape. Native an oversized white tee come those costume that do you look at pregnant once you’re not (mumu dress, anyone?), the top as a corset will look trés chic.

Button Up: Allen’s (Similar Here)

Tube Top: Tibi

Bag: Prada (Similar Here)

Shoes: Francesco Russo (Similar Here)

Lip: Bite Beauty in Bruised

photos shot at Avalon Beverly Hills 

So over there you have actually it, one tube top three ways. Which method was your favorite? permit me know down below!


Credits:Photography by drew Scott

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