Here space 6 an innovative ways how you can fold, tie and wear a bandana and a bonus indict on exactly how to tie a bandana as a face mask to stay protected during COVID-19.

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As the world continues come navigate the ideal path to reducing the spread out of the coronavirus that reasons COVID-19, the U.S. Centers for disease Control and also Prevention (CDC) recommends "wearing cloth face coverings in public setups where various other social distancing actions are an overwhelming to keep (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies) specifically in locations of far-ranging community-based transmission."

A bandana that is made from 100% organic cotton is a perfect different as N-95 masks are reserved for medical professionals. Below are 6 easy procedures on exactly how to tie a bandana and also stay protected.



The wild, wild West is do a stylish comeback.

How to produce the Cowboy:

Fold the bandana diagonally to increase the length; it need to look like a triangle.Place the triangle top top the former of your face.Tie in ~ the back of your head.Re-watch The Cowboys (1972).

Here space a few other ways to put your bandana to great use after ~ this pandemic is over. Review on for means to style a bandana for summer 2020.

To gain this look, wrinkles bandana in fifty percent at the points, to type a triangle.

Wrap about your neck and double knot – leave the ends loose, as presented in the photo.

You can tie the node tight to your neck or supervisor loose, because that a totally different look.


Let the neck tie it is in the an essential item the draws the eye and also keep the remainder of the color board neutral.

Fold the contrary corners that the bandanaRoll the side of the corners in the direction of the centerTie around the neck as Tie


For a bolder and more rock-and-roll look, girlfriend can shot tying your bandana around your head. This look at is a favourite of musicians and also perfect for achieving a declare style.

Start by selecting the perfect bandana. Lay her bandana flat. Then, foldit lengthways multiple times into a lengthy rectangle. Finally, tuck in any loosened corners and tie it around your head.

To complete your look, pair her bandana v a casual and also cool streetwear outfit.

Another an easy yet stylish method to stay a bandana is to wrap and also tie it around your wrist. Perfect because that edgy casual looks, put on a bandana around the wrist tasks an prompt rockstar vibe. This watch works finest with darker bandanas and striking prints.

Fold the bandana diagonally to rise the length; it need to look like a triangle.From the center of the bandana, start folding. Save going till it’s a strip around three to 4 inches wide.Wrap approximately your wrist a couple of times.Ask a girlfriend to tie that behind the wrist and also tuck the ends right into the folds of fabric.

CDC recommends wearing bandanas as challenge coverings to assist slow the spread. Protect yourself, her family and your employees v a custom branded bandana.

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