If friend let the weeds outflank you, they’ll steal nutrients from her soil, crowd out your plants and also even grow tall enough for the neighbor’s dog to get lost in them as soon as he wanders into your garden.

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And the sad truth about the weed war? You won’t ever win. You’ll always be fighting on the former lines – if you want a garden rather of a weed patch.

But over there is an excellent news…

…with a battle plan and also the ideal weapons you have the right to have a (mostly) weed-free garden.

Here’s what you have to know around the best way to weed your garden.

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How come weed a garden: understand your enemy

It’s crucial to understand how and also when to assault your weeds.

And girlfriend can’t recognize that till you recognize what weeds you’re fighting.

Different weeds have different survival strategies.

Summer annuals germinate in the spring and also bloom in the summer. Examples include crabgrass and also puncture vine.Winter annuals germinate in the late summer or fall and hunker under over the winter therefore they can concerned life an initial thing in the spring.Perennials can be an easy or creeping. Instances of basic perennials include dandelion and also foxtail barley. Instances of climb perennials include quack grass and also Canada thistle.Biennials prosper a rosette of leaves the very first year and also don’t bloom till their second year.

And you can exploit each the these survival strategies.

The first thing to carry out is determine what type of weed you’re dealing with.

Then you’ll know what tactics work ideal to struggle it.

Understanding each weed’s expansion cycle tells you as soon as herbicides will be most effective, and also when you can expect castle to set seed.

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“What is the supreme prestige in battle is to attack the enemy’s strategy.” – sun Tzu


My favorite publications for identify weeds

At the very least one weed identification book belongs in every gardener’s library.