Patients who are not maybe to was standing will need to have actually their height and weight measured when they remain in bed. Transforms in weight can be a warning authorize of major illness. Prior to you begin, wash your hands carefully. Greet your patient and explain the you are going to measure up his height and weight. Verify the identity of the patient, and also then follow this steps:

You will require two human being to complete this procedure. Present your colleague, and ensure castle have likewise washed your hands.Lower the head the the bed so the the patience is lie flat. Roll the patient onto his or her side and also onto a bath blanket. V your colleague’s help, location the bed range pad underneath the patient.Before you document the patient’s weight, do a mark at the top of the head and also the bottom that the feet top top the bath blanket. You will use this to identify the patient’s height.Obtain the patient’s weight making use of the bed scale, and record the weight on the patient’s chart.Remove the bed scale and also the bath blanket and assist the patient go back to a comfortable position.Using the bathtub blanket, measure up the distance between the two marks you made earlier. This is the patient’s height. Record this number on the patient’s chart.Wash your hands.

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If you notification a far-ranging change in the patient’s weight, educate the nurse. Based on the dimensions you obtain, the nurse may ask girlfriend to calculation the body mass index, or BMI that the patient. If you perform not know exactly how to finish this task, asking the nurse for assistance. By completing this task with the aid of a co-woker, you have the right to minimize any type of potential discomfort for the patient and also complete the job in a fashionable manner.


Examiners Checklist for This Skill

Measuring and also recording Weight

1) Performed start tasks.2) balanced scale in ~ zero.3) sweet individual.

A. Individual that is may be to was standing to it is in weighed:a)Placed paper towel on range platform.b) assisted individual to stand on range platform withoutfootwear.c) check out weight measurement.d) tape-recorded weight measurement come be compared to the weightmeasurement recorded by the evaluator.e) assisted individual off of scale with suitable assistance asnecessary.ORB. Individual who is weighed by wheelchair or bed scale:a) Sanitized wheelchair/bed range according to basic policy.b) helped individual on wheelchair range or bed scale asappropriate.c) read weight measurement.d) videotaped weight measurement to be contrasted to the weightmeasurement tape-recorded by the evaluator.e) helped resident turn off wheelchair/bed scale as appropriate.

4) reverted scale well balanced to zero.5) Performed perfect tasks.

Measuring and recording height

1) Performed start tasks.2) measure height.

A. Individuals who room ABLE come STAND:a. Used ideal measuring device.b. Placed record towel top top platform together appropriate.c. Instructed individual to stand erect without shoes.d. Read height measurement.e. Recorded elevation measurement and converted appropriatelyto be compared to the elevation measurement tape-recorded by theevaluator.ORB. Individuals who are UNABLE to STAND:a. Position individual on side or ago without shoes.b. Used suitable measuring device.c. Read elevation measurement.d. Recorded elevation measurement and also converted appropriatelyto be compared with the height measurement tape-recorded bythe evaluator.e. Repositioned individual, as necessary.

3)Performed perfect tasks.

Expert pointer by Tanya Glover, CNA

This is among the an abilities that none of my class was required to perform during the exam. (Thank goodness!) However, if this one comes up in her cards it can be terribly scary for you together a newbie. Actually, never in my career have actually I had actually to carry out this skill on the job or elsewhere. In many nursing dwellings there are details CNA’s that space responsible for this task. In phibìc Carolina they are described as restorative aides. But, if you have to do it, never ever do it alone. This is certainly a two person job and that is for your safety and security as much as her patients. The best advice i can give you on this job is come take her time to ensure safety and accuracy. A patient’s weight is nothing to play roughly with. The staff must be mindful in any adjust in load for the patient’s health and also safety.

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If you space nervous around weighing, you space not alone. The patient is nervous as well. Who wants to be lifted up in a contraption the feels together if girlfriend can fall from at any kind of time? try your best not to show how nervous friend are. If the patient can see and also feel her confidence climate they will be an ext at lull too. If you space not comfortable through this job at first, talk to her supervisor. You must never carry out anything that you feel uneasy around because the can cause injury to you and also the patient. They will respect your efforts and honesty. Castle will work-related with you until you feel great about the job at hand and this will certainly go a long means in structure your confidence and also the relationship with her employer.