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We"re into the fifth week of the 2021 NFL regular season, and also things are beginning to come right into focus.

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Sure, you still have your outliers like a 3-1 Bengals team (is Cincy because that real?), the Cardinals gift the only remaining undefeated team in the league (who saw that coming?) and the Chiefs gift at the bottom the the AFC West.

But groups that we intended to be good-to-great choose the Bills, Cowboys, Chargers and Buccaneers room off to hot starts, when the Lions, three-quarters the the AFC East and a couple of other squads room already turning their focus to next year"s draft.

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The Bengals room 3-1, yet consider the victories: A fortunate, overtime win over the Vikings on a discussed fumble, a success over a depleted, reeling Steelers team and a second-half rally to defeat the winless Jaguars.

The Packers are by far the ideal team castle will have actually faced, and it’s uncertain what the Bengals will be able to do against Davante Adams. Is Chidobe Awuzie able come return indigenous injury? Trae Waynes play his first game because 2019 critical week. Eli to apologize is the 104th (out that 108) graded CB in the NFL per PFF.

On the other hand, the Bengals will have the ability to keep up with the air, especially if green Bay’s ideal defender, Jaire Alexander, is can not to walk (shoulder; it could be serious). And also the Bengals do have extra time come prepare coming off the TNF win, but running ago Joe Mixon is education an ankle injury.

This feels choose a high-scoring video game with common late Aaron Rodgers heroics, favor he pulled turn off in Cincinnati in 2017.

PICK: Packers to victory by 3-4 points

Denver Broncos

This is a gun matchup if Teddy Bridgewater (concussion) is ruled out and also Drew Lock has to face an upset Steelers defense that sits in the basement that the AFC north at 1-3. Lock was sacked 3 times and intercepted when in relief last week versus the Ravens. He’s a good deep-ball QB, but with both guards out last week, and both deep danger receivers (Jeudy, Hamler), there isn’t much to like around Lock’s chances on the road.

The line feels short, and also the full extremely short (and dropping!), yet that’s because the Steelers offense looks fitted for the 1980s. Immobile QB, ugly to run game, 10-play drives that chew up 7 minutes and an outcome in no points. Life is challenging for Ben Roethlisberger, that looks lost behind his four brand-new offensive linemen.

Considering the Broncos blitzed Lamar Jackson top top 65 percent the his dropbacks last week – an especially high number – Ben’s walking to have to unload passes even quicker than normal. The upside for Pittsburgh? Denver is down nine starters indigenous Week 1 – a beat-up team in require of the bye week.

Carolina Panthers (1 p.m. ET Sunday, FOX)

Two groups coming off losses. The best edge is plainly the Panthers in the trenches. Sure, they provided up 143 yards to Ezekiel Elliott ~ above the ground critical week, however can the Eagles manipulate that? no with four starters on the attack line the end – together they were last week – and also not through Miles Sanders gaining seven carries for 13 yards.

In fact, the Eagles" top rusher the last three weeks has actually been Jalen Hurts. One fun note: Panthers coach Matt Rhule to know Jalen hurts well. While at Alabama in 2017, harms beat Rhule’s Baylor bear twice, and virtually beat that in the big 12 championship, limiting hurts to 38 yards top top 23 carries after that torched them for 114 in the continual season matchup.

Meanwhile, the Eagles didn’t pressure the Chiefs come punt as soon as last week. Yet after facing two the the top 5 offenses in the NFL the last two weeks, Philadelphia gets some reprieve going versus the Panthers who may or may not have Christian McCaffrey.

One big injury to watch for the Panthers is linebacker Shaq Thompson, who suffered a foot injury versus Dallas, and also is a linebacker who would slow-moving down the philadelph tight end attack.

The Vikings have actually three losses by one score, yet the one at home last week against Cleveland to be painful. They score an opening-drive TD then did nothing, never returning to the red zone.

Here"s the catch: The Browns room the No. 3 defense in the NFL ideal now, allowing just 20 points in the critical 10 quarters. The Lions room the 31st ranked defense in the NFL, and couldn’t really contain rookie QB Justin Fields. Notice how areas rebounded indigenous the 9-sack effort against the Browns v 11-of-17 and 209 yards?

Toss in the truth that the Lions will be without one of their affect players in the front 7 – leaf rusher Romeo Okwara, the end for the season – and Kirk Cousins have to return come his early-season form. The Vikings should have success top top the ground, together well, together Detroit offered up 188 yards to the Bears.

Yes, the a divisional matchup, and also there’s been part money beforehand in the main on Detroit, yet the Vikings must win this handily.

Tampa only Buccaneers (1 p.m. ET Sunday, CBS)

The defending Super key champs shed two weeks earlier and didn’t look exceptional in brand-new England versus a rookie QB. The trouble is the secondary injuries, which room mounting. Four secondary players might not have the ability to go for the Bucs, so monitor the injury report this week.

The thing is, can Jacoby Brissett take advantage behind the putrid offensive line? regardless of covering the spread in a lose to las Vegas, Brissett has been sacked nine times in two-and-a-half games, and also he’s been pressured on 43 percent that his dropbacks, 2nd highest after ~ Carson Wentz. Tampa’s protective line should own the trenches, and also Todd Bowles dials up an ext blitzes than anyone else in the NFL (61, tops).

Maybe Brissett provides a couple splash plays come its strong receiver team to store it close, or Tom Brady has actually a negative showing a main after dealing with Bill Belichick. Yet it’s complicated to envision a course to victory for the dolphin here.

Dallas Cowboys (4:25 p.m. ET Sunday, FOX)

Expect a high-scoring game in between two offenses that room growing an ext dynamic by the week. Daniel Jones is on the road again, wherein he has thrived (11-4 against the spread), consisting of last week, when he torched the Saints for seven explosive passes. Without two of their height three receivers, Jones discovered first-round choose Kadarius Toney (6 catches, 78 yards) together a lethal new weapon. Jason Garrett has additionally bounced earlier after a rough begin to the season, and also the OC now encounters his old team.

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Still, the Cowboys have the third most reliable offense in the NFL behind the Chiefs and Rams, and they’ll have actually a many success versus a team the let the Saints move eight of their 10 drives into Giants territory. The Giants number to be a publicly dog this week, and I can’t back a defense that has actually been shredded through Teddy Bridgewater and also Taylor Heinicke and also let Jameis Winston have his ideal game that the season.

Jason McIntyre"s mainly 5 supervisor 6 picks:Packers to win by 3-4 pointsSteelers to victory by 1-2 pointsPanthers to victory by 7-9 pointsVikings to success by 15+ pointsBuccaneers to win by 10-14 pointsCowboys to victory by 7-9 points

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