Welcome to my huge slot wins.These are some of my tips and tricks on just how to in reality win much more often play slot machines.You can’t win slot machines, yet there are different ways come play slots. Ns absolutely love play at the casino every day. Ns absolutely love gambling however like many hate losing.Lets make gambling an ext fun, exciting and profitable.Here are some different ways come play slots and also increase your chances of winning more money.With my gambling techniques, ns am able come play slot every day at the casino.To check out my latest slot wins examine out mine twitter feed.I post new pictures the my big slot wins nearly every day on twitter.

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My arsenal of huge slot wins

Gambling ~ above slot machines has always been tough for the player and great for the casino. I uncovered some distinct ways to boost your chances of large slot wins on slots.Let’s face it gambling on slot normally ends in the player losing.Hopefully, my advice will help others win more often ~ above slots.It is always more enjoyable playing slot equipments when girlfriend win.I have additionally read several short articles on just how slot machines and random number generators work.Slot machines make every casino heaps of cash.There are always new slot equipments coming come casinos every month, developers choose AGS

best win top top the penguin payment slot
the penguin payment slot machine hits for a large amount of $7,500

This struggle is the ideal hit ever on a quarter slot machine.This slot game is galled the penguin pays slot by Aristocrat.I have had actually a few good hits on this slot machine a few times,but nothing favor this.Betting only one line with a 5 times multiplier and wow.This needs to be one of the biggest hits ever before on the penguin pays.Betting just one line playing quarters and it actually hits huge.This penguin pays attribute hits the bear 6 times for $7,500 by much one the the finest slot wins ever.I love the difficulty of hitting lengthy shot bets.

Playing slots to success

This is my story on playing slot to win more often.After year of playing random makers I found some different ways come play slot equipments that boosted my possibilities of winning really cash.I share every kinds of big slot wins from mine phone,and some photos didn’t revolve out therefore well.Instead of constantly trying for the large slot win, occasionally my goal is to save my loser to a minimum on slots.

Play much less lines v a high multiplier
big slot win on the buffalo betting just 10 cents

I discovered one the the best ways come play a slot an equipment is come play much less lines v a higher multiplier. There room some makers that enable you to play one heat at 10 or 20 time fer line.The buffalo is among the finest examples that this type of betting.Betting one line times 10 payment me $55 dollars top top the buffalo critical night.

Winter wolf large slot wins
Some the my large wins top top the winter wolf slot game

Here is an additional slot machine I like to play called winter wolf.I play for the significant jackpots when the get above $450.This was among my large slot wins ~ above the winter wolf.I normally play Aristocrat ,WMS games sometimes ns play bally machines.I choose to play slot makers where i can pick how numerous lines etc.

My large hit in evil winnings
my large slot win on evil winnings

These are several of the ideal wins ns have had on slot equipments at the casino.This to be my huge hit on evil winnings at the casino because that $3,306.00. I was betting $2 dollars and also maybe just played the slot machine for 15 minutes.Wicked winnings is a hard slot an equipment to success on, but when you do it deserve to be huge.I have seen world actually win over $2,000 just betting 50 cents on rare occasions.

Winning big on tiny bets
winning big on small bets top top the buffalo

I have actually been winning large on tiny bets more often.I have found one that the ideal ways to win on slots is change the means I bet.Here is a big win on a buffalo slot an equipment where I only played 10 lines instead of playing all 40 lines.I ended up winning over $700 top top the complimentary games.This buffalo slot an equipment hit ~ above a .50 cent bet.This is among the finest aristocrat slot devices I have actually played.

My biggest slot wins
my biggest slot wins on the Mayan cook

Here are some of my biggest slot wins ever.This photos is native a slot an equipment called Mayan chief.Playing max for just a couple of spins actually paid off this time.I hardly ever bet the max on a slot machine,the strange time ns will try maybe 4 spins in ~ the most.This slot an equipment could have paid for this reason much more during the free games.

my recent big slot wins at the casino
Here is a good hit ~ above the Mayan chief slot only betting a disagreement

I walk to the casino every week periodically every second day.My recent huge slot wins I post on twitter.I take every my images with my phone for this reason some images don’t turn out the great.I have to edit the image additionally before I post it top top here.Here is another good hit because that over $1,500 ~ above the Mayan cook slot maker for just a dollar bet.

brand-new slot makers
playing new slot machine called panda paradise with less lines

I commonly test out the new slot equipments at the casino.New slot machines have the right to be fun,but they deserve to be terrible for payouts.The casinos today deserve to be fun and also exciting,not favor the movie Casino.I generally try to play less lines with greater bets per line for large wins.Here is a slot game dubbed panda paradise v sticky stacks during the feature and also I won over $50 betting just 25 cents.

Sun and moon game
sun and moon game pays big

I choose playing a game called the sun and moon through Aristocrat.The sun and moon video game can be a an excellent slot machine.I have found that playing the sun and moon with just 5 lines is generally not a bad bet.Here is a photo of a an excellent win top top the sun and also moon for just under $1,000.The photo is a little out the focus however it shows how much ns won.The game hit 50 complimentary spins 3 times and also paid the end $1,000.

Casino slot wins
how to get more slot wins at the casino

Some the my best casino slot wins have actually come on weird bets.If the video game has 50 currently I will play something like 10 lines.Some of large wins have come native a game referred to as crystal fox if playing much less lines.The casino ns visit has actually a nickel variation of crystal fox i m sorry I have won $500 end 20 various times.I share most of my casino slot wins ~ above here.

huge wins on decision fox
here is a large 10 time hit on crystal fox

One of the best slot equipments I have played is referred to as crystal fox.I have had several huge slot wins on the crystal fox.I additionally play the quarter version of this game and won $3,500 top top one feature.Most times I will certainly play just 5 present on the decision fox.The picture above is from another night whereby I won just over $1,000 ~ above the crystal fox.I even won an excellent playing only 3 present on this slot.

huge hit on Wild Aztec
my large slot victory playing the wild Aztec

I periodically will beat a video game like Wild Aztec slot and have a huge slot win.This snapshot is from as soon as I determined to try a few spins betting $3.I only played the maker for possibly 5 minutes and hit the cost-free games.As you deserve to see I had actually a huge hit for $1,000 top top my complimentary spins.I typically lose a fast 20 dollars or for this reason playing gamings like this.This time I obtained lucky and also won ~ above the wild Aztec.

big hit ~ above the jaguar slot
playing only 20 cents hits big on the jaguar mist

Here is another big slot victory on a game called the jaguar mist, i beg your pardon is just like the buffalo slot machine.I have had several large hits on this video game when betting small.There are 40 present on this video game also,but I seldom play all 40 lines.The jaguar mist slot device can pay the end decent quantities on little bets.Playing only 20 cents also gives you more play time top top the slots.

large casino wins
how I get more large casino wins

We all desire to have huge casino wins as soon as we pat the slots.The way I play the slots at the casino may work for you also.Most times i go to the casino v a minimal amount that money.I typically will beat the first couple of slot equipments betting small amounts.If i don’t fight anything within the very first 5 or 10 dollars I move on to the following machine.Playing several equipments will always increase my opportunities of having actually a big win in ~ the casino.

big buffalo slot victory
big slot success on the buffalo betting just 20 cent

Here I had actually a large buffalo slot victory on a tiny bet.I was betting only 1 line times 20.For only 20 cent this was a vast slot victory on the buffalo complimentary games.The best method to play the buffalo slot is with a higher multiplier.This feature on the buffalo paid me practically $400 top top a 20 cent bet.I additionally put up a video on YouTube here.Once again this proves you can have big slot wins betting little amounts. There is another new slot manufacturer referred to as Everi which has actually several new games one ns play is referred to as Money Frog.

Jumpin Jalapenos slot machine
My large hit top top the Jumpin Jalapenos slot an equipment

I actually don’t choose this slot maker and seldom play it.This game is do by Konami and also can salary out large on rare occasions.I determined to give it a couple of spins top top a big bet.I obtained lucky here and hit the complimentary games feature.The function hit for over $1,300 which was a large slot success on the Jumpin Jalapenos game.The casino ns play at has actually several penny versions and a few nickle slot machines.

large win ~ above vampires adopt slot
I won over $1,500 top top the vampires embrace after win the gradual jackpot

I favor playing particular slot makers that have significant progressives.This slot machine game is referred to as vampires adopt and the major progressive has to pay out prior to $500.After win the significant progressive ~ above this slot I ended up v over $1,500 cash.I have had actually several huge slot wins on gamings like the vampires embrace.After any big or small win,you can likewise trigger the boy or major progressive jackpots.People play only 20 lines and win the major progressive occasionally on this slot,my transforms coming.

large slot win on decision fox
big slot success on the decision fox slot pays over $3,700

The decision fox slot device has been one of my every time favorite slots.This photo is indigenous the quarter variation of crystal fox betting 3 lines times 3.Betting only 3 present on this slot payment off v a substantial slot win of $3,700 throughout the feature.I have had actually several big wins top top this slot,but this was the ideal win for this reason far.I have also had several good slot wins betting just 1 line on the crystal fox slot.

bigger slot wins
getting enlarge slot wins top top the buffalo

Here is another an excellent big victory on the buffalo slot machine for end $1,700.The buffalo slot deserve to pay big without a feature.This was a larger $2 gambling on the buffalo that hit a bunch that buffalo and paid big.I choose playing smaller sized bets typically on the buffalo slot.Sometimes if you want bigger slot wins in ~ the casino you have to bet bigger.I normally have much better luck win on the buffalo features.

finest hit on decision fox slot
here is a large slot victory for $250 betting only 1 line for 5 cents

Here is a small bet I have been trying for awhile now on the decision fox slot machine.This is a substantial hit for just betting 5 cents.I just play one heat on this slot and finally hit because that $250 on the feature.The decision fox slot have the right to pay large during the feature even on small bets.I have never hit all the dollar indicators with a 10 time multiplier,but right here I managed to struggle a 5 times.This is among the finest hits top top the crystal fox I have seen.

Slot machine huge winners

Sometimes ns walk approximately to view if over there are any slot machine huge winners.The casino ns go to just announces slot wins if they room over $5,000.Some nights i don’t hear of everyone winning top top slot for hours.If the casino is busy they have the right to be several huge winners top top slots.The civilization betting high on disagreement slots victory 5,000 often yet they likewise bet $45 a spin on slots.

big win on the enforcer slot
This was a large win ~ above the enforcer slot machine

This is among the more recent dollar slot machines called the enforcer.This slot hit a feature and won over $1,800 because that a 5 dissension bet.I try dollar slot devices sometimes because that a couple of spins.This to be a substantial slot victory on the enforcer.The attribute kept hitting extra free games and paid big.

Casino large wins

I have actually some huge wins at the casino,usually play slot machines.Slot makers are more fun 보다 card games.I have additionally seen more large wins at the casino ~ above slots.In stimulate to have actually a big win in ~ the casino playing cards,you have to play because that a lengthy time and also bet hundreds.I typically go for the smaller sized wins top top slot equipments nowadays.

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I also try to share my recent big slot wins at the casino on twitter and also YouTube as well.