Not only can you score a gift card for free, however in most cases, the pretty easy. Earn a gift map by doing points you are already doing, prefer shopping online, cleaning the end your closet, and also grocery shopping.

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Check out these 16 ways to earn totally free gift cards:


1. To express a girlfriend for a organization or credit card you love.


Keep in psychic you usually won’t score a complimentary gift map for just the referral alone. A friend might need to make a acquisition or save an account open for a details amount the time.

These carriers offer free gift cards for referring a friend:

Tip: If you the one obtaining referred, you can additionally score a complimentary gift map from Comcast, Sam’s Club, and also many more. Anytime you’re trying to find a brand-new service, ask roughly to see if you deserve to score a referral.


2. Trade in her old electronic devices for gift cards at Target, Walmart, and more.


Dig the end that old mobile that’s to be collecting dust, and trade it for a gift card.

These places trade electronics for gift cards:


3. Earn $20 gift cards as soon as you cash the end your Ibotta rebates.


If girlfriend haven’t began already, you must use Ibotta to conserve money. Besides the option to acquire the cash back, girlfriend can additionally redeem her rewards for gift cards.

Stores might change, however you deserve to expect gift cards from totality Foods, Target, Gap, Sephora, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Applebee’s, finest Buy, and also Amazon.

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4. Earn complimentary gift cards indigenous Shopkick as soon as you carry out your weekly grocery store shopping.


We all recognize there room apps that earn you basic money, and also Shopkick is among them.

Earn rewards or “kicks” for scanning products in stores, buying details products, and inviting friends. Profession points for best Buy, Target, Starbucks, Sephora, and other gift cards.


5. Sign up with the Gift map Granny rewards routine to earn cost-free gift cards.


The Granny Rewards Program permits you come rack up points to exchange because that Visa, Target, bathtub & human body Works, Panera, and also other popular gift cards.

Earn point out by developing an account, signing up because that the newsletter, referring friends, sharing coupons, and also more.

Keep an eye top top Granny’s mystery Deals, which features day-to-day deals supplying bonus gift cards or something else equally cool. This day JCPenney is offering a complimentary $10 bonus gift certificate as soon as you purchase $75 in e-gift cards.


Consignment shops (online or in-store) regularly offer keep gift cards that have an ext value than the cash friend would get (of course, so friend shop in your store).

Check it out:


7. Swap old books and also CDs for Amazon gift cards v the Amazon Trade-In program.

Amazon’s Trade-In regime extends past electronics. They offer Amazon gift cards because that your undesirable books, CDs, and also DVDs too.


8. Buy the promotion product in ~ Target for a totally free gift card.

Target regularly offers a complimentary gift card when you acquisition something specific. This is just one the the easy methods to shop smarter in ~ Target.

Other shop that do the same include BuyBuy Baby, Safeway, Bed, bath & Beyond, Victoria’s Secret, and also Sam’s Club.

Use the Krazy Coupon Lady app to help you find these cost-free gift card deals.


9. Take it surveys, watch videos, or just readjust your search engine settings for totally free gift cards.

Whenever friend are obtaining a prescription filled at the pharmacy, check out whether or not adjacent stores are offering a gift card through a prescription transfer.

Walgreens, Safeway, CVS, Rite Aid, Albertsons, Kroger, and also Kmart all have actually been recognized to sell this promotion from time come time.


11. Buy gift cards from restaurants that sell bonus gift cards.

For every $50 in Olive Garden gift cards girlfriend buy, you’ll obtain a totally free $10 bonus card.

And that’s just one that 80 restaurants that offers totally free bonus gift certificates.

These supplies are typical especially roughly the holiday season.

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12. Purchase spa and also store gift cards indigenous retailers that sell a bonus gift card.

Just like with restaurants, girlfriend can find promotions for complimentary bonus gift cards in ~ spas and also stores.

DSW, Victoria’s Secret, Barnes and also Noble, The children Place, fifty percent Price Books, and also Rue21 room all stores the have offered this form of bonus.


13. Sign up with Ebates because that a free $10 Walmart gift card.

Shop through Ebates to knife cash back, and earn a Walmart gift card once you sign up.

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