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Here’s a perform of the fastest methods to get cost-free gift cards. Because that each strategy below, we’ve emphasize our favorite option and a couple of worthwhile alternatives.

#1. Earn Points as soon as You Shop

Earning rewards points on your day-to-day purchases is the fastest and also easiest means to get totally free gift cards. All you need to do is click a link before visiting a retailer’s website. The takes seconds, and also you deserve to earn as lot as 10% the your purchase total back in points. You can then cash those clues in because that gift cards.

Our top Pick: funding One Shopping

Capital One Shopping uses a complimentary browser expansion that will let you recognize whenever cashback is available.

Capital One Shopping has a variety of valuable features.

It lets you earn points ~ above the points you already buy in ~ hundreds of major retailer websites. It deserve to tell girlfriend if an object you’re searching on Amazon is available on a various website for much less money.It automatically checks if there’s a discount or coupon code obtainable for the item in your cart.

The screenshot listed below shows few of the gift cards you can redeem her points for.

You can select gift cards from dozens of big-name brands.

The company is cost-free and you don’t need to be a capital One account or card holder to usage it. You deserve to learn an ext in our funding One purchase review, which offers an detailed rundown the the platform’s features and also how lock work.

Visit capital One Shopping.

more Options because that Earning point out

We’ve tested and recommend each of the web page below.

#2. Take online Surveys

Paid inspection sites let you earn rewards point out that can be exchanged for digital gift cards (after conference a minimum tap the money amount). Lock won’t make you rich, yet they do it basic to knife one or two gift cards per month.

Our peak Pick: survey Junkie

Survey Junkie has actually an easy-to-use dashboard that shows you precisely how many points you’ll earn because that each survey.

Survey Junkie is one of the oldest and also most well-known online survey sites. That has an ext than 10 million members and also excellent evaluate on Trustpilot, the app Store and other user rating sites.

We prefer Survey Junkie because:

The site and also the application have a clean, easy-to-use user interface that makes it clear exactly how much each survey pays (and exactly how long that inspection will require to complete).It has a large inventory of surveys, so there’s always something to job-related on.Its minimum tap the money amount that $5 is just one of the lowest among survey sites.

The points girlfriend earn deserve to be redeemed for totally free gift cards, prepaid Visa cards, or cash via PayPal.The only downside to survey Junkie is its relatively limited number that gift map options. Currently, they only offer Amazon, Groupon, iTunes, Sephora, Starbucks, Target and Walmart.

Read our inspection Junkie review to find out more.

Other Paid survey Sites

Different inspection sites work with different companies, and often cater to different demographics. Therefore you might qualify for much more (or much better paying) surveys on one site contrasted to another. Here are a couple of additional alternatives that space worth trying.

To learn about much more options, you can inspect out our perform of the best as whole survey sites and the best survey apps.

#3. Complete “Money Maker” Offers

One that the fastest means to get cost-free gift cards online is by perfect “money maker” offers, which room promotional deals or paid trials that provide you more money earlier than you initially spent.

Why do these provides exist?Because the carriers that market them expect you’ll favor the product or service and also remain a customer.

These provides are generally found on digital rewards sites, where you deserve to earn gift cards because that completing a variety of tasks, choose taking surveys, the town hall videos and more.

We recommend the three sites listed below for recognize money makers.

Our height Pick: Swagbucks

This Swagbucks money machine pays you $70 worth of point out for opening a totally free digital checking account and depositing $10.

Swagbucks is the premier digital rewards portal. The site lets you knife points in a number of ways, including by acquisition paid surveys, play games, making use of their search engine and watching short videos. Yet the best method to earn on the website is via its money makers: offers that have actually a little cost yet give friend back much more than you paid.

Here space some real examples of money equipments we found on the site when writing this article:

Aspiration Bank: acquire 7,000 point out ($70 gift card) once you open up a free checking account and also deposit $10.Sierra Club: obtain 5,000 points ($50 gift card) once you do a $15 donation.Postmates: gain 2,000 clues ($20 gift card) once you authorize up because that this food shipment service and place an order.

Signing up for Swagbucks is quick and free. You have the right to exchange the points friend earn for a wide variety of gift cards come stores favor Amazon, best Buy, eBay, Nordstrom, Starbucks, Target, Walmart and also more. It’s additionally one of just a grasp of sites that offers complimentary Google play gift cards.

You have the right to learn more in our considerable Swagbucks review, i m sorry outlines much more than 20 ways to do money ~ above the site.

various other Sites with Money machines

These sites space owned by the same agency as Swagbucks, yet the supplies (and how much castle pay) are sometimes different.

In addition to money makers, InboxDollars is among the couple of sites that will certainly pay you for analysis emails.

#4. Get Referral Bonuses

Rakuten provides generous referral rates, renders it basic to track her referrals. Even much better is that it’s a business your friends could actually desire to sign up for and use.

Earning referral bonuses isn’t always easy: the human being you’re trying to refer demands to actually sign up because that the site or company you’re recommending.But it have the right to be one of the most lucrative ways to get complimentary gift cards — especially considering the wide selection of providers that will reward you for referrals.

Here are few of the finest referral offers easily accessible right now, i ordered it alphabetically (we’ll update this ar periodically).

Keep in mind, these space just examples of the referral provides that space available. Every kinds of companies have referral programs. So, if there’s a product or company you love, examine to see if you deserve to earn gift cards through evangelizing around it!

#5. Obtain Gift Cards for grocery store Shopping

The sites and also apps in this ar reward you because that completing an easy in-person industry research tasks, prefer scanning barcodes, acquisition photos of product displays and also uploading copies of her receipts.

As a rule, friend can’t knife as much with this platforms as with survey web page or cash-back portals. Yet they do give you a way to monetize your grocery shopping, earning complimentary gift cards through minimal effort as part of your continuous routine.

Our peak Pick: ShopKick

Shopkick supplies a top-notch user experience and also a an excellent selection the gift map options.

There are six means to knife points through ShopKick, which have the right to be redeemed because that gift cards:

Walk-ins: You’ll gain points because that literally walking into retailers. (This requires you to share your location with the company.)Scan barcodes: Visit a store, find the target product, and scan its barcode.Upload your receipt: knife points as soon as you buy stated products.Pay with a connected card: earn points passively by payment for your grocery purchases through a connected debit or credit transaction card.Use their shopping portal: ShopKick supplies a cash-back portal for online purchases, similar to TopCashback and Rakuten.Watch videos: You can earn a couple of points because that watching advertisements (and periodically answering questions about them).

We like the truth that ShopKick has actually a best-in-class app that’s simple to use, as well as the truth that it’s owned and also operated by one of the world leading market research and data visualization companies.

Plus, it provides a wide selection of gift cards to choose from, and also cashing in her points is a quick and also hassle-free process.

Other methods to knife Gift Cards at the Grocery save

These 2 apps are virtually idenitcal come Shopkick.

#6. Profession Stuff In

Trade-in programs frequently don’t pay as lot as you might get for items ~ above the open market, however they require small work. Often, friend don’t even have come pay for shipping — just print a prepaid label, drop turn off the package and wait for her gift card.

Our optimal Pick: Amazon’s Trade-In Program

Sending your unwanted tools to Amazon is one ultra-fast way to transform them into gift cards.

Amazon will provide you gift cards for devices like smartphones, video games and consoles, laptops, tablets and more.

Finding the end whether her items space eligible because that trade-in (and how much you can get) is easy. Simply visit Amazon’s trade-in page and also use the search function to watch what the present offer is for every little thing you desire to obtain rid of.

various other Trade-In program

Most of the programs noted below will give you an instant offer for her items, therefore it can be worthwhile to check a few different sites before choosing which one to go with.

#7. Success Gift Cards through Giveaways

Winning giveaways is more realistic than most people think — you just have actually to enter the best ones. Contests funded by big corporations frequently have thousands or even millions the entries, yet there are numerous drawings the fly under the radar and give you a decent chance of winning.

For example, small businesses use giveaways to promote your social media accounts, and brands periodically partner v bloggers and influencers to sell gift map giveaways as component of promotion campaigns. In countless cases, these contests only have dozens the entries rather than thousands.

Instagram is just one of the finest places to uncover these giveaways.

Here space some hashtags the had active contests when we were creating this article.

To go into these contests, you’ll usually have to follow one or an ext social media accounts and also like, re-superstructure or talk about a post.

There are also a grasp of website that aggregate giveaways from around the web. Once entering the contests you discover on this sites, us recommend making use of a committed email address to avoid your primary attend to from getting bombarded through marketing emails.

Some well-known giveaway aggregators include:

#8. Take advantage of In-Store Promotions

A grasp of stores, through CVS and also Target gift the many prominent, consistently run promotions through which you can earn a gift map for purchase a details item, or because that spending a details amount on mentioned brands.

For example, the screenshot below shows a promotion (recently featured ~ above Target’s “Top Deals” page) the will give you a $10 Target gift card for security $40 on hot Wheels toys.

That amounts to a 25% cash-back rate; fantastic by any standards, however especially because that Target, which commonly doesn’t get involved in cash-back portals.

Example the a Target gift map promotion.

At both Target and also CVS, these provides are scattered throughout the store and also advertised with small promotional tag that deserve to be easy to miss out on if she not in search of them.

#9. Usage Bing rather of Google

There space a handful of ways to acquire paid for looking the web, yet they typically don’t pay much by themselves. To earn sufficient for a gift card, you need to pair them with some other activity (like acquisition surveys).

One exemption to that rule is Microsoft Rewards, which offers your point out for running searches top top Bing. Unfortunately, there are boundaries to how much you have the right to earn per month, which way you’re most likely to max the end at around $10 in revenue per year.

Still, if you’re willing to switch her default search engine from Google come Bing, it’s straightforward and passive way to score a small gift card.

The evaluate of Microsoft Rewards room solid throughout the web. The large downside is the you can only exchange your rewards for Microsoft-related purchases, such as Xbox or skype credits, or because that items in ~

#10. Play Games

There are plenty of ways to acquire paid come play gamings — indigenous live streaming on Twitch to testing brand-new mobile games on your smartphone. Here are a couple of of the alternatives that pay the end in gift cards.

Our height Pick: Mistplay

Mistplay has actually a lengthy list of gamings from both indie studios and big-name developers.

Mistplay is one Android application that rewards girlfriend for play mobile games. You’ll collect points (which deserve to be redeemed because that gift cards) by installing brand-new games, racking up play time, reaching specified levels and also completing in-game tasks.

It’s an increasingly famous platform with countless users and a wide selection of games from significant publishers throughout multiple category — native puzzles to real-time strategy and everything in between.

But what makes Mistplay especially good is its video game recommendation engine, which uses your demographic profile and activity on the communication to identify gamings you might be interested in make the efforts (and climate rewards you for doing so).

Mistplay also functions together a beta-testing organization for video game developers, therefore you can expect come play a lot of of new games on the platform. If you an avid gamer, it’s a good way come monetize your hobby.

an ext Ways to knife Gift Cards by Gaming

These alternatives don’t offer as much earning potential together Mistplay, but they deserve to be a fun method to kill some time if earning a tiny bit the extra money.

#11. Watch Videos

A grasp of websites and also apps provide you gift cards or cash in return because that watching videos, i beg your pardon usually include advertisements, movie trailers or funded content. Periodically you’re required to answer a couple of questions around the videos, while various other times you can just let them operation in the background when you perform something else.

Here are few of the better options:

#12. Profession Your Data

If you’re willing to re-publishing data about how you use the internet, the Nielsen Computer and also Mobile Panel will certainly pay you $50 every year in gift cards just for installation an application on your smartphone or compatible device.

The just time you need to do anything is once you desire to check your account balance to check out how plenty of points did you do it earned (which accumulate monthly).

Learn much more about how it functions in our Nielsen Computer and Mobile panel review.

Another alternative for Trading her Data

Our height pick for survey sites survey Junkie likewise offers a comparable app (called inspection Pulse). However, it doesn’t pay rather as much as the Nielsen Panel, so it’s ideal for civilization who are also Survey Junkie members.

#13. Monetize your Lockscreen

If you have actually an android device, you deserve to earn gift cards by letting companies present ads or other content on your lockscreen.You i will not ~ earn much with this technique — roughly $10 every year is a reality expectation — yet it takes nearly no work.

We extended all the best choices in our overview to do money with your lockscreen, yet a few of the best-rated alternatives include:

#14. Finish Microtasks

Microtasks are basic and frequently menial work like data entry that generally take a couple of minutes and also pay really little. Yet they’re easily accessible on-demand, so they allow you to work whenever girlfriend want, for as little or as long as girlfriend want.

Amazon operates the world’s largest microtasking site, i beg your pardon is referred to as Mechanical Turk (or MTurk because that short). It has actually thousands of work made easily accessible by companies big and small, and allows you to cash-out your revenue to one Amazon gift map upon perfect of work.

A couple of other sites also offer payment in gift cards. Inspect out our perform of the ideal micro job sites for much more options.

#15. Give Blood

Donating blood conserves lives, v ABC News recently reporting that blood supplies in the United says are “alarmingly low.”

Blood drives and also blood donation centers typically offer a gift card or a gift certificate for a local service as an impetus for donating, for this reason this deserve to be a way to obtain rewarded because that making a positive impact.

The Red Cross has actually a device that help you find out whereby to donate blood.

#16. Test drive Cars

Car manufacturers and dealerships will certainly sometimes offer you a gift card just for test driving a vehicle, with amounts typically ranging from $25 to $100.

The best means to discover these supplies is to find for “Test drive gift card,” i m sorry should carry up a perform of current offers.

You can likewise check the website of the dealerships in her area, as not every one of them are great at getting their promotions to show up in search results.

#17. Carry Your Prescriptions

You deserve to sometimes knife gift cards by carrying your prescription indigenous one pharmacy to another, or by taking advantage of a pharmacy’s commitment program.

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Here’s a list of current promotions, together of might 27, 2021:

Companies choose Walgreens and Kroger are additionally known to sometimes offer prescription carry promotions.