Now you can buy and play your favorite jackpot game anytime, all over in Virginia.

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Whether you want to to buy a solitary ticket for the following draw, or purchase multiple drawings at once, girlfriend never have to worry around missing a drawing.

All the info you require is best at her fingertips!



The Virginia Lottery app lets friend scan your tickets to enter 2nd Chance promotions. Download the app, scan and also watch for the drawings!

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powerful prizes mean plenty the fun

If you gain playing for the chance to success a big prize, then Powerball is the video game for you. Powerball might make girlfriend the following multimillionaire!

You have the right to play Powerball online!

You have the right to open a Virginia Lottery account to play Powerball online, therefore you’ll never miss a possibility to win! purchase multiple color etc at as soon as to stay in the game for as lengthy as you like, or pick the Auto-Renewalfeature to never worry around missing a draw.

How come play Powerball

Following the April 8, 2020, drawing, guaranteed starting jackpot quantities and minimum jackpot boosts were eliminated, and also future jackpot increases will it is in determined and announced by the Product group prior to each drawing. In April 2020, Powerball announced changes to the starting jackpot amount. Get an ext information here.

Think of how to play Powerball in terms of colors and numbers. Friend must choose numbers for five white balls and also one red ball (the Powerball) because that a total of 6 numbers. A closer check out of the playslip will aid you find out more.

Here room the means to beat Powerball.

friend can select Easy Pick, and also let the computer choose your numbers. You additionally can usage a combination of these play methods: Pick few of your favourite numbers, and also let the computer system fill in the rest. Every play (six numbers) expenses $2. Powerball draws are organized every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 11 p.m.

Power up your play through Power Play®

Power Play® is one add-on feature that offers you a possibility to victory even an ext money for just $1 extra per play. Strength Play® have the right to increase your winnings to approximately $2 million! If you win through Power Play®, her non-jackpot compensation is raised 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x depending on the power Play® number drawn. Check out the chart under the Powerball Prizes & Odds tab to check out how including Power Play® deserve to increase any non-jackpot prize. Add Power Play® and match five numbers without the Powerball, and you automatically win $2 million!

How to success playing Powerball

There space nine means to success playing Powerball, and three that the ways are noted below. The rest have the right to be discovered under the Powerball Prizes & Odds tab.

If friend only complement the Powerball number, you success at minimum $4. Complement the very first five numbers, and you victory $1 million. Complement all five numbers and also the Powerball number, and also you win the Powerball jackpot!

Three possibilities to win each week

Now, you deserve to play Powerball 3 times each week! Powerball paint, etc are hosted every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday in ~ 11 p.m.

On attract nights, Powerball tickets for the upcoming draw are not sold after 10 p.m., so get your ticket early! Powerball tickets can not be canceled, and all sales are final. Use a playslip come ensure the your numbers room correct. When choosing optional plays, make certain to tell your clerk i m sorry option(s) you choose — Multi-Draw, Future attract or Repeat. Any type of winning tickets bought in Virginia have to be redeemed in Virginia.

Play options

It"s always good to have actually options, so mark the OPTIONAL PLAYS box on your playslip for any type of of the following.

want to play the same numbers for much more than one attract on a solitary ticket? A Multi-Draw ticket lets you play up to 39 consecutive draws on one ticket or approximately 156 consecutive draws online. Please store in mind the the ticket price increases for each attract you add. Reasoning ahead to a distinct date? You have the right to buy a ticket because that one future attract date. It"s called a Future Draw. Accessible at sleeve stores only. Love those number so lot you desire them on an ext than one ticket? You have the right to Repeat your play and have the very same numbers published on an ext than one ticket up to 20 times. Available at sleeve stores only. Powerball tickets likewise can be purchased at any type of Lottery Vending Machine. You will be triggered to select any play choices you would certainly like throughout the ticket-building process.

You have the right to find various Lottery retailer areas in the Virginia Lottery app or by using the discover a Retailertool. Download the Lottery appto scan her ticket to see if it’s a winner, and check out our newest Scratchers too!

Watch the draw

You can watch Powerball draws live each Monday, Wednesday and Saturday in ~ 11 p.m. By click the Winning numbers tab at the peak of this page. Girlfriend can even watch lock later. Draws stay on our site!

Get video game information native Alexa!

If friend download the Virginia Lottery Alexa Skill, you have the right to ask Alexa because that information around this video game including recent winning numbers and more.

Legal stuff

the April 8, 2020, drawing, guaranteed starting jackpot amounts and minimum jackpot rises were eliminated, and future jackpot increases will be determined and also announced by the Product team prior to every drawing.

Need much more info? right here are our main rulesfor Powerball.

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Lottery profits benefit public education

Since 1999, all Virginia Lottery profits have gone come K-12 public institutions in Virginia. In fiscal Year 2021, the Lottery generated more than $765 million because that K-12 public institutions in Virginia. Every time friend play a Virginia Lottery game, you"re playing a duty in helping children have a brighter future.