The amazing Race: 10 groups That Should have Won from Trey and also Lexi"s disappointing end up to Azaria and also Hendekea disastrous 6th leg, some impressive Race teams missed out on wins lock should"ve had.

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Various contestants native The exceptional Race
The amazing Race is unique within the realm of reality TV programs. Not just is the far more bombastic and also adventurous than similar shows, however it additionally relies greatly on facets of luck. An amazing team that performed consistently throughout the season can find a puzzled taxi driver and also become hopelessly lost, losing out ~ above what had actually seemed like an inevitable victory.

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Similarly, a team can have barely regulated to to escape elimination throughout most of the race but somehow pull out a victory thanks to a combination of luck and perseverance. This unpredictability method some periods featured strong groups that definitely should have actually won yet didn"t.

Split image: The impressive Race season 1 contestants Frank and also Margarita in a advancement image, Frank and also Margarita running down a street
The very first season that The amazing Race was won by Rob and Brennan. And while they definitely performed well, they to be arguably out-performed by separated couple Frank and Margarita.

They raced especially well, scoring six second-place finishes and also three first-place victories. In all yet three that the season"s 13 legs, Frank and Margarita never placed below third. In the end, Rob and also Brennan score a better cab than Frank and Margarita, allowing them to cruise to the complete line. It was absolutely a perfect final two, but the victory could have very well gone to Frank and Margarita without much dispute or surprise. And to think, it an extremely well may have if they scored a various driver.

Trey and Lexi transferring boxes in The amazing Race
Statistically, Josh and also Brent that The amazing Race 21 space the worst winners in the show"s history. They finished the season through an mean of 4.58, their just first-place finish coming on the critical leg of the race. In fact, it to be their just top-two end up of the entire race. They also came in last location on leg 5, but they were spared through a non-elimination leg.

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By most accounts, Trey and Lexi deserved to success this season. And when the team to be capitalizing on your potential with a dominant final leg, their game completely fell apart once Lexi struggled through the final roadblock. The struggle led to a disappointed third-place finish.

Dustin and also Kandice indigenous The exceptional Race
It"s ironic that The impressive Race: All-Stars contained two the the the very least deserving winners in the show"s history. Dustin and Kandice make up one of the finest teams that didn"t win, losing in shocking fashion to Eric and Danielle.

Dustin and Kandice overcame the second fifty percent of the race, however they perform poorly in the final task. In fact, Eric and also Danielle were the just team that was maybe to finish it successfully, guaranteeing them their unpredicted win. It also turned the end to be their only first-place finish of the entire race.

7 Eric and Jeremy

Eric and also Jeremy in The exceptional Race
despite having one of the finest friendships top top The amazing Race, BJ and Tyler should have gone home. This team absolutely had Lady luck on your side, as they made it through not one but two non-elimination legs. Their continued lucky breaks would absolutely prove frustrating for the (arguably) deserving winners, Eric and Jeremy.

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Eric and Jeremy had more first-place finishes (six if both parts of leg 3 room counted), they never finished lower than fourth, they were never saved through a non-elimination leg, and they had actually a greater average that 1.75, among the best averages in the background of The remarkable Race. Unfortunately, the last task that the race was psychological in nature, which play to the strengths of BJ and Tyler. Eric and also Jeremy faltered, BJ and Tyler flourished, and also the last team confirmed victorious in a quite unforeseeable turn of events.

Strangers Tara and Joey performed quite well throughout The amazing Race 29. Being complete strangers and given their distinct professions (army officer and police sergeant, respectively), Tara and Joey are one of the many memorable The remarkable Race teams ever.

They landed 3 first-place victories and also two second-place finishes because that an median placement that 3.08. Meanwhile, winners Brooke and also Scott had an mean of 4.08 and also got off to a very rocky start, placing above fifth for five of the very first six legs. In fact, Brooke and Scott have the lowest median of a co-ed winning team. There was nothing specifically about the gyeongju that should have resulted in Tara and Joey"s victory. In this case, the stats speak for themselves.

5 Misti and Jim

Misti and Jim were one of the most leading The Amazing Race teams in regards to leg wins, so The remarkable Race 25 to be theirs come lose. Unfortunately, that"s exactly what they did. Misti and also Jim started solid with a first-place finish, and it would certainly prove their very first victory the five. External of a near elimination in foot 4, the team performed exceptionally well and also finished v a solid average of 2.58.

Unfortunately, they shed to Amy and Maya after Misti struggled at the last roadblock. Misti and also Jim to be the basic favorites to win, however Amy"s leading performance at the psychological roadblock end a struggling Misti led to their shocking upset loss.

Jet and Cord were quickly the strongest contestants on The amazing Race 16. The two seldom fell below the optimal three, and also they enjoyed four first-place victories. In the end, the cowboy brothers finished through an median of 2.58.

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It was by much the greatest average that the top three, indicating your probable win. However, their lack of strategy came earlier to bite them. Winners Dan and Jordan moved themselves up to first class top top the final airplane to san Francisco, enabling them come disembark the airplane before Jet and also Cord. It to be the favorable bang they required to win, as acquiring off the plane first offered the team a short head start that they never lost.

3 Kris and also Jon

The impressive Race 6 would certainly prove one of the very first controversial periods of the series, not simply for the finish, but for the contestants" attitudes. Winners Freddy and also Kendra proved extremely controversial throughout the season, owing mostly to Kendra"s insensitive gyeongju comments.

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Many viewers believed that runners-up Kris and Jon were far more deserving, together they delighted in four first-place finishes and also a better final typical of 2.17. Unfortunately, a pass train proved to be their undoing, as they obtained stuck and could not continue with the race. It"s an instance of just how the arbitrarily nature the the race or just a little bit of negative luck can totally turn the tide.

plunder Mariano and also Amber Brkich room arguably the many famous couple in reality TV history, having competed together and also fallen in love during Survivor: all Stars. Come this day, fan opinion stays divided around who deserved to win their season the The exceptional Race.

The then-engaged pair competed on The exceptional Race 7 and dominated the competition, scoring four first-place finishes (including the very first half of foot 8) and also landing an median of 2.42. Unfortunately, they failed to finish the last puzzle as quick as Uchenna and also Joyce, causing their rather disappointing second-place finish.

1 Azaria And Hendekea

The instance of Azaria and also Hendekea the The amazing Race 12 remains among the show"s most tragic. The brother-sister duo obtained off to a commanding start, scaring turn off the competition with 3 first-place victories in the an initial four legs.

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Many viewers called them the favorites to win, yet a devastating sixth leg and also a fateful mix-up with plane tickets culminated in your shocking elimination. Regardless of their beforehand exit (finishing in sixth), Azaria and also Hendekea had actually the strongest mean of the season (3.00) many thanks to their incredible start. Of course, it to be their own fault the they mixed up the aircraft tickets, so part viewers may feel they deserved their downfall. However it"s amazing exactly how one mistake have the right to derail a commanding and also unstoppable team.