THERE have been lot of million dissension winners on Wheel of Fortune, i beg your pardon debuted in 1975.

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Melissa Joan Hart, autumn Erhard, Michelle Loewenstein, and Sarah Manchester all defied the odds and also won seven-figure jackpots ~ above the long-running game show.


Autumn Erhard appeared on Wheel of luck in 2013Credit: NBC

Has anyone winner the million dollars top top Wheel of Fortune?

On October 17, 2021, actress Melissa Joan Hart made background when she won the $1million prize on Celebrity Wheel the Fortune.

After resolving the bonus puzzle, it to be revealed Hart became the fourth person in franchise background to win the prize.

Her income will it is in donated come charity, Youth Villages.

"They offer families and also children across 23 different states in every sort of level, going with foster care and aging the end of foster care especially," said Hart.

Autumn Erhard winner $1,030,340 ~ above Wheel of fortune in might of 2013 - the 2nd highest single-day complete in the show's history.

Autumn appropriately guessed the phrase "tough workout" throughout her bonus round. Organize Pat Sajak then opened up the envelope and revealed the $1 million prize.

A wild celebration event ensued.

"I was just totally shocked," Erhard later on told NPR.


Erhard won an ext than $1millionCredit: NBC

"I believed I would certainly cry yet I think I had so plenty of emotions walk on that ns was almost frozen."

Autumn had actually been maybe to deal with the puzzle v only four letters top top the board.

“I nothing know. ‘Cause I work-related out?” she said Sajak, once she to be asked how she resolved the puzzle.


She claimed she had constantly watched the present as a childCredit: NBC

She told NPR the she invested her evenings on the couch solving Wheel of happiness puzzles when she to be young.

"I was constantly told growing up, 'You should shot out,' " Erhard called NPR.

"For some reason, I simply decided, 'I'm going to perform it.' "

At the moment she ended up being the show's 2nd million-dollar winner.

"Not in a million years would certainly I have actually thought that ns would've been on the show," she told NPR.

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"Let alone success a million."

Michelle Loewenstein had won $1,026,080 in 2008, and also Sarah Manchester would victory $1,017,490 one year after fall won she jackpot.


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