New York operates a selection of legalized state lottery games obtainable to players periods 18 or older.

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Players can purchase physical tickets and also scratch-offs at retailers or acquire tickets online with a dedicated mobile app.

The NY Lottery app does not sell online lottery games. If you desire to play casino games on your phone, your finest bet is just one of these sweepstakes apps:




COVID-19 and the brand-new York Lottery

The NY Lottery remains energetic during the pandemic. There is a many interest in the lottery, specifically when Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots swell. If you execute win a large payday, it may take much longer than usual to obtain paid though.

Prizes under $601 have the right to be redeemed at any NY Lottery retailer. Larger prizes should be redeemed at a lottery insurance claims center. The trouble is these claims centers are at this time by appointment only. If you space trying to redeem a prize in overabundance of $250,000, only these four insurance claim centers are easily accessible as options:

Buffalo: 165 Genesee StreetFishkill: 18 Westage business Center Ste 6Schenectady: 1 Broadway CenterSyracuse: 620 Erie Blvd W

You’ll desire to do an appointment online with the NY Lottery website. Be advised that every office keeps various hours. Some, in fact, are just open sooner or later a week. Depending on your location, it may be a month or even two months before appointments room available.

Another option available to winners is to send in the tickets to the NY Lottery via mail. Winners need to fill out and include a claim type from the lottery along with their signed ticket and a copy of your government-issued ID.

NY lotteries laws and also history

The New York State Lottery introduced in 1967, the third US lottery after New Hampshire and also Puerto Rico. The NY Lottery to be always collection up to aid education, and also it’s increased billions for projects throughout the state.

The New York Lottery and Gaming Commissionoversees the lottery.

Players have to be 18 year or older come purchase brand-new York Lottery tickets, return the Quick Draw game is open only to players age 21 or older wherein alcohol is available.

Lottery jackpots an ext than $5,000 space subject to a state tax.The gaming commission is compelled to withhold taxes from any lottery wins.

The state tax is 8.82% on prizes, on height of the conventional federal tax of 24%. Brand-new York City imposes one additional tax top top prizes worth 3.876%.

After prizes, 100% of lottery revenue goes toward public education programs in the state.

More 보다 $64 billion has been raised from the sale of lottery tickets since the so late 1960s. New Yorkers deserve to purchase lottery ticket at 17,000 retailers in the state.

Each outlet receive a commission indigenous ticket sales. Retailers include 7-Eleven stores, pharmacies and tobacconists in new York City and across the state.

Land-based lotteries and also jackpots

Games are separated into two turbulent categories: lotto games and draw games.

Lotto gamings are multi-jurisdictional and also often feature tickets purchased throughout many states. Attract games are particular to brand-new York state only.

Tickets purchased through retailers feature “quick pick” and “pick her own” options. Through the quick pick option, a computer instantly chooses random numbers for the player.

Game draws space broadcast on TV transparent the state.

What to carry out if you win the new York Lottery

New York Lotto draws


Powerball players have a shot at winning a substantial jackpot for simply a $2 outlay. You choose five numbers in between one and also 69, to add a Powerball in between one and 26.

Six number are drawn at random. By equivalent three white numbers, you win $7. If friend win 2 white numbers and the Powerball, you also win.

By equivalent all the numbers properly (five numbers, to add the Powerball), you success a prize worth more than $100 million. After ~ a jackpot win, the Powerball jackpot seeds at $40 million.

Powerball color etc take ar on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the exact same time together the new York Lotto. Wednesday attract prize pools deserve to be sizeable,reaching more than $1 exchange rate in 2016.

You can also opt because that a “Powerplay” bet. For an extra $1, the Powerplay multiplies the prize up to 10 times.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions was introduced in brand-new York State in 2002. The Mega Millions paint, etc take ar on Tuesdays and Fridays. Jackpots in 2019 have regularly fight the $150 million to$220 million mark.

To play, choose five main numbers native one to 70 plus a “Mega Ball” number native one to 25. If you match five key balls and also the Mega Ball, you win the jackpot. Together in Powerball, the jackpot seed to $40 million complying with a Mega Millions win.

For an additional $1, you deserve to purchase the “Megaplier” option. All non-jackpot wins deserve to be multiply from two to 4 times by the Megaplier factor.

New York Lotto

The brand-new York Lotto paint, etc take location every Wednesday and also Saturday evening. Two games cost $1. There room 59 numbers to choose from, and also you can select six. If you draw three matching numbers, you victory $1.

Because of its reasonably poor payouts, the new York Lotto has actually been losing out to bigger jackpot games like Powerball and Mega Millions.

Lotto jackpot winners can opt because that a one-off payment plus yearly payments or a lump-sum cash option.

New York Lottery attract games


Cash4Life began life in 2014 as a joint endeavor between brand-new York and New Jersey. The new draw video game replaced the previously Sweet Million lottery that existed in new York alone.

There are 60 numbers to select from because that the Monday and ThursdayCash4Life draws. You pick five numbers in the main field, add to one “Cash Ball” number.

The jackpot is precious $1,000 a day for life, with a consolation prize of $1,000 per week because that life. The winners have actually the alternative to opt for a one-off payment precious $7 million or $1 million, relying on the early stage prize.

Cash4Life is accessible in nine us states consisting of Florida, Pennsylvania and also Tennessee.


Numbers is a local lotto game attracted twice a day. Tickets price 50 cents to $1. You select three numbers in between zero and also nine.

You win prizes according to how plenty of numbers friend match, and also in what order.

Numbers entails a distinctive payout structure and prizes are awarded based upon the specific order the the balls girlfriend draw.

The “Straight Play” dead odds of 1,000:1. If you match the to win numbers attracted in their specific order, you success the jackpot.

The “Box Plays” occupational slightly differently. To win the $80-$160 prizes (for entries the 50 cents-$1), you require to enhance the winning numbers in any type of order.

There’s an tantamount prize for matching the “3-Way Box.” choose a three-digit number through two similar digits (e.g., 3-4-3), and also if the numbers come out as 3-3-4, you victory for all three combinations.

Similarly, the “6-Way Box” pays out a $40/$80 prize if you pick a to win three-digit number with three unique digits (e.g., 4-5-6).


Win4 is comparable to Numbers, however you choose four numbers instead of three. If you complement the winning numbers in their specific order (Straight Play), the jackpot payment $5,000 because that a $1 ticket. The draw is twice daily, at midday and in the evening.

Like Numbers, Win4 features a selection of “Box Plays” payout if you choose identical numbers. You deserve to purchase tickets for 50c or $1, with different prizes come match.

4-Way Box: select a four-digit number that has three identical digits. (Pays $600/$1,200 because that a 50 cent/$1 play.)6-Way Box: pick a four-digit number that includes two the same pairs. (Pays $400/$800 because that a 50 cent/$1 play.)12-Way Box: choose a four-digit number that consists of four distinct digits. (Pays $100/$200 because that a 50 cent/$1 play.)

Straight/Box dram pay out if you complement the to win numbers attracted in their exact order.

The 4-Way Straight/Box pays $3,100 for specific order enhance (Straight and also Box), if a 6-Way Straight/Box payment $2,900. A win 12-Way Straight/Box payment $2,700, and a 24-Way Straight/Box pays out $2,600 for your $1 to win ticket.

The “Booster Ball” promotion applies to both Win4 and Numbers games. Top top Booster ball days, there is a unique drawing directly after the regular one.

A percentage bonus the 5, 10, or 20% is included to every winnings depending on the draw of a one-of-a-kind ball.

Take 5

Take 5 also costs $1 to play. You pick five number from 1-39, then five numbers are drawn. You knife prizes for corresponding two to five numbers.

If you match all five numbers, you win. The jackpot rolls end if no one selects five winning numbers. Fifty percent that sales go towards prize money, 20% of which goes to the jackpot winners.

There are additionally prizes for matching four, three and also two numbers.

Pick 10

Pick 10 prices $1 come play, and also there’s a chance to success $500,000 in the game’s jackpot.

To play choose 10, pick 10 numbers from one to 80 and also match every 10 indigenous the 20 attracted to victory the jackpot. You can additionally earn prizes by correctly picking nine, eight, seven, six and also zero numbers.

Pick 10 draws take place daily at 8:30 p.m.

Quick Draw

Quick attract works likewise to bingo or keno. You pick one to 10 “spots” every game. Rapid Pick is also available, and also tickets cost between $1 and also $10 every game.

Quick attract games take location every four minutes all day and also through most of the night.

If you complement all 10 numbers, you win $100,000. Equivalent nine number wins girlfriend a $5,000 prize. Match zero numbers because that a prize of $5.

Online lotteries and also games

Currently, the state doesn’t sell individual tickets for any kind of NY lottery online.

You can, however, purchase subscriptions digital for draw games like Mega Millions and Cash4Life. Some brand-new York Lottery promotions space also obtainable to mobile players.

You can check multiple color etc via the brand-new York digital Lottery app obtainable on iOS and Android devices.

The NY Lottery to produce a wide variety of scratch-off gamings with prices as low as $1.

The $10,000,000 Colossal Cash game expenses $30 a ticket and also awards a peak jackpot worth $10 million. Smaller prizes start at $50.

Special promotions

New York boasts a selection of special statewide and also local lottery events.

Collect ‘N Win runs throughout the Numbers and also Win4 games.

You deserve to win instant bonus cash, gift cards, concert ticket or coupons through collecting distinct symbols and also filling a Play Card. A perfect Play card earns friend entry right into a monthly prize drawing.

On a neighborhood level, brand-new York Lottery booths space staged in ~ food and music festivals across the state. Booths offer scratch-offs to adults and a opportunity to victory a spin on the prize wheel.

Players Club: The New York Lottery football player Club uses bonuses and also drawings to regular ticket buyers.

You can download the players Club app for iOS or Android. By scanning your shedding scratch-off and also lottery ticket via your smartphone, you can earn “Second opportunity Drawings” to success a bonus payout.

Non-winning draw tickets from huge games favor Mega Millions and also Powerball aren’t eligible.

Record NY state lottery winners

New York join Powerball in 2010, and since then, state residents have actually won the jackpot six times.

Nothing come close to the $201.9 million won in 2011 by the 1937 Flatbush way Dodgers Group that Jericho syndicate.

However, in 2019, a group took under the biggest Mega Millions jackpot in brand-new York State Lottery history. Twenty-three lengthy Island coworkers winner $176 million after opting for a one-off, lump-sum payment.

A Manhattan male won $136 million in 2015 to record the brand-new York Lottery Powerball’s best jackpot to date.

Land-based bingo halls in new York state

Bingo halls space legal in NY. Due to the fact that 2017, they have only been obtainable to players 18 and also older; minors deserve to no much longer participate in bingo games. Similar to lotteries, the brand-new York State Gaming Commission regulation bingo as well.

When the state barred minors in 2017, the prize payout boundaries were raised.

The maximum single payout native a bingo video game in new York state is currently $5,000, up from $1,000. Overall prizes “per occasion” have additionally risen from $3,000 to $15,000.

New York City boasts dozens that legalized and regulated bingo halls to run real money games transparent the week. To work are greatly small-scale and also held in clubs and American Legion halls, but standalone clubs and also bingo palaces deserve to attract big crowds.

The video game is played on 5×5 grids. You can win jackpots by hitting columns, rows and also full houses. Plenty of bingo halls can additionally offer raffles and “Bell Jar” prize draws. Entry can expense as tiny as 25 cents.

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Computerized bingo terminals are available at plenty of of the larger halls in the state, and jackpots have the right to go together high together $6,000.