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Pick five numbers from 1 to 69 and also one Powerball number from 1 come 26.Choose fast Pick to have the terminal randomly choose numbers because that you.Or merely ask your retailer for a fast Pick.Each Powerball ticket is $2 (add strength Play for $1).Up to five sets that numbers deserve to be played every play slip.Select Multidraw to go into up to 30 continuous drawings.

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9 methods To Win

The Powerball jackpot is winner by matching five white balls, in any type of order, plus the one red Powerball number.The second-level compensation of $1 million is winner by corresponding all 5 white ballsYou deserve to win seven additional ways by corresponding fewer numbers (see Prizes & Odds chart for details).

pat Slip

Play five numbers from 1 come 69.Choose fast Pick by noting QP.Add strength Play because that $1.Pick a Powerball number from 1 to 26.Select to play consecutive drawings.Mark to void the panel.

power Play

Can be added to any Powerball ticket for just $1.Multiplies your winnings by 2 to 10 times on many prize level (not including the jackpot; check out Prizes & Odds chart for details).The 10x multiplier is obtainable when the jackpot is in ~ or below $150 million.**Match 5+0 prize has actually a 2x multiplier instantly – increasing the prize amount come $2 million.The strength Play multiplier is drawn during the Powerball drawing.
Prizes & OddsMatchPrizeOdds 1 in
Overall odds of to win a compensation is about 1 in 24.87. *The jackpot prize is estimated and shall be established on a parimutuel basis. The jackpot prize will certainly be separated equally among all winning plays for that prize level. The jackpot have the right to be paid out either as a discounted lump sum payment or an annuity over 29 year (or 30 payments) as set out in the Powerball video game rules. If the winner chooses the annuity, the annual payment will certainly be increased every year by a rate as determined by the MUSL Product Group. The jackpot prize might be a guarantee amount in particular circumstances and announced by the MUSL Product Group.

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Powerball sales end on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays in ~ the times below and resume after ~ the drawing.Retail ar sales finish at 9:59pmOnline beat sales end at 9:57pmOnce a ticket is generated it can not be canceled, so examine your play on slide to make sure whatever is correct.The ticket, no the pat slip, is her proof the purchase. So sign your ticket immediately.

how to Watch

Drawings every Monday, Wednesday and also Saturday at 10:59 p.m. Clock the illustrations online or on any type of of this stations:WRAL Raleigh (ch.5)WITN Greenville, brand-new Bern & Washington (ch.7)WAXN Charlotte (ch.64)WGHP Winston-Salem, Greensboro & High allude (ch.8)WLOS Asheville (ch.13)

Have a retailer scan your ticket and also keep play your favorite numbers.

Repeat play is a feature obtainable for all draw games that allows a retailer to merely scan the bar password on your existing ticket so you have the right to replay her favorite numbers fast and also easy! Repeat beat is an alternate to perfect a play slip.

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Repeat play reprints every the selections native the original ticket including: her numbers, the variety of draws, boards, beat type, beat amount, Megaplier and Power beat Option. Quick Pick wagers will certainly be printed with the very same numbers together the original wager. Tickets need to be replayed within 30 days of original ticket creation. Repeat pat does identify MultiDraw and will begin the color etc on the first draw day accessible and proceed for as many draws as the original ticket. Repeat pat is not easily accessible for advancement Play.

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