Win the White House is one online video game that enables students to simulate a presidential project of your own. This includes debating, perfect primaries, picking a vice president, fundraising, make appearances, and more.

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gaining Started

Visitors can register to play Win the White House or play without registering (both choices are free). However, if the player is not registered, lock cannot proceed a campaign later. Win the White House works on both Macs and PCs.

To start, the player choose a candidate, slogan, politics party, and issues the they focus on, such together environment, wellness care, and also voting laws. Because that older students, object such as gun control and gay marital relationship are included. (Throughout the game, castle will need to periodically prize questions about their platform or the platform the their the opposite supports.) lock then begin their political campaign. For support, as well as examples the use and also teaching plans because that the game, examine out Win the White House: A game Guide for Teachers.


During the politics campaign, students will painlessly review the details of running a campaign, including just how the electoral university works and how those votes are weighed, and also how essential political marketing is.

Playing the game can allude out to students how countless factors contribute to the progress and success the a presidential campaign. As students play, make sure they notification and usage the 4 blue buttons at the peak of the play display map to see the claims through different filters as their projects progress. With these buttons, they can remind themselves how plenty of electoral votes every state has, see how the well-known vote is going, keep track of states" momentum (are claims leaning red or blue?), and check how much money each state tho has easily accessible to money campaigns.

Although Win the White House is a learning tool, that is likewise a game, adding motivation to learn and also presenting student with numerous choices. Note that the game provides an evaluate of how well the students completed their missions at the end, i m sorry can assist teachers measure up student comprehension. Win the White House can assist teachers see how well students understand both the political procedure and the media’s potential to influence the result of one election.

For much more information

Looking for more high-quality games for usage in the history or civics classroom? iCivics, creator the Win the White House, features an ext than 20 online games on topics ranging from municipal to plan to immigrant to the invoice of Rights. Examine out our Tech for Teachers ~ above Do I have actually a Right? for our take on one of iCivics" more addictive games.

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