We get a the majority of questions from parental who desire to homeschool their children, yet their children already attend windy or exclusive schools. The concerns tend to run along the present of: “How do we acquire them outof the school mechanism once they’re currently in?”

The first step is to formally withdraw your youngsters from school. (See other actions you have to take in our begin Homeschooling section.)

Here’s one easy, considerable guide to create a school withdrawal letter:


Understand your legal rights as a parent.

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Homeschooling is legit in all 50 states. No matter what happens, you should neverfeel pressured to provide up that right – by college districts, governmentofficials or even well-meaning friends and family.

You should also never feel obligatedto do any of the following:

Explain thedecision come withdrawSubmit come testingAttend conferences or meetingsby the schoolAllow inspections of your curriculum orhome

Write the institution withdrawal letter.

If you’re life in Kansas…

A withdrawal letteris crucial if you’re life in Kansas, asthree continually unexcused absences constitute truancy under state law. This will prompt an investigation bythe county/district attorney or SRS.

(See a great discussion the the “Is Homeschooling legitimate in Kansas?” question by CHECK, the Christian house Educators Confederation of Kansas.)

Although you deserve to withdraw by phone, letter or in person, us recommend a letter together a hard-copy option that deserve to be supplied if any kind of legal problems arise.

Here’s what this may look choose for you, if you’re remove your kids in the middle of the institution year (we indicate you re-type this messagein your own words):

Dear (Official’s Name):

We room writing to educate you that our child(ren), (Child(ren)’s Name(s)), is/are withdrawing indigenous (SchoolName) and also will not finish the existing school year. He/she/they will instead be attending a privateschool because that the remainder of this school year. Please eliminate his/her/their surname from your records.

To the extent important to complete the enrollment at his/her/their brand-new school, you will be contacteddirectly by the school about the move of records.

Thank friend for her cooperation.


(Your Name)

The reason to request documents is to know and also track her student’s scholastic performance, together the major principal/teacher of her non-accredited exclusive school, or homeschool.

(If her student is having challenges in some areas, this can help you perform any type of diagnostic tests, select curriculum, and also many various other benefits.)

If you’re withdrawing her children before the institution year begins, we suggest this message:

Dear (Official’s Name):

We are writing to notify you the our child(ren), (Child(ren)’s Names(s)), will certainly not be re-enrolling at{School Name) for the coming institution year. He/she/they will rather be attending a exclusive school. Pleaseremove his/her/their surname from her records.

To the extent necessary to complete the enrollment at his/her/their brand-new school, you will certainly be contacteddirectly by the school regarding the transport of records.

Thank you for her cooperation.


(Your Name)

You deserve to downloadour sample letter in PDF type here:Notification of will to withdraw a Student.

(If friend need aid requesting a relax of student records, feel complimentary to use this sample template:Request for release of college student Records.)

If you’re living in Missouri…

Families because that Home education (FHE), a homeschool company in Missouri, recommends that parents write a withdrawal letter for children previously enrolled in school.

If the son is 5-7 years old, the law states that the parental or guardian must notify the public school in creating of withdrawal. The withdrawal letter should go come the college district wherein the college student attended. Families need to send this letter, so schools know the child isn’t truant.

FHE has actually a sample withdrawal letter post on that website.

RSMo 167.042 says that a parental or guardian “may” provide the superintendent or the recorder that deeds a “Declaration the Enrollment.”Even despite a institution maynot brand their kind as a “Declaration of Enrollment,” it frequentlyhas all the components of one, so it is not essential to signany school form. A one-time withdrawal letter is every the parental or guardian demands to provide to the school.

(Further inquiries on beginning a Missouri homeschool? us recommend this comprehensive conversation with Scott Woodruff, one HSLDA attorney, concerning Missouri homeschool laws. You can likewise contact FHE at 1-877-696-6343 or 1983fhemo


We’re big fans of the house School legit Defense combination (HSLDA), in component because of the wonderful aid and counsel they administer to households nationwide and also around the world.

That’s why we recommend that all new homeschoolersbecome HSLDA members. In case any type of issues arise, you’ll have actually instant legitimate protection and also representation.

In fact, you have the right to get$15 turn off an annual HSLDA member as among our member benefitswhen you sign up with MPE!

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This write-up was initially published in respectable 2015. We have actually updated it because that timeliness and comprehensiveness.