Google Maps enables us to travel to few of the many remote locations in the people without also leaving our seats.

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And at some allude or an additional - we"ve every wondered how one goes around getting a task as a Google Maps driver or Trekker, together we envision ourselves travelling all over the world.

Google Maps cars past and also present (Credit: Youtube/Google Maps)
There doesn"t it seems ~ to it is in one set method into the Google Maps driving gig, since it"s exactly that: a gig.

Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist at Google UK, said Techradar that Google chauffeurs are building contractors rather 보다 actual Google employees. And also that"s since local contracted drivers will recognize their regional area well, together Parsons explains:

"A many it is put right into the hands of the drivers due to the fact that they often tend to recognize the neighborhood areas. Us say "we need to cover every street the it"s possible for girlfriend to journey down" - that"s a significant element the what we do. We have the right to only really drive down public roadways so the vehicle drivers pretty much go off and drive your own neighborhood neighbourhood."

Google Street View vehicle in 2019 (Credit: PA)
The hourly price of a Google Street check out driver can range between $11-$17 *(£7.80-£12). That"s according to 2020 numbers from Glassdoor.

Google Trekkers in the grand Canyon (Credit: Google)

Google Trekker (Credit: Google)

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Wendy eagle from the Canal & river Trust attract the Google Trekker in London (Credit: PA)