We’re officially past Halloween (goodbye, spooky season, we love you!), which method it’s optimal prepping-for-the-holidays time. And if you someone that waits until after Thanksgiving to even think about the holidays, we completely understand, yet when it involves winter temps, us all need something come look forward to.

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If you’ve currently plotted out a spreadsheet v what presents to acquire who and when, it"s most likely you’re also already thinking about how to wrap claimed gifts. Right around now is as soon as all the stores start stocking every the irresistible tiny gift bags v tiny prints and also loading increase on adorably-patterned wrapping paper. Climate comes the actual action of wrapping…

Lots of us take the easy method out and also toss whatever in a gift bag; some of us go the extra mile and also employ a recycle wrapping; and also some of us still are struggling through remembering how precisely our moms perfect packaged gifts with no seams. Good news: we’ve obtained the complete scoop on how to perfect wrap a present, making that look favor you literally carry out this because that a living. It"s all about creasing the paper over the edge climate flipping that under to produce an invisible seam. True, the doesn"t make for a completely seamless present, however there space barely any type of to speak of and also it"s a reliable way to make a tidy package.

Follow follow me on this tutorial together we go, (and maybe obtain a pair practice rounds in), and also you’ll be a experienced in no time in ~ all.



Packing your box, and a word about tissue paper:

unless you"re packing up a breakable item and also need lots of packing fluff (in which case it"s prettier and more secure to take a dozen pieces of tissue quite than one or two scraggly ones, then crunch them up), it"s nice to lay under a clean great of tissue file inside package for wrapping her gift before boxing.

To do it fit without too much crunching, simply take a few pieces of tissue, double them end at their middle until the elevation of the records matches that of your box, then press them down right into the base of the bottom half of the box. Insert gift, then fold the 2 ends end top before boxing.

How to wrap a box v paper:

Make the very first seam on a long side of the box.

Unfurl some paper from the roll, set your box close to the roll itself, climate flop the loose end that the document back end the box. Keep unrolling record and scooching the box near to the roll until there"s enough paper to cover the package. Cut the document off by the roll as soon as you have enough (as shown below), then simply grab the end you just cut and also swivel that (and the box atop it) therefore its in front of you.

Ready to wrap?


wrap the file around the box, enabling extra simply in case, then reduced it off the roll. To make the very first seamless edge, monitor the 4 measures below. Rather of just taping under one end of the paper then taping under the various other on optimal of it, you"ll crease and also then wrinkles the height piece, creating a neat sheet of paper that lines up with the sheet of package so you deserve to barely see it at all.



1. Pull the finish of the file that"s jutting the end from under the box so there"s enough of it to cover that whole vertical side. Ice it to the height of package to cover through a solitary piece of tape (above, left).

2. Pull the other finish of the document towards you and also over that very same edge you simply covered, tautly (above, right).

3. Once you"ve traction that finish taut, wrinkle it along the edge you extended with the other paper (above, left).

4. Now, choose it back up, wrinkles it along that crease you created, then lay it under again so the neat, folded sheet of the record lines up v the sheet of the box (above, right). Voilà, seamless!Here the is in motion:

photograph by Linda Xiao Tape to secure—either by adding dual sided tape underneath the edge or by merely taping end the sheet the method you always have.

picture by Linda Xiao Go have actually a sip the water. Her box will be there once you gain back.

Fold increase an end.

Swivel the box so among its ends with the document overhang is encountering you. Is the file that"s jutting out much longer than the width of the end you"re covering? If yes, trim it under a bit. If it"s shorter, don"t stroked nerves trimming it at all; just proceed.

Rather than crushing this tube of file down indigenous the top like you room feeling inclined to, push in the pipe at that is sides, creasing it follow me the vertical edge of the box (below, left). Moving out from that crease, push the 2 resulting folds into triangles—one against your occupational surface and also one in the air (below, right).

photo by Linda Xiao Repeat v the various other vertical sheet on this side of the box, pressing the document in follow me it, creasing a triangle of paper against your surface and also another in the air. You"ll end up through a top and also a bottom flap that space both shaped favor triangles.

Fold the height triangle under first, crease it follow me the peak edge the the box, then trim any excess from the suggest of the triangle if it hangs previous the bottom leaf of the box. Don"t stroked nerves securing this part with tape.

Now, create a seamless edge just as before, using the bottom triangle flap: fold it up and also over the edge, wrinkle it along that edge, lift it up and also fold along that wrinkle you simply made (and cutting away any excess), then tape the recently clean edge along the leaf of the box. Tape to secure.

Like this:

photo by Linda Xiao

Repeat top top the other finish of the box.

every in all, girlfriend should have actually only supplied 4 piece of tape, and also the just visible seams will be neat little triangles at each corner. Crease any edges the didn"t obtain creased before for one extra-crisp gift, perform a little bit that ribbon magic, then gift it come someone that appreciates how tough you operated on the wrap.

photograph by Linda Xiao I know this feel tedious, however the best means to get an excellent at that is to do it over and over. Eventually, your hands will remember the motions and also you"ll it is in wrapping quicker than you ever before did before—which is the goal, ~ all: to get part out that the means so you can rip them open sooner.

Final step? include a ribbon!

What"s your go-to gift-wrapping method? Tell us in the comments!

This short article was updated in November 2021 to include even far better tips for gift wrapping.

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I used to job-related the gift wrap counter at i Magnin (anyone mental them?) in Palo Alto CA when I remained in my really early 20"s. I learned some great tips- especially how to tie a ribbon roughly a crate in about 15 seconds. Ns love this practically seamless look!