Unroll a big square of wrapping document face under on a job-related surface and then add a few sheets that tissue. Position the gift in the center and then elevator each edge of the wrapping paper. Conference the record tightly directly over the gift, through the file edges flaring outward. Tie a double knot utilizing twine or wire-edged ribbon to organize the bundle together.  A bow can finish off the package, if desired.

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A clean north wine bottle can be an alternative to a usual gift box for jewelry.

use a thumbtack or push pin to secure the clasp the a necklace or bracelet to the underside that a cork.  reduced the necklace right into the bottle and also plug cork ago into the bottle.

If alcohol is the gift, place a item of basic burlap come cradle the bottle and secure it with a ribbon for a rustic presentation. 

For other presents, shot the art of furoshiki, the Japanese method of wrapping gifts in fabric. 

begin with a roll of burlap and clippings native evergreen shrubs or Christmas tree trimmings.  pine cones, left herbal or painted in chalky complete or spray paint, have the right to be tied to the package v floral wire.

When the materials of a clear glass jar are visually appealing, such together the measured ingredients for baked treats or a homemade potpourri blend, your present doesn’t need to be extended up. Instead, a little ribbon or raffia bow can finish the wrapping there is no distracting native what’s within the jar.


A box isn’t crucial if you nicely fold a pullover or various other piece of clothing. Tightly wrinkles the garment and also then wrap together you would v a box. Utilizing craft record and tie the parcel through twine can give a rustic or shabby-chic look.


Gift bags room a quick and also easy equipment for pack an oddly shaped current without a box. Tufts the tissue record can conceal the present and also also include a bit of flair come the presentation. Usage your own embellishments to personalize a plain bag come express your personal style.

Neatly wrapping cylindrical presents like jarred candles deserve to be done simply and with attractive results. 

Roll record around the item and fasten the bottom v tape.  conference the excess record on the top and tie it with string because that a clean look.

Use north rolls of toilet document or record towels to produce a cylindrical container for little presents. 

wrinkles in opposing edges on the end of the pipe to organize the gift inside.  then wrap record around the tube, trim together needed and also tie the ends v ribbon.

A clean paint bucket v lid is one unconventional solution for gift wrapping. 

to fill the 5-gallon plastic variety with automobile wash supplies or gardening tools.  usage a smaller, gallon-size metal bucket that have the right to be decorated for oddly shaped gifts without a box.  A 5-quart metal pail draft for paint can carry out the base because that a gift basket that has an easy rustic or industrial look.

Wrap your gift using another functional present, such as an apron. If the recipient enjoys baking, a brand-new set the bakeware have the right to be wrapped through an apron or you have the right to use one to tie increase long-handled grilling devices for an the end cook. Because that a gardener, bundle devices they can use in ~ an apron that will store dirt off your clothes.

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