Writing a student board of directors speech may seem daunting, however having an instance to look at can assist inspire you.

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Use the speech on this page to help you think about what you could like come say come the students that will it is in voting for you.


The speech listed below was sent in by Stephanie that was running for student council chairman of she high school. 

Thanks because that sharing your speech, Steph, and for helping various other students gain an idea the what come say!

After reviewing Steph"s speech, examine out another student council decided sample for additional inspiration. Also, the book Student council Campaign: to win Strategies, Speeches, Poster, and Slogans reviewed listed below can aid you take her entire project to a whole various level, not only your speech. 

Beginning that the student council speech

Introduce yourselfSet her audience in ~ easeUse a rapid attention getter or themeProvide a short foreshadowing that your contact to action 

Good afternoon, students and also staff members! My surname is Stephanie, and also I"m running for college student body president. I"ll keep this rapid as I"m certain you are all set to gain out the here.

You might be saying to yourself, "Should Stephanie yes, really be the college student body president? after all, she"s only been at our college for 2 years."

Body of the college student council speech

Organize roughly just 2-3 main ideasProvide 2-3 sustaining details for each claimPoints should solve for a pain
your audience (your fellow students) feels


It"s true that ns am fairly new to Jefferson Anderson High School. At very first glance, this might seem prefer a disadvantage. Ns didn"t to visit this institution for mine freshman and also sophomore years, and I"ve only known most of you because that a pair of years.

When girlfriend think around it though, over there is in reality a advantage in choosing someone who is coming into the institution from somewhere else. Ns have brand-new ideas that i can carry in indigenous the college I to be at before.

Are you worn down of act the same old points year ~ year? are you all set to carry out something different?

One thing I noticed about this school when I come last year is that many of the student didn"t really get to make any kind of of the decisions here at the school.

Did anyone ever ask you what you want to do for a fundraiser? go anyone ever before ask girlfriend what you wanted to buy through the money we raised? Who makes these decisions?

Those types of decisions space left approximately student council. The person you select to represent you together president will speak for the entire an elderly class. Do you desire to pick someone that will do those decisions because that you without learning what you want?

If you poll for me together student council president, ns promise to always get your opinions prior to making any decisions. You should have a say in the actions the will impact you.

Every solitary one of girlfriend can concerned me through your ideas, and I promise to listen and also speak because that you.

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According to Isaac Myhrum, a winner of college student council seats start in the sixth grade, girlfriend can develop the to trust and an abilities to lead. Isaac rose over the usual popularity dispute to success on merit and credibility. His book Student the supervisory board Campaign: winning Strategies, Speeches, Poster, and also Slogans will guide you to enhance your all at once strategy and also your college student council speeches. 

Some the the great to aid you success election include:

developing project speech ideas and also topicsvoter audience analysisforming a project teamexamples of effective postersand more advice for appealing to college student voters.

You can order on Amazon for reading with the cost-free Kindle App and support finest Speech Topics through a small commission. 

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