Nine months after Belinda Clemens shed her husband, she tho hasn’t been able to organize his memorial service. The coronavirus pandemic has required her come grieve greatly alone.

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Clemens brought that anguish come the ballot box in November, whereby she voted for democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden through the fervent hope the he would wrestle the microorganism into submission. If the transmission price is low enough by April, she may be able to celebrate she husband’s life before the an initial anniversary of his death.

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Americans of every stripes are putting their most debilitating sorrows and also biggest dreams into the following administration, regardless of which candidates they traction the bar for in November. Lock worried about equality of opportunity, immigrant policy, ours relationships v China and Russia, and more.

Hundreds the those human being recently wrote to The Washington write-up in an answer to a callout questioning for your advice to Biden. A retired state employee in Arizona created that that voted for Biden, despite expecting come dislike his policies, due to the fact that he considers chairman Trump a “neofascist demagogue.” A young Trump supporter urged the president-elect to carry the nation together.

They and many rather reflected ~ above 2020, a year the brutalized the nation, and decided ~ above a message that they wanted their next president to hear. Here’s what they had to say.

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I am an independent, white masculine voter here in Arizona that did my tiny bit to assist you success the state, knowing full well the I will despair end nearly every one of your policies. Why? because I refuse to enable my nation to be rule by a gyeongju baiting, neo-fascist demagogue. Your one and only task going forward is to perform anything and everything you deserve to to make sure that never happens again. You have the right to start by constantly recall the nation that we almost lost our democracy this year, and additionally by mental that, if no for COVID-19, we almost surely would have done so. I wish you every the best in this endeavor.

— Patrick Fitzgerald, 68, Tucson

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“Stay true to the compassion, empathy, dignity because that all, and also equality that you promote.” — Ron Cammel, 54, Peoria, Ariz. ()Always remain true to the compassion, empathy, dignity for all, and also equality that you promote. Always extend human being rights. Commit come nurturing the land and air and water and also biodiversity, and oppose exploitation. Commit come peace and oppose division.

Lead with honesty, v caring, v imagination, v humility. Be led by love, truth and hope.

— Ron Cammel, 54, Peoria, Ariz.

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Mr. Biden, ns am creating this letter ~ above January 6 as a crowd attempts a violent coup in Congress. There is something I have actually felt friend absolutely must do as president because that months now, however today, that is abundantly clean to me what the stakes truly are.

You must prosecute Trump and his enablers come the fullest degree of the law.

You it seems ~ to it is in of two minds on this. On the one hand, you have said the you will certainly not straight the Attorney general on exactly how to conduct the department of Justice. Given how fractured our country is, I have actually taken this to median that friend are open to the possibility of investigating and also prosecuting the corruption of the last 4 years. Yet on the various other hand, you have actually repeatedly spoken of your desire come reach across the aisle and also work with Republicans.

Frankly, Mr. Biden, what do you suppose to take place if you perform so?

My Senators, Ben Sasse and Deb Fischer, both voted versus removing Trump indigenous office as soon as we had actually smoking-gun proof the he tried come extort the Ukraine right into helping him undermine the 2020 election. My congressional Representative, Jeff Fortenberry, voted versus impeachment and then for an encore signed one amicus short in support of the God-awful can be fried Court filing openly questioning the SCOTUS come overturn the choice results. This is come say naught of the likes that Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, that are right this very minute openly refusing to certify the choice results.

The Republican party is trying to steal the choice from you. The is trying come steal the choice from me. The is trying come steal that from all Americans, also those that voted because that Trump, also if countless of them have not realized it yet.

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The only way to reclaim Democracy at this allude is to ensure that those who attempted to threaten the election deserve to never shot to perform so again. I perform not think the whole Republican party requirements to it is in prosecuted, yet neither carry out I think for a moment that the corruption we witnessed in the last 4 years is limited only come Trump.