A LETTER accused penned by Tiger King Star Joe Exotic indigenous prison with three prophylactics attached is being sold on Ebay for $200.

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In the handwritten message, Exotic asks a pan to tweet Donald Trump and beg because that him to be pardoned.

The Ebay listing, named ‘Authentic prison Love Letter indigenous Joe Exotic & 3 Tiger King Condoms, RARE!’ asserted to be offering a letter sent out to the pan by the infamous Netflix star. 

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An photo of the letter, handle to ‘Erick’, showed a handwritten note on a piece of lined refillCredit: Ebay

Joe has been attempting to clear his name after gift sentenced come 22-years in prison over a plot to kill his rival, Carole Baskin

The unauthenticated letter bids the pan to asking the outgoing chairman to pardon him.

Recent news the Trump’s flurry of of last-minute pardons, which walk not encompass clemency because that Exotic, suggest any attempts made by the pan were in vain.

He will continue to be in FMC prison in Texas, where he is serving a 22-year jail sentence for animal cruelty and plotting to kill his nemesis, Carole Baskin.

“The letter is two-sided and also I covered all of the profanity with the red dashes just for the photo but no on the initial letter,” the listing description read.

An image of the letter, handle to ‘Erick’, showed a handwritten keep in mind on a piece of inside wall refill. One side showed up to be penned by Exotic, if the other side was the initial letter sent out to the Netflix star by his fan.

“Hey thanks for the support and know ns send mine love and respect,” the letter read.

“I am so very married and also I love my husband v all mine heart. Therefore gonna pass on the sex yet I will have actually a beer with anyone.

“Trump has actually my pardon now so please store tweeting come ask that to authorize it appropriate away please.

“Be my voice.”

The keep in mind was then signed off, “Love, Joe Exotic”.



The fan's alleged keep in mind to Exotic was signed turn off "Yours spiritually and also sexually"Credit: Ebay

“I simply finished her documentary, Tiger King, top top Netflix.

“What an ***** incredible dude!,” the fan’s keep in mind read.

‘Erick’ stated he had actually his own huge cat named ‘Bonkers’, who reminded the of Exotic.

The note, which had several “profanities” blanked out by the Ebay lister, go on to affirm the author’s trust in Exotic’s innocence. 

“I am firmly part of the motion to gain you the end of that Hell feet and earlier home through the large cats whereby you belong!”

The note showed up to overview a sexual fantasy the writer had around Joe, make incomprehensible through words prior to signing off.

“Yours spiritually and also sexually”, that reads, before the snapshot is reduced off.

The unexplained listing additionally featured “three new tiger king premium condoms”, the description says.

The item location was noted as Cincinnati, Ohio, unified States, and the listing to be last update on December 20 last year.

The listing history said 5 of the ‘items’ had been purchased, three for $9.99 and also two for $11.24, the very first on November 6 and also the latest on December 15.

NO PARDON because that JOE

The outgoing president granted clemency to Steve Bannon, Lil Wayne and also 141 rather in a late flurry that last-minute decisions just prior to 1am on Wednesday – hours before Biden's inauguration in Washington DC.

But in news that would disappoint Exotic’s legal squad Team Tiger, Exotic’s surname was no on Trump’s list.

Eric Love, among Exotic’s legitimate advisors, had earlier confirmed the they have already booked a substantial Dodge van limousine, from company Heaven on Wheels, to take the star off a mystery hideaway because that recuperation.

Love asserted to have actually parked the limousine about fifty percent a mile from FMC prison in Texas, whereby Exotic is act time.

It to be not recognized whether together a auto was ever before parked close to the prison, or whether it continued to be there, had Love's cases been true.

Last week, Team Tiger flew come Washington, DC, for a “high level” meeting v White house aides because that a last-minute pardon discussion.

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Lead investigator Love had actually reportedly feel Exotic had a "great shot" of being freed.



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