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Texas Abortion Law

Most if no all states, have actually laws against inter household marriage, I.e., siblings, an initial cousins and even second cousins. Might that barred in Texas it is in a basis because that throwing out the new abortion law due to the fact that it calls for a victim the incest/rape come term? shows up to be conflicting laws.

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Senate Structure and The Filibuster

Our establishing Fathers fear a future foreign invasion/interference and also so they felt they had actually to compromise through the small states in bespeak to obtain the structure ratified. This Senate structure gives the minority disproportionate power! The Filibuster additional exacerbates this disproportionate power


Senate Structure and The Filibuster

The minority have actually undue, non-democratic power. Our founding Fathers, especially Washington, Madison and also Hamilton, were vehemently protest to the Senate framework of 2 Senators every State, nevertheless of population. They wanted representative democracy (Senate & home representation based on population!)


Voting Rights

I suggest that we engage business leaders in this existential fight to maintain voting rights. Tell us, "the majority", what we can do come help. Also, please educate many civilization that still perform not know that our establishing Fathers were opposed come the current Senate structure! see details in next post.


Is the true the Manchin has actually taken dark money from the Koch Brothers and therefore is doing their bidding together as no voting against their agenda? If true why no you covering it?


I have actually come to believe what note Twain claimed which was, " It's much easier to lied to human being than the is to convince them they were lied to."

Trump's Leadership

Trump wanted to lead this country for the sole objective of demolishing our democratic Republic. Once are girlfriend going to watch this whole debacle as 100% intentional. Contact that traitorous monster the end every day until he is organized accountable.

Buffalo butt Barr

Have girlfriend noticed the disgraceful former AG BBBarr appears to be trying to acquire a tarp large enough to cover his buffalo butt since Oil Leak Rudy, A man for 4 Seasons, had his law license suspended? Coincidence?

Alabama’s low COVID Vaccines

I simply received my second Covid vaccination at the local health and wellness dept. I have the right to say, without a doubt, at least at that place & today, it’s also challenging. I deserve to understand why civilization are selecting to say “forget it.” One person needed a app. In Spanish, but they only had apps. In English.

Lesson That must Be Learned

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster April 1986 was a authorize that communist soviet party stood for real danger to the world, a lesson that must be learned. Background repeating itself through Corona and China, the civilization should understand that prosperity and union is the an outcome of democracy and freedom.


Mulisha teams

Why space we just talking about State Mulisha’s now? i was in law Enforcement and also when Janet Reno, Attorney basic was LECTURING ~ above keeping very close eyes on every mulisha groups due to the fact that of the straight danger they have actually on our government.

Commander In Chief

We keep hearing that insurrectionists visited the Capitol because the previous POTUS ordered them to. Apparently non of this dolts understand that the commander in chef title applies ONLY to the military, not police, not citizens, NOT elected officials. Duh.



Assuming diagrams the the tunnel device are not published for public consumption, trump toadies in the military or Homeland security or the GOP made this details accessible for their dolts who struck the Capitol. Any sentiment American to know this is what happened. Every solitary one needs to salary big!

Filibuster - Really???

If, RINO = Republican in name only, climate DINO = Democrat in surname Only.Dimwit seems an ext correct. Joe & Krysten I speak to BS. Prevent using the filibuster as cover for no being champions OF or because that the America People. If you can't do the job you shouldn't have the job.

Your vault Emails

Just review some of her previous emails and also I'm i m really sorry you need to put increase with few of the nastiness (to to speak the least). Save up through your great work against the big lie.



Just thought today whether the Capitol Police wear body cameras? appears as despite they don't since if the go we'd have more insight right into the violence that 1.6.Hope human body camera are and enhancement for the funding Police , uneven congressman would object since it would certainly in infringe on your privacy.

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What are We to teach Our Children??

The next time your boy returns indigenous a sporting event where they to be on the loosing team - will certainly they define to you how playing better isn’t important they simply need come “CHEAT BETTER” next time???


Stop through The 50%

We space not separated 50/50 protect against saying so. Just 25% of default voters room republican. We have actually minority ascendancy in the Senate so avoid with the America equally divided bs. Your 50/50 contact just destroys all hope.