If the slew of current TV shows, movies, and also books are any type of indication, zombies are almost everywhere these days. So whether they’re fast, slow, or riddled with rigor mortis, here’s a couple of ways to save the undead out of her house. But three tips won’t be almost enough to avoid the undead masses, so check out the rest of our zombie-proof tactics at thisoldhouse.com.

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1. Install Doors of the Dead


When managing old-school, Night the the living Dead-type zombies (also known as “Romero zombies,” after that 1968 film’s director) store in psychic that—since fast muscle deterioration is par because that the postmortem course—these guys have less muscular strength. Among the simplest ways to combat castle is to retrofit your residence with stainless-steel doors. Affordable and impenetrable, steel doors can be a living-dead dude’s worst enemy. Ideal of all, any type of dents or dings resulted in by your heathen invaders deserve to be pulled and puttied with an auto-body repair kit. For added security, forgo sidelights or transoms and install triple-point locks. Zombies friggin’ hate triple-point locks.

2. Make sure Windows Are additionally Walking-Dead-Proof


While the Winchester Pub seemed choose the perfect safe home in 2004’s Shaun that the Dead, it didn’t take more than a few broken windows to cause one buzz death of a security breach. Houses with tempered-glass windows rated for hurricane zones, or wrought-iron protection bars, will be far far better off than those v unguarded single-pane windows. Either means it’s never ever a bad idea to reinforce windows with plywood because that maximum zombie protection.

3. Remember: great Fences=Good Zombie Neighbors


Along v Pittsburgh’s 3 rivers, the only thing that defended the life from the undead in George Romero’s 2005 movie Land the the Dead to be a giant electrical fence. Well, if it’s good enough because that the steel City, it’s an excellent enough for her house, too. If friend can’t afford an electric fence, consider structure a tough, high chain-link, wrought-iron, or cinderblock variation (at least eight to twelve feet high) roughly your property. The regional zoning board can take offense, but, seriously, man; this is a zombie invasion. That cares about zoning? watch even much more zombie-proofing advice at thisoldhouse.com.

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