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lasignoralaura.com is a BETA data site developed to aid lake enthusiastsof every kinds by combine the recent satellite imagery, weather data,lake employee information,and community member reports to interact current lake conditions.

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Check the map below for allude temperatures.Drought conditions and low water levels are affecting smaller laketemperature accuracy.We room working to deal with the issue.Please assist others through submitting her observed temperatures.
Lake Michigan Water: 48° F waiting H: 39° F L: 33° F Today: greatly cloudy throughout the day. https://lasignoralaura.com/lake/MI/Lake-Michigan-87
Lake Michigan"s existing water temperature is 48°F. Today"s projection is: mainly cloudy throughout the day., v a high about 39°F and a low approximately 33°F. Winds space out that the NW at 16 mph through gusts the 30 mph.

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Temps are estimates of the surface ar temp gained throughout the lake.Values are generally within a few degrees, yet may be inaccurate because of factorsincluding cloud cover, floor interference, water levels, and also input data quality/accuracy.If a temp is inaccurate, please call us.Consider helping us improve our accuracy by creating an account and also submitting your observed water temps in the section below.



Lake Michigan is among the greatest lakes in the US and also perhaps the most exciting in terms of boating activities. It is common by four US states: Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and also Indiana. That waterfront in every state is really different, offering the lake"s visitors the chance to explore its numerous faces. Fishing is a natural component of the lake"s buzzing activities. Over there is a huge selection of fishing watercrafts for rent, satisfying American"s hobbies and also fish intake on a daily basis. To chat boating in Lake Michigan is additionally a thrilling venture because of the plentiful picturesque islands, harbors, and also lighthouses. The boating season opens up in the middle of May and extends with October.Related sites:www.michigan.org

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