users: The surface ar temperature profiles maps room not updating appropriate now because of a server outage at NOAA, i m sorry delivers the main satellite data offered to create these maps. NOAA is in the procedure of restoring the system; the approximated time of reconstruction is not easily accessible currently. Our apologies for any inconvenience, and also we will resume normal distribution of the imagery as soon as the data resources are work again.

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Most questions deserve to beanswered by her Sea grant Agent or on ours help Pages. You re welcome send comments or pest reports to cwatch Please encompass the name of the ar or paper that"s providing you trouble, as well as the form of software program you are running. This is a cooperative project in between the NOAA great Lakes regional Node located at the NOAA good Lakes environmental Research activities in Ann Arbor and also the Sea give Network.

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Michigan Sea Grant, a joint regimen of Michigan State University and also the college of Michigan, promotes greater knowledge the the great Lakes v research and education.