On the surface the 7th chairman of the United states seems ready created the mantle that hero. He was born right into poverty from irish immigrant parental in 1767, dealt with briefly in the American Revolution, studied law and became the prosecuting attorney because that western phibìc Carolina, chosen to the residence of to represent in 1796, and also later the Senate the an extremely next year in 1797. He also served in the state can be fried court.

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He rose to fame during the war of 1812 once he soundly beat the British at the battle of brand-new Orleans using a remarkably egalitarian pressure of slaves, Haitians, Choctaw, French pirates, Canary Islanders, and also frontiersmen. The press declared him a hero and dubbed him “Old Hickory”. That went on to serve as branch of the newly acquired Territory that Florida. He ran for President in 1824, win the popular vote yet losing the Electoral College. The ran again in 1828 and also won and 4 years later won reelection. Andrew Jackson seemed to live a life that, had it been the product that some job-related of fiction, would certainly seem virtually too much to believe. Definitely a hero.


There was one more side to Andrew Jackson. He to be a man who engaged in duels, killing Charles Dickinson in 1806. During in the an initial Seminole war he inflicted harsh self-control on his troops, consisting of executions because that mutiny. The necessity of part were questioned. Later on he would catch two brother subjects, Robert Ambrister and Alexander Arbuthnot, and believing castle to it is in agents sent out to supply the Seminoles Jackson had actually them tried and executed. The questionable aspects of the Arbuthnot-Ambrister Incident, which had the intrusion of Spanish Territory, would check out Jackson investigated through Congress. While conference would discover “fault” with Jackson’s handling of the trial and also execution, they would certainly not take it any activity against Jackson.

And together President Jackson would certainly oversee among the much more shameful moments in American history. In 1830 he signed the Indian Removal action which called for the forcible removal of native Americans from your lands. The Cherokee country would actually take your fight to the federal Court in an effort keep their lands and also in Worcester v Georgia The supreme Court ruled versus the relocation. Of the ruling Jackson would certainly reputedly speak “John Marshall (the chef justice in ~ the time) has actually made his decision; now let that enforce it!”. There’s been conflict on even if it is Jackson in fact uttered those words, yet unfortunately they did seem to amount up his attitude. While the Cherokee would not be removed till the valve Buren Administration, the Choctaw, Seminoles, and Creek would view removal under Jackson’s watch.

But no one of this appears to have influenced Jackson’s popularity, which only increased.

After his fatality his image would appear on no much less than 13 postage stamps, have numerous memorials, counties, and also cities named after him, his picture is top top the $20 bill and also has to be on many other denominations end the years. In a 2009 C-SPAN inspection of Presidential Leadership, chroniclers placed him in ~ 13th.

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So to be Andrew Jackson a hero because that his leadership during his Presidency? A rogue for his actions? Both? Neither? This is why the notion of what is a “hero” is therefore nebulous. Public and historic agreement focused ~ above his actions in the battle of 1812, or his taking care of of the Nullification Crisis, or simply his stellar political career. The darker elements of his persona are ignored or excused. Jackson absolutely wouldn’t be a hero to native Americans, or the British, or the Spanish. To this particular day we challenge these questions when advertising heroes. Carry out the who admirable characteristics outweigh the frailty the the human condition? that decides?

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The author, Jesse Schultz, routinely has actually a couple of $20 receipt in his earlier pocket which the happily sit on.