History >> ancient EgyptDuring the hundreds of years that have passed since the pharaohs were buried in their tombs, endowment hunters and thieves have actually snuck right into the tombs and taken nearly all of the treasure. However, in 1922 one tomb was found that was greatly untouched and was filled with treasure. It was the tomb of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

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Where is King Tut"s tomb?The dig is in the valley of the queens near Luxor, Egypt. This was where the Pharaohs and an effective nobles were hidden for about 500 years during the history of old Egypt.Who found the tomb?By 1914 plenty of archeologists thought that every one of the Pharaoh"s tombs in the sink of the Kings had been found. However, one archeologist called Howard Carter didn"t agree. He thought that the dig of Pharaoh Tutankhamun was still undiscovered.Carter searched the valley of the queens for 5 years finding little. The man resources his search, lord Carnarvon, became frustrated and almost stopped paying for Carter"s search. Carter convinced Carnarvon to pay because that one much more year. The pressure was on. Carter had one much more year to discover something.
In 1922, after 6 years the searching, Howard Carter discovered a action underneath part old workmen"s huts. He soon uncovered a stairway and also the door come King Tut"s tomb. What would certainly be inside it? would it it is in empty choose all the various other tombs uncovered before?
Howard Carter inspecting the mummy the TutankhamunTut"s dig from the brand-new York Times
What was discovered in the tomb?Once inside the tomb, Carter discovered rooms filled through treasure. This had statues, gold jewelry, Tutankhamun"s mummy, chariots, design boats, canopic jars, chairs, and also paintings. It to be an exceptional discovery and one that the most crucial made in the history of archeology. In all, there were end 5,000 objects in the tomb. It took Carter and his team ten years to directory everything.

Tutanhkamun dig statueby Jon Bodsworth
Golden funeral mask of king Tutankhamun by Jon Bodsworth
How large was the tomb?The tomb was reasonably small because that a Pharaoh. Archeologists think that it was developed for an Egyptian noble, but was offered for Tutankhamun once he passed away at a young age.The dig had 4 main rooms: the antechamber, burial chamber, annex, and also treasury.The antechamber was the very first room the Carter entered. Amongst its numerous items had three funeral beds and also the pieces of four chariots. The treasury contained the king"s canopic chest which hosted his organs. Over there were also many treasures such as gilded statues and also model boats.The annex was complete of every sorts of objects including board games, oils, and also dishes.
Map the Tutankhamun"s dig by lasignoralaura.com
Was there really a curse?At the time that King Tut"s tomb was opened, many human being thought that there was a curse that would impact anyone who attacked the tomb. As soon as Lord Carnarvon passed away from a mosquito bite a year ~ entering the tomb, human being were sure the tomb was cursed.Soon rumors started to spread that increased the belief and fear of the curse. Papers reported a curse inscribed on the door of the tomb. A story to be told the Howard Carter"s pets canary was eaten by a cobra top top the work he gone into the tomb. The was additionally said the 13 of the 20 human being who were current at the opening of the funeral chamber passed away within a few years.However, these to be all simply rumors. As soon as scientists look in ~ the variety of people who passed away within 10 year of very first entering the tomb, that is the exact same number together would normally be expected.
Fun Facts about King Tut"s TombThe tomb is provided the designation KV62. The KV stands for Valley that the Kings and also the 62 is since it to be the 62nd tomb found there.King Tut"s yellow mask was made with 22 pounds of gold.The prizes from King Tut"s dig traveled transparent the people during the prizes of Tutankhamun tourism from 1972 come 1979.Today, most of the treasures are showed at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt.

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