Some time this year ns intend to reduced the cord, but I’m quiet doing research. I’ve connected my HDTV to an old set of rabbit ears antenna and also receive about 35 train station OTA that seem to have actually a very strong signal. What have the right to I lose by just using this old antenna vs gaining some new HD OTA prefer Mohu sheet or Winegard? ns in a significant metropolitan area, a suburb of Milwaukee and am, at most, 8 miles from a swarm of transfer antennae. Sorry, If I store asking because that basics, but all this intake is helping me a lot. Many thanks for help in advance. Can’t wait because that the to apologize TV app.

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AFIK the digital signal is UHF so any type of UHF antenna need to work. I am utilizing an old roof top antenna in mine attic. (35mi from my antenna farm yard in a suburb the Minneapolis)

Go to and also either placed in your resolve or zip code. Are you getting whatever it list? Under the real tower is the channel it transfer on. Something 13 or reduced is VHF and might be aided by an antenna that is both VHF and UHF. At my parents residence there is one old rabbit ear antenna. If ns visited an ext frequently or lived there ns would have actually the Winegard FL5500A to get an additional pair of channels.

Typically rabbit ears are good for VHF and also loop because that UHF. Mine guess is that your “rabbit ears” have the loop antenna too (most do, or one snap ~ above loop or butterfly). If she getting an excellent signal you might not watch any benefit with something marketed together “HD Antenna”… in fact most “leaf” antenna are good at UHF and also sometimes VHF… for this reason you could get much less out of a leaf.

I live too far away, and use an attic antenna. I provided to usage a leaf… mine rabbit ear weren’t good enough to acquire anything.

+1 here for the Mohu leaf. I am fine within the selection of the usual networks and also the signal is decision clear. Like any antenna, place is paramount…

A good antenna is a great antenna, even if it is it is an old pre-digital one or the latest and greatest “HD” antenna. The allude is the it be efficient at picking up the frequency your networks are transfer (UHF/ VHF). Height has a many impact, together does the frequencies that a provided antenna is optimized for, and likewise if dealing with poor signal stamin a preamp is vital (DO not amplify if you have a solid signal on any kind of channels- that will cause problems.).

If the channels you desire all have good signal w/ “Rabbit Ears”, I would certainly stick v that unless aesthetics are a problem.

+1 on making use of tvfool + antennaweb to check out what is reasonable to intend with the various heights and also general species of antennae in ~ a given location.

Winegard FL5500A doesn’t over amplify my already solid stations but does bring in channel 62 and also 17 (and your subchannels)

If you’re obtaining all the local networks you desire then obviously you’re an excellent to go. If not, no damage in make the efforts something locally available for easy return.HD Is a bogus designation for antennas.Your hare ears apparently doesn’t know it’s not HD.

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Yeah - as soon as ATSC 3.0 comes out, I’m certain there will certainly be Antenna Ads for it too, similar to when HD an initial came out


Direction antenna is aimed provides a difference too. One way 7 doesn’t come in, another way and 7 is 5 green.