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flood water fills the entrance to a cave hindering the search effort for 12 boys and also their football coach who went lacking in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai province in northern Thailand, June 29, 2018. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

The boys were apparently performing a kind of initiation awareness in the cave, and also got stuck once the cavern flooded, impede their way out.

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Park officials find the boys" bikes in ~ the enntrance gate to the cave, and worried parents contact the police as soon as they establish their youngsters are missing.

A major search and rescue operation is launched to discover them.

Monday, July 2: The Thai football team and also their coach are uncovered showing "signs that life" after being trapped for nine job in the submarine cave.


The trapped Thai boys soon after rescuers got to them in a flooded cavern system. Thai marine SEALs/Facebook

Nine work later, divers discover all 12 boys and their coach, huddled together over the lapping water in the cave — 2.5 miles from the entrance.

The coach that the football team,Ekkapol Chantawong, teach his players just how to meditate for this reason they can stay calm and also conserve energy while castle waited to be rescued.Divers found the team meditating once they arrived on the cave.

Getting into the cave wasn't basic — and also getting the team out would certainly be even harder.


Skye Gould/Business Insider

Thai navy SEAL divers and rescue workers entered a small passageway ~ passing v a an essential chamber where high, murky waters had actually previously blocked their progress.

In the food of their search, rising water filled sections of the cave, repetitively forcing lock to retract for safety and security reasons.

When water level dropped, the divers walk forward with a an ext methodical approach, deploying a rope line and also extra oxygen provides along the way.

Tuesday, July 3: Rescuers prepare to plan for getting the team the end of the cave.


Shayanne Gal/Business Insider

There are three options available: teach the boys to swimming out through scuba gear, drag them the end of the cave, or leave them with provides to wait until the water drains far after the monsoon season ends in 4 months.

While they shot to number out the ideal option, divers and medical specialists stay through the boys and deliver medicine and food to increase their strength.

Wednesday, July 4: The team starts taking swimming and diving lessons.

among the guys smiles as a Thai marine SEAL medic help injured kids inside the cavern on July 3, 2018. imperial Thai navy Facebook web page via AP

Swim lessons room rare in Thailand, where the leading reason of death for children under 15 isdrowning. So the boys had actually to learn just how to swim and also dive prior to they might start their journey out of the cave.

Thai marine SEAL divers worked on installation a fiber-optic cable so the team can get ~ above the internet and also talk to your families.

Countries consisting of Australia, Britain, China, Israel, and also the united States begin providing resources and also helping out in the rescue.

brothers cave-divers man Volanthen walks out from Tham Luang Nang Non cavern on June 28, 2018 in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Linh Pham/Getty pictures

Three expert cavern divers from the UK and a team the 30 divers from the us military"s Indo-Pacific Command start working with the Thai marine SEALS.China and Australia alsosend expertsand rescue workers to Thailand.

Israel"s Maxtech Networksprovide radio devicesthat assisted rescuers maintain communication with the soccer team after castle were uncovered in the cave. The devices noted voice, data, and video access.

Thursday, July 5: Authorities drain water from the cave.

Thai rescue team members walk within the cave. imperial Thai marine via AP

Rescuers can now enter the cave up until the third chamber, located about 1 mile native the cave"s enntrance gate without utilizing scuba gear.

Hundreds of pumps drain floodwaters indigenous the cave, and also water levels room reduced around 40% in part areas. However miles the the tunnel is still complete of water. According to The Guardian, around 3,400 gallons that water room being pumped the end of the cave per hour.

If they can drainpipe enough water the end of the cave, the boys can maybe even walk out.

Experts worry the football team is no well enough to be relocated from the cavern yet.

Thai marine SEALS/Screenshot

Oxygen is pumped right into the cave to help in their recovery. At the very least two of the boys and the coach space exhausted and also malnourished.

Friday, July 6: A marine SEAL working with the rescue team dies.

The body of Saman Gunan, a former Thai marine SEAL who passed away during one overnight mission, is carried during a repatriation and spiritual rites ceremony at Chiang Rai plane in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai province, in north Thailand ~ above July 6, 2018. AP picture

The diver, established as 38-year-old Saman Kunan,had been transporting oxygen follow me the cave for the boys and also coach, when he passed away due to absence of oxygen.

It to be the just fatality native the rescue.

Saturday, July 7: Oxygen level in the cavern continue come drop together authorities become much more concerned that it won't have sufficient time to save the team.

Rescue workers lug heavy water pumping devices into Tham Luang Nang Non cavern on July 1, 2018 in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Linh Pham/Getty photos

Oxygen levels in the cavern have been quickly depleted by an influx of rescue workers in the cave, and also levels in the area wherein the boys are trapped have dropped from the normal 21% come 15%.

Officials begin working to supply the boys and their coach through oxygen with a 3-mile cable running through the cave"s winding chambers.

Sunday, July 8, 11 a.m.: A rescue operation begins to save the 12 boys and their coach from the cave.

Thai rescue groups walk inside cave facility where 12 boys and also their football coach walk missing, in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai province, in north Thailand, Monday, July 2, 2018. Tham Luang Rescue Operation facility via AP

The only way to lug them the end of the cave is through navigating dark and also tight passageways filled with muddy water and strong currents. The path out is taken into consideration especially facility because that twists and also turns in narrow flooded passages, some just 2 feet wide.

About 0.6 mile of the journey the end of the cave is underwater.

Samantha Lee/Business Insider

Two divers accompany every boy, guided by rope. The guys then go from room 3 to the mouth the the cave, which has been greatly drained over the last couple of days the the rescue operation.

For the trickier bits,the boys and also their coach were heavily sedatedwithketamine, xanax, and also atropine — a saliva suppressant —to keep them calmbefore cave divers pulled them out of the complex.

7:55 p.m.: The very first four boys space out of the cave.

an ambulance carrying among the guys rescued from Tham Luang Nang Non cavern heading towards the hospital ~ above July 8, 2018 in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Linh Pham/Getty photos

The four children were healthy and also taken come the neighborhood hospital after gift rescued.The rescue mission concludes because that the night because of low oxygen levels.

Monday, July 9, 5 a.m.: Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk articles photos and video clip from within the cave, however his rescue idea eventually proves too complex to it is in useful.


Elon Musksaid on TwitterJuly 4 that was"happy to help"the Thai government in that rescue effort "if there is a means to carry out so", and also continued to post around the rescue mission over the comes days.

Thai authorities and also representatives because that Musk begin discussing the possibility of using sources from Musk"s carriers to aid rescue the boys" in the cave, including using modern technology fromSpaceX, Tesla,orThe Boring Company.

Musk suggests a series of tubes might be sent out through the cave network and inflated, producing a tunnel because that the team to travel v without needing to scuba dive.He later on scraps that idea, and also starts experimentation a "kid-size submarine" in Los Angeles to put the guys in and bring them the end of the cave.

On Tuesday, Musk short articles photos ~ above his Twitter account from inside the cave."Mini-sub is ready if needed," that wrote. "It is do of rocket parts & called Wild Boar after ~ kids" football team."

Narongsak Osatanakorn, the Thai official leading rescue operations, said they didn"t require Musk"s sub.

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"Although his modern technology is great and sophisticated, it"s not useful for this mission," the rescue cook said.