15 stunner Things around Lady parts

carry out you understand these 15 facts about vaginas?

posted April 8, 2011 | reviewed by Lybi Ma

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There room 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, specialized exclusively to female pleasure. The penis only has 4,000. The median vagina is 3-4 inch long, but can broaden by 200 percent when sexually aroused. While hair on your head can live up to seven years, pubic hair has actually a life span of around three weeks, i beg your pardon is why it just grows for this reason long.

Last month, I ultimately finished my 20-city book tour to encourage What"s Up under There?: concerns You"d only Ask your Gynecologist If She was Your ideal Friend. However I realized that I never ever posted a juicy write-up that I wrote at the start of the tour—and gals, is it a great one.

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Did girlfriend hear the story around how CBSNews.com request me to write a post—"15 stunner Things around Vaginas"—for their website on the launch day of my book? castle had already posted "15 stunner Things about Sperm" and also it was wildly popular. So they figured they"d give us girl our time in the limelight. And also then, ~ it had actually been on their website for about an hour, some suit in corporate do them traction it: "Too saucy." (You can read the whole crazy-making story here.)

Anyway, I never ever did get around to posting below what I composed for them. So here you go:

It"s amazing just how much misinformation is the end there about the vagina. Offered how fascinated our society is v the woman body, you"d think we"d be a little an ext informed. Yet from what I uncovered while soliciting concerns for my publication What"s Up down There?, many of united state still have actually a lot come learn. Come help, I"ve compiled a couple of things you may not know around female genitalia.

There room 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, specialized exclusively to female pleasure. The dick only has actually 4,000. Who says God didn"t take treatment of united state girls?The average vagina is 3-4 inch long, yet can increase by 200 percent when sexually aroused, type of choose a balloon. Remember, the vagina to be made to birth babies, for this reason it"s exceedingly elastic. If you have actually pain when gaining it on with someone large, you have the right to use dilators to aid stretch the vagina for this reason you deserve to accommodate the entirety package.The vagina doesn"t attach to the lung. When the vagina deserve to expand, it"s no an open conduit to the ab cavity. While microscopic sperm can swim through a small hole in the cervix, a tampon merely won"t fit. So if you shed something in there, don"t worry. Reach in all the means and pull it out. Execute not—I repeat, execute not—go searching for every little thing you"ve lost with a pair of pliers. Think of her vagina as being choose a sock. If you lose a banana in a sock...it continues to be in the sock.Yes, it"s true—your vagina can autumn out. No to belabor the amount say metaphor, yet it deserve to turn inside out just like a worn-out sweat sock and hang between your legs together you obtain older. Yet don"t fret; this condition—called pelvic prolapse—can it is in fixed.Vaginas have actually something in usual with sharks. Both contain squalene, a substance the exists in both shark livers and also natural vaginal lubricant.You can capture sexuallytransfer illness even if you use a condom. I m really sorry to rest it come you, but the skin that the vulva can still touch infectious skin of the scrotum—and BAM! Warts. Herpes. Molluscum contagiosum. Pubic lice. So pick your partner carefully.The average length of the labia minora is less than 3/4 the an inch long. (Yes, someone acquired out a ruler and also measured 2981 women.) just 1.8% of women have actually labia longer than one-and-a-half inches. However remember: Every vulva is different and also special. Part lips hang down. Some are tucked up nicely inside. Some are long. Some room short. Some room even. Some aren"t. Yet all space beautiful: You"re perfect just the means you are.While hair on her head deserve to live up to seven years, pubic hair has a life span of about three weeks, i m sorry is why it only grows so long. For this reason don"t problem if girlfriend opt not to groom your pubes—you won"t need to braid them any time soon.The indigenous "vagina" originates from the Latin root meaning "sheath for a sword," i m sorry may describe why some women just hate the word. If you don"t prefer it, pick your own name for your girly parts. Just contact it something and also don"t be fear to talk about it.Vaginal farts occur to nearly all women at one time or another, especially during sex or other forms of exercise. So don"t be embarrassed if your hooha allows out a toot: You"re perfect normal.

So over there you go. It"s necessary to recognize this type of stuff, due to the fact that you can"t truly love every one of yourself until you love and also understand all of your parts. We talk about the eyeball or the elbow or the big toe. Why not the vagina? (Plus, the vagina is method more amazing than the pinky finger or the belly button.) The vagina is the creator of life and the portal that pleasure. But it"s additionally where we carry many traumas—menstrual cramps, childbirth trauma, molestation, rape, abortion, and also painful gynecological exams. If we don"t release these traumas, they back up and also manifest in a organize of problems like depression and also chronic pelvic pain. We need to talk about our components to liberate them. The more we know, the an ext we"re empowered come live life out loud, love fully, and really rock this life.


Lissa Rankin, M.D.

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