Satellite image from might 22nd in ~ 6:15 ET reflecting the supercell thunderstorm that the Joplin tornado developed from. (NASA)On might 22, 2011 the city the Joplin, Missouri was impacted by an EF-5 tornado. There were 158 deaths with over a thousand injured together a an outcome of the tornado.

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At its height it was approximately a mile vast with winds in excess of 200 miles per hour. The tornado was on the ground because that 22.1 miles and also lasted an estimated 38 minute from start to finish. Approximately 7,000 homes were destroyed, no including any businesses or public buildings.

GR2Analyst radar imagery showing the tornado together it entered the city that Joplin at 6:39 ET. Facility of circulation is over Iron Gates.

The tornado touch down around a fifty percent mile southwest that JJ Highway and also West 32nd Street, where storm spotters and chasers reported see multiple vortices around the key circulation before the tornado coming to be rain wrapped.

From the approximate starting point, the tornado traveled towards south Alfalfa Street, whereby EF-1 damages was found. The tornado climate moved eastern along 32nd Street, where low EF-2 damage to well-constructed brick and wooded frame residences was observed near South nation Club Drive. At this point, the tornado was about one quarter mile in width.

Continuing east northeast, the tornado crossed 32nd Street wherein it developed EF-2 to low EF-3 damage from Iron gate Road east to Schifferdecker Avenue. Low EF-4 damages was uncovered just west the Schifferdecker path as smaller well-built commercial structures sustained heavy damage.

GR2 Analyst radar imagery reflecting the tornado as it moved over the city that Joplin in ~ 6:43 ET. Center of circulation is evident as checked out on the left hand photo where the orange and also blue meet.

After crossing Schifferdecker Avenue, the tornado moved east toward McClelland Boulevard through a forward rate of 20 to 25 miles per hour. It to be over 3 quarters that a mile wide.

St. John’s Hospital to be severely damaged — 200 come 300 pound parking stops to be lifted and tossed 30 to 60 yards. Big steel reinforced concrete steps outside of a medical art building were change a few inches and cracked. Concrete walls toppled and steel assistance beams from some buildings were curved and twisted. EF-3 come low end EF-5 damage continued to just east of Rangeline road as the tornado approached the Dusquesne area.

At full strength, the tornado crushed homes and swept lock from your foundations. Stole reinforced concrete porches and driveways to be lifted and tossed. Vehicles to be tossed into other residences or in some situations rolled up and crushed completely. This form of damages was uncovered the follow me the rest of the monitor to just eastern of Rangeline Road. Follow me the track, boards, limbs and also twigs were embedded into wood and stucco walls and wooded framed houses were completely disintegrated. Franklin Technical facility was ruined as to be the newer section the Joplin High School; the external walls the the older ar were severely damaged. A financial institution was fully destroyed, other than for the concrete financial institution vault.

Radar photo showing the tornado as it exits Joplin. A debris ball is present in the top left edge image in pink. Radar photo was taken approximately 7pm ET.

At southern Rangeline Road and also 20th Street EF-4 and low end EF-5 damage was likewise found, where several well-constructed buildings were destroyed. A parking lot west of a residence Depot and a part of the Walmart parking lot had actually scoured asphalt. Vehicles were tossed, one right into the home Depot. As soon as the tornado overcome Rangeline Road, it began to weaken. EF-3 and also low EF-4 damage was uncovered as the tornado was roughly fifty percent a mile wide. The tornado moved southeast as it crossed Interstate 44; damages here to be EF-2 — cars and also trucks were blown turn off the interstate. The tornado lifted around 4.8 mile north northeast from Granby, Missouri.

The maps listed below show the monitor of the tornado as it touched down and also moved with the city of Joplin and also depict the almost right swath of damages as surveyed through the nationwide Weather service Springfield Weather Office.



An interactive map v survey explanation and an initial hand videos together the tornado developed can be found listed below or in a full-size variation here.

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Map views ideal in Firefox or Chrome.

A complete detailed survey report the the Joplin tornado deserve to be uncovered here: http://www.crh.noaa.gov/sgf/?n=event_2011may22_survey

A special thanks to mine husband Jason Wheatley because that his aid with the interactive map. I would likewise like to say thanks to JoMo, a member that American Weather forums and a resident of Joplin, who compiled the list of videos and also the places at which they to be taken that are showcased top top the interaction map.