Republican senator tells 60 minute she feel "very comfortable" with her decision — and what it might mean because that women"s reproductive rights

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Republican Sen. Susan Collins the Maine poll on Saturday come confirm supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh. Although she decision was met with shouts of "no" and "shame, shame, shame" by protesters in the Senate gallery, in an interview with 60 Minutes" Scott Pelley, Collins said she is "very comfortable" v her decision.

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Collins" decision had been the hope of both parties. She is the many moderate Republican in the Senate, and often votes against the GOP.

This main on 60 Minutes, in one interview filmed simply prior to she vote, Collins tells Pelley that, when she heard the testimony that Christine Blasey Ford alleging the she had actually been sexually struck by Kavanaugh, she had actually some doubt around the nominee.

"I discovered her an extremely compelling," Collins said.

But then, she heard Kavanaugh"s rebuttal. She also read the FBI"s report and also looked because that corroborating evidence. Instead, she said Pelley, she discovered the opposite: No one past Ford had a recollection of the night in question.

"I feel very comfortable the I"ve make the appropriate decision," Collins said. "I could not come to another decision, based upon the testimony and also the evidence that i reviewed."

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But because that Collins, a pro-choice Republican, the decision to put a male accused the sexual attack on the can be fried Court runs a politics — and personal — risk. For her, it comes down to believing that Kavanaugh will certainly uphold Roe v. Wade.

"I can not poll for a referee who had actually demonstrated hostility to Roe v. Wade due to the fact that it would suggest a lack of respect for precedent," she speak Pelley in the clip above.

Collins says she doubted Kavanaugh at length around Roe v. Wade and found his response satisfactory.

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"What referee Kavanaugh said me — and also he"s the very first Supreme Court nominee the I"ve interviewed, the end of six, who has actually told me this — is that he views criterion not simply as a legitimate doctrine, but as rooted in ours constitution," Collins says.

As he did during his check hearing, Kavanaugh likewise told Collins the Roe v. Wade, which to be affirmed by the supreme Court in a 1992 case, is "a precedent on a precedent."