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Trump pendant at a rally in Florida in February 2016. Joe Raedle/Getty images
Donald trump didn’t have a lot of in-depth plans as soon as he ran for president in 2016, but how Mexico would pay for the border wall was actually among them. He’d choose everybody to walk ahead and forget around that now.

Trump, speaking through reporters top top Thursday on his method to McAllen, Texas, questioned his insistence top top a wall surface at the US-Mexico border that has now resulted in a partial federal government shutdown lasting practically three weeks.

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“When I said Mexico will pay because that the wall in prior of thousands and thousands of people, obviously they’re not going to compose a check,” that said.

Except it is pretty lot what he claimed on the project trail. Throughout his 2016 presidential bid, a plan to do Mexico pay for the wall surface was actually among the couple of specific points he laid out — including, essentially, the Mexican federal government writing a check for it.

“It’s basic decision because that Mexico: make a one-time payment of $5-10 billion,” a campaign record titled “Pay because that the Wall” from his presidential bid reads.

The president, that is currently trying to get US taxpayers come foot the bill for his border wall, has actually of late started saying Mexico will certainly pay because that the wall surface indirectly, namely, with the USMCA profession deal to replace NAFTA. That’s not going to work, either, yet it’s vital to keep in mind that Trump had actually a arrangement for Mexico come pay because that the wall surface directly not so long ago.

Trump absolutely had a plan for Mexico come pay for the wall

Trump has actually gone on rather a journey on just how to obtain his border wall built, consisting of his ideas for exactly how Mexico would pay because that it. Yet during the presidential race, that actually had actually some reasonably detailed plans about it — they’re quiet on his campaign website.

The Trump project said the it would certainly either call for Mexico to do that aforementioned one-time payment, or it would certainly extract the money indigenous Mexico by blocking remittances come the country and also undertaking various other measures.

It would certainly invoke ar 326 of the united state Patriot act — the “know her customer” delivery that needs financial establishments to understand who they’re taking care of in transactions — to worry “detail regulations” under 31 CFR § 130.120-121 that would certainly block remittance payment to Mexico indigenous unauthorized immigrants.

The administration would then problem a dominance that would encompass within the definition of financial organizations money transfer service providers such together Western Union, include wire move in the statute’s scope, and require immigrants prove your lawful existence in the US before sending money.

The timeline from there, the campaign said, was straightforward: Mexico would instantly protest, due to the fact that $24 billion in remittances from mexico nationals in the united state go the end each year, and also it would then pay for the wall surface instead of losing that money.

As’s Dara Lind stated at the time Trump floated this proposal, mexicans emigrants carry out send residence a huge amount in remittances. In 2013, it was $22 billion, and also in 2017, that was an ext than $26 billion. But, every Lind, “that’s the amount of remittances sent to Mexico period — native legal immigrants, innocuous immigrants, and even mexican emigrants in countries other 보다 the US.”

So maybe the trump card campaign’s remittance arrangement wasn’t totally fleshed out, yet even so, that had backup proposals, which girlfriend can likewise still uncover online:

Mexico should pay because that the wall surface and, till they do, the United claims will, amongst other things: impound every remittance payments acquired from illegal wages; increase fees top top all momentary visas authorize to mexican CEOs and diplomats (and if important cancel them); increase fees on every border cross cards – of which us issue about 1 million to mexican nationals every year (a significant source the visa overstays); increase fees on every NAFTA worker visas from Mexico (another major source of overstays); and also increase fees at ports that entry come the United claims from Mexico . We will certainly not it is in taken benefit of anymore.

As MSNBC’s Katy Tur noted, the wasn’t just the thorough policies either. The implicit on the campaign trail was always “something an easy like cut a check,” she said on Twitter.

Lots of united state pressed repeatedly in 2016 on exactly how Mexico pays. No clean answer. In so late 2015 trump team releases paper saying higher visa fees/fining remittances. The wasn’t exactly feasible or sensible. At rallies, the implication was always something an easy like cut a check. Https://

— Katy Tur (

Trump has actually no idea exactly how he’s getting this wall surface thing done

Trump clearly recognizes that the wall is a big deal because that his supporters, and also failing come make progress on it will certainly be a large deal, politically. What that doesn’t recognize is how to follow through, at least not in ~ the moment.

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He’s adjusted the method he talks around the wall, switching the end the 30-foot concrete wall he talked around on the project trail to his present insistence the he’s yes, really after steel slats. He is been everywhere the place on exactly how much money he requirements for the wall surface and has started come say he might declare a nationwide emergency in bespeak to acquire one, even if it is there’s an really emergency or not.

The president seems well aware that American taxpayers are the ones who will pay for any current pathways he needs to the wall, and so he is trying to argue the Mexico will in part convoluted way pay the US back through trade. As my partner Jen Kirby explains, it is false. The USMCA there is no been approved by congress yet, and even if it is, it won’t pay because that the wall:

The message of the USMCA doesn’t encompass any particular provisions about a wall surface or capital for any type of barrier — and also experts to speak it’s extremely unlikely the if the profession deal is ratified, the will all of sudden generate vast revenues because that the US. And even if the US economy does grow as a an outcome of the deal, leading to much more tax revenue, the money will certainly come native American taxpayers — whether consumer or enterprise — and also not from Mexico.

Trump’s original campaign plan for Mexico come pay had actually problems— together’s Matt Yglesias recently noted, the campaign’s remittance proposal quote the wrong statute, and remittance payment go back to mexico residents, no the government. However at the very least there to be some sort of a plan, also if Trump currently wants to pretend it to be something else.

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