Although humans can"t hop right into a time device and go back in time, we do understand that clocks ~ above airplanes and satellites take trip at a different speed 보다 those on Earth.

We all travel in time! We take trip one year in time between birthdays, because that example. And we space all traveling gradually at approximately the exact same speed: 1 2nd per second.

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We frequently experience time in ~ one 2nd per second. Credit:"s space telescopes also give united state a means to look ago in time. Telescopes aid us view stars and also galaxies that are very far away. The takes a long time because that the light from faraway galaxies to reach us. So, once we look into the skies with a telescope, we are seeing what those stars and also galaxies looked like a an extremely long time ago.

However, once we think the the phrase "time travel," we room usually reasoning of traveling much faster than 1 second per second. That kind of time travel sounds prefer something you"d only see in movies or scientific research fiction books. Might it it is in real? Science states yes!


This image from the Hubble room Telescope reflects galaxies the are an extremely far away as they existed a really long time ago. Credit:, ESA and also R. Thompson (Univ. Arizona)

How perform we know that time take trip is possible?

More than 100 years ago, a famous scientist named Albert Einstein come up v an idea around how time works. He dubbed it relativity. This theory says that time and space are connected together. Einstein likewise said our universe has actually a speed limit: nothing can travel much faster than the speed of irradiate (186,000 miles per second).


Einstein"s theory of relativity states that space and time are connected together. Credit:

What does this median for time travel? Well, according to this theory, the faster girlfriend travel, the slower you experience time. Scientists have actually done part experiments to display that this is true.

For example, there was an experiment that supplied two clocks collection to the exact same time. One clock continued to be on Earth, if the various other flew in an aircraft (going in the very same direction planet rotates).

After the aircraft flew about the world, scientists contrasted the two clocks. The clock top top the fast-moving airplane was contempt behind the clock top top the ground. So, the clock top top the airplane was traveling slightly slower over time than 1 2nd per second.



Can we usage time travel in everyday life?

We can"t use a time an equipment to travel numerous years into the past or future. That type of time travel just happens in books and also movies. But the math of time take trip does affect the things we usage every day.

For example, us use general practitioners satellites to assist us number out just how to gain to new places. (Check out our video about how gps satellites work.) scientists likewise use a high-accuracy version of gps to keep track of whereby satellites space in space. But did you recognize that general practitioners relies ~ above time-travel calculations to assist you get around town?

GPS satellites orbit approximately Earth very quickly at about 8,700 mile (14,000 kilometers) per hour. This slow down gps satellite clocks through a small fraction of a second (similar to the aircraft example above).


GPS satellites orbit around Earth at about 8,700 mile (14,000 kilometers) every hour. Credit:

However, the satellites are also orbiting Earth about 12,550 mile (20,200 km) above the surface. This actually speeds up GPS satellite clocks by a slighter larger fraction of a second.

Here"s how: Einstein"s theory likewise says that gravity curves space and time, resulting in the i of time to slow-moving down. High up where the satellites orbit, Earth"s heaviness is lot weaker. This reasons the clocks on general practitioners satellites come run quicker than clocks on the ground.

The combined an outcome is the the clocks on gps satellites endure time in ~ a rate slightly faster than 1 second per second. Luckily, scientists can use mathematics to exactly these differences in time.

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If scientists didn"t exactly the gps clocks, there would be large problems. General practitioners satellites wouldn"t be able to correctly calculation their position or yours. The errors would include up to a couple of miles every day, i m sorry is a large deal. General practitioners maps might think your residence is nowhere close to where it in reality is!

In Summary:

Yes, time take trip is undoubtedly a real thing. However it"s not rather what you"ve more than likely seen in the movies. Under certain conditions, it is feasible to suffer time passing at a different rate than 1 second per second. And there are necessary reasons why we need to understand this real-world type of time travel.

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