In the years earlier than her tragic ns of life, Anna Nicole blacksmith was regularly seen in public in addition to her lawyer and companion, Howard Okay. Stern.

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The two very first met as soon as the previous Guess version sued the residential property of she late husband, oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall, in 1998. Stern and also Anna Nicole flourished to become so shut the he was an daily on she E! actuality show, The Anna Nicole Show.

In 2006, the 2 exchanged vows in a non-binding ceremony in ~ the Bahamas, just some weeks ~ a grieving Anna Nicole misplaced her son, Daniel, to a medicine overdose. Anna Nicole passed away 5 months later.

Stern was at first thought to be the dad of Anna Nicole’s daughter, Dannielynn, it spins a paternity take it a look at showed that the boy woman was truly fathered through the model’s previous boyfriend, Larry Birkhead.

Birkhead currently raises Dannielynn together a single father, but no matter arisen to Howard Okay. Stern?

Stern has actually Lived His Life out of The Spotlight after ~ Serving as Executor to Anna Nicole’s heritage & handling His very own Legal Woes


GettyAnna Nicole blacksmith in 1999

Stern encountered Anna Nicole’s advanced property after ~ she died.

In the fast years after the blonde magnificence’s loss of life, Stern furthermore discovered himself within the headlines amid prices that he provided pretend surname to get prescription therapy for Anna Nicole. In ~ the time, Stern claimed he supplied phony names for prescriptions so as to shield Anna’ Nicole’s privateness. All of the felony prices towards Stern had been ultimately dismissed in 2015, follow to The daily Mail.

But the lawyer nonetheless had actually some private ties come his so late companion greater than a te after she loss the life.

In a recent 20/20 particular, title Tragic Beauty, viewers i found it Anna Nicole’s now-14-year-old daughter Dannielynn go to a storage facility that housed a set of she mom’s private gadgets.

Stern had actually been payment to retailer the tools for years, however in 2020 he notified a court docket he deliberate to “abandon” the unit as a an outcome of the fee to retailer the memorabilia was better than the gadgets had to be value, according to The Blast. With the courts, Stern detailed to permit Dannielynn have tools that had been within the warehouse unit.

It has Been Reported that Stern is now Working together a public Defender in California

GettyAnna Nicole smith (L) departs in addition to her lawyer, Howard Stern (R), top top the U.S. Can be fried Court top top February 28, 2006 in Washington, DC.

While Stern’s challenge was throughout actuality and also tabloid TV throughout his days with Anna Nicole, the UC Berkeley and UCLA institution of legislation graduate returned to a extra typical authorized profession in ~ the years complying with his movie star shopper’s ns of life in 2007.

A 2019 report through The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Stern, 52, started working top top the Los Angeles county Public Defenders workplace.

“I have the right to affirm the Howard Okay. Stern to be employed June 3, 2019, as a deputy public defender,” public details officer Pamela Johnson mentioned on the time.

The controversial lawyer was reported come have began in a coaching routine for public defenders in downtown Los Angeles the place he was explained as “well-liked” and “motivated” through his colleagues, every The Blast.

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At the time, Stern was pointed out to be taking care of preliminary hearings however would have the chance to transfer up within the ranking after working there for a time period.