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Howard Stern is laying the blame for Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough"s exit from America"s obtained Talentat the feet of Simon Cowell.

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The radio host, and former AGT judge, opened up around the ongoing scandal revolving approximately claims that a "toxic culture" behind the scenes of the NBC fact competition collection during his SiriusXM display on Monday.

Stern slammed Cowell for allegedly turning AGT, specifically the judges" panel, right into "the ultimate instance of a boys’ club," follow to The Hollywood Reporter.

"He sets that up the the guys stay no matter exactly how ugly are, no matter how old castle are, no matter how fat castle are, no matter exactly how talentless lock are," Stern said, referring to exactly how Cowell casts the show"s judges.

"What that manages to execute on all his reflects is he constantly replace instead instead the hot chicks through hotter chicks and also younger chicks. I beg your pardon is so obvious,” said Stern, that himself offered as a judgefor 4 seasons, alongside Howie Mandel.

Cowell joined the show"s panel of judges immediately following Stern"s departure.

Stern is the recent celeb to weigh in ~ above the controversy, i beg your pardon erupted right into the publicly eye adhering to an reveal in Variety critical week that asserted Union was reduced from the present after urging producers to do acomplaintto human resources about incidents the allegedly took place on set.

Among the alleged events that emerged during Union"s time on the display was one act the she found racially insensitive throughout the audition rounds. Additionally, sources who agreed to speak to selection on the problem of anonymity declared that Union received specific an important network note on she hairstyles, which to be allegedly understood "too black" for the AGT audience, and that she got these notes countless times.

A network insider refuse the volume the those note to Variety, claiming the there were just notes around "hair continuity" because that both her and Hough.

NBC and Fremantle, the production firm behind AGT, comment to the reports and allegations top top Tuesday, informing ET in a statement, "America’s gained Talent has a long background of inclusivity and diversity in both our talent and also the plot championed by the show."

"The judging and also host line-up has been consistently refreshed over the years and also that is just one of the factors for AGT’s enduring popularity," the statement continued. "NBC and also the producer take any issues on set seriously."

Another occurrence allegedly emerged when Union and also Hough were shooting a segment with guest judge Jay Leno earlier in April when the previous late night talk display host allegedly made a racially insensitive joke.

The occurrence reportedly involved the comedian making an off-the-cuff remark about a portrait of Simon Cowell alongside his dogs. Leno allegedly joked the the dog looked prefer they would certainly be "on the food selection at a korean restaurant."

The alleged joke supposedly offended a few staff members, because it was viewed as perpetuating stereotypes around Asian cultures eating dog meat.

Union urged producer of the show to report the incident to NBC"s human being Resources department. She reportedly had actually a conversation with an NBC exec, but the incident was never brought to HR, follow to Variety. Leno"s comment to be cut prior to the segment aired.

The comedian, however,had nothing yet praise because that Union as he was caught by paparazzi exterior of the Comedy and Magic society in Hermosa Beach, California, top top Sunday night.

"I love Gabrielle Union. She"s a good girl," Leno told paparazzi in a video clip obtained by TMZ. "I really enjoyed working with her."

"I don"t recognize ," that added. "She"s a good girl."

Meanwhile, Stern also weighed in on Leno"s alleged comments and Union"s reaction to them.

"Let’s walk on document as telling world that one million dogs are still eaten each year in southern Korea, and if Gabrielle Union wants to effect positive change, maybe focus on the horrors of oriental dog farms and also let the old irrelevant comic live in peace," he said. "She wants Jay to win in the streets. Ns think probably Jay provides a point."

In a statement to ET ~ above Sunday, NBC, Fremantle and also Sycosaid: "We stay committed to ensuring a respectful rectal for all employees and also take very seriously any questions around workplace culture. We space working v Ms. Union through her representatives to hear more about she concerns, following which we will take everything next steps might be appropriate."

However, Union"s complaints have likewise sparked a SAG-AFTRA investigation into the working conditions on AGT.

In a statement on Monday, a spokesperson for SAG-AFTRA called ET: "We take worries of rectal health and also safety really seriously. We instantly reached out to Ms. Union"s representatives when these reports involved light. It is our practice to work very closely with members that reach the end to us and also their representatives in instances like this, as that typically affords the ideal protection and best resolution because that the impacted member."

"For details matters, our investigation and enforcement demands to happen independently and we are all set to handle this issue accordingly, as warranted," the statement continued. "Our enforcement action is usually handled confidentially to defend the member involved, and also we frequently do not publicize this matters uneven the member requests that we carry out so."

SAG-AFTRA included that, "while we have actually taken actions to investigate this matter, we have nothing to report now."

A source told ET that although Union is "done through AGT," it"s she hope that she can "work with NBC to aid improve the society surrounding the show and studio."

"Gabrielle has always been an activist and also wants to do positive change so nothing like this wake up again," the source added.

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For much more on the continuous drama, inspect out the video below.

Gabrielle Union reportedly Expressed worry Over 'Toxic Culture' at ‘America's got Talent'