watch WHAT happens LIVE through ANDY COHEN -- Pictured: Robin Givens -- (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Bravo) brand-new YORK, NY - august 11: Radio personality Howard Stern attends the "America's gained Talent" pre-show red carpet come at Radio City Music hall on respectable 11, 2015 in brand-new York City. (Photo through Debra together Rothenberg/FilmMagic)

“Howard Stern was a splendid lover. For real. Like unbelievable,” Givens, 54, called Andy Cohen top top a current episode that Watch What happens Live. She comment was in response to a fan’s question around whether Stern’s infamous comments about his “small penis” are true or simply jokes.

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Givens to be taken turn off guard, saying, “I’m no remembering anything right now,” through a laugh.

“We dated for a while,” she said, and also while she didn’t prize the penis question directly, she did tell Cohen, “It was all good. It to be all really good.”

Stern, 65, has actually previously said that his comments about his nether areas make because that “great radio.”

“I think ns might also be upfront about it,” the told Rolling Stone earlier in 1994 as soon as asked around his “penis obsession.”

“No guy will ever admit to having a small penis. I just went ~ above the record,” that continued. “I could be one of the smallest men in the … that the f—’s walk to recognize to something like that? and also that’s good radio. Because it’s someone being honest around their fears and also emotions.”

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But Stern wasn’t the just star lugged up ~ above the talk show. Cohen, 51, additionally asked Givens around whether she date Brad Pitt after she divorce from Mike Tyson, that alleged in his memoir that he captured the pair pulling up right into their driveway.

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“Pulling increase in the driveway — yes, that part’s true,” Givens said, adding that she had likewise heard Tyson declared to have captured them in bed together.

“I was told that he said he caught us in bed, which never happened,” she said. “Never, ever, ever, happened.”