kungfoo.kenny on instagram)It’s the morning of Feb. 17, 2015, and Howard Stern is sit in his dimly lit radio studio in new York City. In ~ this moment, he’s in the middle of his 39th year as a radio organize — the just career he’s ever before wanted to go after in his life.

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The day’s guest is former Saturday Night Live star and also long-time comedian Dan Aykroyd, that happens to be one of Stern’s favorite actors. Before Aykroyd manages to uncover his chair on the set’s lavender couch, Stern fires a series of penetrating, intimate questions toward his guest.

“Was your early life enjoyable, or to be it filled through angst? Did her parents acquire you together a kid? walk they know who friend were?”

In typical Howard Stern fashion, the therapy session has started the second Aykroyd steps into the studio. Yet instead of running from the possibly dangerous inquisitions, Aykroyd bites — and also spends the following 60 minute revealing the many fascinating aspects of his especially life, including dealing with Tourette’s syndrome as a child, the tragic death of his best friend john Belushi, and also the drug-crazed year of Saturday Night Live.

There is no one far better than Stern at encouraging the most famous people in the human being to speak candidly about not simply their an individual lives, but likewise their best fears, insecurities and also regrets. His interview method is an unusual mix of psychoanalyst and also class clown. He consistently disarms his guest by making fun of his own insecurities and shortcomings as a radio host, which motivates the subject to speak freely around themselves. For instance, Stern is well known for complaining about the dimension of his cock to his guests. As soon as comedian Kevin Hart joined the show in June of this year, Stern discovered a means to present the recurring subject when he request Hart around a conversation he had actually with his father when Hart to be a young boy.

Kevin: us (Hart and also his father) were driving in the car, and he said ‘Look man, I simply want come tell girlfriend that whatever in life is going to it is in okay since you obtained a huge dick.’

Howard: execute you have a big dick?

K: I have actually a vast dick…

H: Mine is pathetic.

In in between self-deprecating insults and also clever one-liners, Stern takes threats with complicated, yet incredibly basic questions, choose the persons posed to Aykroyd. That prepares because that his interviews approximately a mainly in development — analysis anything and also everything around the subject so the he’s all set to pivot to a serious topic.



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Stern likewise attends treatment sessions on a weekly communication — something he’s fast to recognize on his show. Not only do the therapy sessions permit Stern to job-related out his own an individual demons (being fired numerous times together a radio host, his parent’s not say of his job at a young age, gift rejected through women), they’ve additionally made that a better interviewer. Stern has an unmatched knack because that connecting dots in a who life through psychoanalyzing their words and behavior, which encourages guests come reflect on their lives.

When legendary comedian Steve Martin was on the present in might of 2016, Stern spent number of minutes asking about Steve’s tumultuous partnership with his father, glen Martin, who Steve referred to as by his an initial name throughout his life. Prefer Steve, glen aspired to be in present business, yet failed.

Howard: carry out you think he was jealous of you due to the fact that he probably had ambitions of being an actor?

Steve: It’s hard to analyze what he was thinking. I believed that my father had actually ambitions, and children came into his life and also those ambitions stopped. He had actually to go to occupational as a realtor, and he wasn’t able to seek his dream.

H: Did her father ever before hit girlfriend up because that an exhilaration part?

S: No. I in reality did asking him… that did kind of a walk through in a movie dubbed All of Me.

H: carry out you think you gave him that due to the fact that you were subconsciously conscious of his jealousy and also maybe you might appease him by providing him a component in the movie, and then he would certainly be complimentary?

S: Wow, you’re good.

These moments—when Stern puts on his therapist hat and coaxes immortal superstars to reflect on the most complicated, human facets of their resides — room what make The Howard Stern present so various from anything rather on radio or TV. end the food of an hour, he peels back the layers of celebrity and reminds the guest they’re just like everyone else — insecure, lonely, and above all else, flawed.

Here space the 5 most profound interview moments in the show’s history — when Stern to be able to reveal the human facets of his very public guests.

Sia — June 2014

Stern has actually singer and songwriter Sia on his show to comment on “Diamonds,” i beg your pardon Sia wrote and also eventually offered to Rihanna to record. The complying with interview transcript takes place immediately after Sia performs she rendition that “Diamonds” live ~ above the show.

Howard: go Rihanna gain upset once she hears you sing that since — in a sense — no it choose pulling ago the curtain? i didn’t recognize that much about Rihanna, and also I assumed she wrote that song, and also I walk “Oh mine God this chick is therefore hot since she’s for this reason deep,” and also then I uncover out you’re the brains behind every that. Climate I dropped in love v your version of it since you’re the artist. You the one who has that vision, and also it’s a sad song, no it?

Sia: check out I don’t even know. I don’t really analyze my own work.

H: perform you know what that about, or you don’t even think about it?

S: I composed it just for me, and I sang it, and also I believed ‘This is great, the sounds prefer something human being would vibe out to top top ecstasy in the dance tent at Glastonbury.’ like I just saw children with their hands in the waiting in Ibiza ~ above the beach.

H: i think around your life, and also you were so low because of her illness. You practically killed yourself.

S: Yes.

H: So i think the you as the diamond in the sky, and that you’re shining glowing now.

S: Oh, ns gonna cry.

H: Right? Isn’t that it?

S: You’re so nice.

H: but you’re glowing bright prefer a diamond now. And it’s for this reason beautiful.

S: You’re so sweet ns crying.

H: but isn’t the the beauty the you didn’t death yourself? I median you practically took your own life and also how us would’ve lost out ~ above this diamond in the sky.

S: ns can’t talk due to the fact that I’m crying.

H: That’s an excellent for ratings.

S: many thanks for pulling me back there.

H: i think out of all that misery come a song choose Diamond in the Sky. Ns don’t think a happy human or a person who there is no suffered could write a song prefer that — with that much emotion.

S: you’re gonna make me cry again.

H: No, however I’m serious. I average it’s devastating you need to go through that type of ache to write a song, but I think it’s very unique the song. It’s very special.

S: say thanks to you.

H: and you’re an extremely special. You really are.

S: give thanks to you.

H: Alright, walk ahead and also cry.

Photo courtesy the HowardStern.com. Sia performs she rendition of “Diamonds” on The Howard Stern show in June the 2014.

Bill Murray — October 2014

Legendary actor and also comedian invoice Murray talked through Stern at length about his at an early stage days at Saturday Night Live and what it’s like to be among the most famous civilization on Earth. Close to the finish of the interview, Murray — who is regularly reserved — questioned his battle with loneliness.

Howard: What a life did you do it had. Are you having actually fun? ns don’t average now, I know this is torture.

Bill: This right below is rollicking (sarcastically).

H: i can’t tell through you. Room you a happy man?

B: best now, I’m type of pleased.

H: has actually the bane that your existence been relationships with women? no that girlfriend didn’t gain them, but… is over there something you question in your very own life, like why can not use I uncovered that good love of mine life? carry out you ever before reflect ~ above that?

B: (Takes a deep breath) Well, ns think around that. I perform think around that. I’m not sure what I’m acquiring done here. I have kids.

H: Right.

B: i have children that i’m responsible for, and also I reap that really much. The wouldn’t have actually happened there is no women.

H: room you lonely?

B: i don’t think i’m lonely. It’d be nice to have actually someone. I mean, it’d it is in nice to walk to several of these things and have a date — to have actually someone to carry along. But there’s a lot the I’m not doing that I should do.

H: Therapy, are you introduce to?

B: (Laugher) No. Just something prefer working on you yourself or self-development. Becoming more of a person. Not an ext of a person, but an ext of myself.

H: much more connected to people.

B: Well, an ext connected to myself. I don’t have a difficulty connecting v people. Mine is connecting v myself.

H: So space you impossible to live with?

B: ns don’t think so.

H: So wherein is the gridlock? girlfriend can absolutely get women; she a really desirable man. Ns would have actually random sex with you.

B: i don’t know. I keep thinking possibly it’s something, however I need to do this various other thing. If I’m not really committing myself yes, really well come that, climate it’s much better I don’t have another person. I can’t take it on another relationship if I’m no taking care of the points I really must take care of the most. It’s not a selfish thing; it’s type of an obligation.

Robin: What has stopped friend from gaining in touch with you?

B: Well, what stops you Robin?

H: You’re fear to. That’s what stops me. I get afraid.

B: Exactly. What stops united state from looking in ~ ourselves, is that we’re kind of ugly if us look really hard.

H: that’s right.

B: We’re not that we think we are.

H: i think you’ve hit the on the head. Ns think the hardest point in the human being to perform for anyone — ns don’t care who you room — is to challenge who you are, and to sit there and work on it. Many of united state want to run away indigenous that. Also though a lot of great stuff would come out of it, it’s simply too Goddamn painful.



Photo courtesy of HowardStern.com. Bill Murray ~ above the set of The Howard Stern show in October of 2014.

Lady Gaga — July 2011

World-famous singer and also songwriter Lady Gaga satellite down with Stern because that the first time in 2011 to discuss her musical career. In typical Stern fashion, the conversation conveniently veered toward Lady Gaga’s childhood — once she experimented through drugs and was an outcast. In the adhering to interview excerpt, Stern asks about Lady Gaga’s high institution years, and how drugs became an escape from loneliness.

Howard: as soon as you talk around getting high, I typical you to be doing some hard-core drugs. Friend were right into coke and you loved ecstasy therefore much.

Lady Gaga: No, not then. Ns did later.

H: So you still get high?

L: No, no way.

H: friend still exhilaration weed…

L: Well, come on that’s not…

H: Weed doesn’t make you paranoid?

L: You recognize I yes, really don’t carry out it that often, and I’m really honest about it.

H: I choose that she honest around it.

L: ns don’t really favor or respect artists the lie around what they carry out recreationally due to the fact that it simply builds this separation through your fans.

H: yet when’s the critical time girlfriend did coke?

L: Gosh i don’t even remember.

H: perform you think you had a habit? to be you addicted?

L: i was for certain addicted.

H: how did you gain off of it?

L: My dad kicked mine ass. No really, but you know. That just…

H: He claimed ‘You’re a mess.’

L: that just referred to as me out. And I love mine dad, so as soon as your dad calls you out…

H: nothing you think you were unhappy? like I had actually a period of time as soon as I did a remarkable amount of drugs, and also I look earlier on that now, and I feeling that i was lost. I was unhappy.

L: i was therefore unhappy.

H: What to be the resource of your unhappiness execute you think?

L: ns think i was lonely, and there to be something around the drug that made me feel favor I had actually a friend.

H: See, ns think the of myself. Ns was an extremely confused, and I to be feeling an extremely insecure.

Robin: yet it’s additionally a installation in thing. A most times, you acquire to right in due to the fact that you’re through that group.

L: but see, i didn’t carry out it with various other people.

R: girlfriend didn’t?

L: No, i did the alone. Ns did it every alone in my apartment, and I wrote music. And you recognize what, i regret every line I ever before did. So to any kind of of the tiny sweethearts listening, don’t touch it. That the devil.

Lady Gaga performs “The sheet of Glory” on the Howard Stern Show.

Louie CK — April 2015

At least once a year, Louie CK — one of the many respected standup comedians in the civilization — come on Stern’s show and reflects ~ above his life. Both Stern and also Louie have an evident affection because that one another, and Stern often asks Louie about his very own fame.

Howard: This is a monster question, yet do you ever before get jealous of the young comics in Bushwick who space struggling? Is there part beauty come that?

Louie CK: crap yes.

H: there is right?

L: Absolutely

H: You sort of go, ‘Man they don’t have any pressure top top them.’

L: ns wish i was them. I really do. That’s the only fantasy i have because everything else I’m doing. Ns fucking play Madison Square Garden; i’m making a TV show. The only fantasy left is i wish I can go back in time to no knowing exactly how it‘s gonna go and also struggling really difficult with those dudes in Bushwick.

H: due to the fact that you’d think you will do say, ‘You know what that horrible.’ currently I have actually every amenity, I have a beautiful home, this that the other thing. Yet yet, yes something type of elegant and also beautiful about being the struggling guy in Bushwick through all the other comics, and everyone’s laying out material, and also nobody to know what the future is.

L: it is right. And also you view them all hanging the end at the club and also they’re shooting the shit, and also I to walk in and also they’re choose ‘Ah fuck.’

H: Fuck, right here he comes.

L: he is gonna bump everybody and…

H: she the asshole now.

L: Yeah it is right. Ns the dick.

Robin: Who’s no gonna get to talk tonight?

L: yes exactly, here comes this affluent douche. And they have actually no sense that it took me 30 years of suffering.

H: You want to explain to them, ‘Hey excuse me assholes, i waited 30 year to be the asshole.’


Photo courtesy that HowardStern.com. Howard Stern and also Louie C.K. Pose because that a snapshot on The Howard Stern show in 2016.

Jay-Z — November 2010

In 2010, Jay-Z come on the Howard Stern display to promote his autobiography, “Decoded.” Jay-Z discusses being exit by his own father and how he dealt crack as a young son to survive.

Howard: You’ve had actually a weird life. This is why ns think your life is weird: you the kind of man who had this talent, but at the same point you were this crack dealer and also hustler.

Jay-Z: Yeah.

H: and the reason it’s so monster is as soon as you’re that artistic, and also you’ve gained so countless things going on inside, friend could’ve lit a landmine in her life and just unable to do to jail because that a really long time.

J: Absolutely. Or got killed.

H: girlfriend shot her brother in the shoulder — allude blank pretty lot — no you? since he was fucking about with you?

J: Yeah.

H: you’re an angry guy…

J: Yeah.

H: perform you think your anger originates from your dad leaving you?

J: that course.

H: it’s gotta be.

J: that was about that time. My popular music left me anywhere in between nine and 11. I had actually a bunch the anger.

H: go you have a close connection with that up till that point?

J: Yeah, the closest.

H: have actually you ever been in therapy?

J: No.

H: friend seem to be pretty self-realized. Analysis in her book, girlfriend seem to have a great understanding that the hurt and also the pain and everything. You’re maybe to feel it. Don’t you think it is something you must talk to who about?

J: I’ve talked to the world about it.

H: yet wait a second. Prior to you become a dad yourself, and before you even got married, didn’t you desire to sit down v someone and also say, ‘Shit, exactly how much is this walk to impact my partnership with everyone? just how am i going come stay focused on one woman? how am i going to acquire over the are afraid that someone’s not going to leave me?’

J: Well, i have been dealing with that my entire life. And I’ve been managing that with my music. Therefore I deal with that daily.

H: girlfriend think that’s enough?

J: Yeah. I’ve acquired a million therapists.

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H: friend think that’s yes, really therapy?

J: Yes, of course. Hear to these albums, read those songs. Read the level of — favor you stated — self-realization. Every that therapy is in that music.

Jack Rieger is a freelance writer that covers pop-culture and also sports. You have the right to follow that on Twitter