previous Secretary that State Hillary Clinton provides a guest figure on Howard Stern’s display where she opens up up around her an individual life and also politics.

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The privately-owned Ukrainian carrier claims it made the decision ~ researching the background of uniforms and also collecting feedback from their staff.

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The fifth concern of the DC comic collection “Superman: kid of Kal-El” will confirm the the brand-new Superman – Jon Kent, son of Clark Kent and also Lane – is bisexual.’s Don Lemon has actually more.

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The pop icon was on Fallon’s present promoting her new documentary “Madame X” once she made decision to make part “good trouble.”

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NEW YORK, new YORK - SEPTEMBER 12: Madonna speak onstage during the 2021 MTV video clip Music Awards at Barclays facility on September 12, 2021 in the Brooklyn borough of new York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty photos for MTV/ViacomCBS)
Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton appears in Justin Bieber’s brand-new music video clip “Ghost” playing the singer’s grandmother.

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“Shark Tank” star Barbara Corcoran make the efforts to do a joke around Whoopi Goldberg on “The View,” yet it to be not obtained well. Watch her apology here.

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country singer Tim McGraw tells pan the story of just how fellow nation star faith Hill accepted his marriage proposal in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary.

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“The masked Singer” traction the cover off of the celebrity who been within a infant costume this season.

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Weighing end 1000 pounds, a brown bear called ‘480 Otis’ has been crowned winner the Fat bear Week 2021 in Alaska.’s Rosemary Church has more.

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Hillary Clinton made her debut figure on Howard Stern’s show Wednesday and spilled she heart out.

Clinton spoke with Stern as component of a promotional tourism for “The book of Gutsy Women,” i beg your pardon she wrote with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

here’s a few takeaways from your conversation:

She had a boyfriend once she met previous President invoice Clinton

“There to be somebody prior to , no to marry, however I love him,” Clinton said, adding that prior to meeting her husband, she “dated a many of different people.”

She also joked come Stern that she “likes men,” “contrary come what girlfriend may have heard.”

Clinton stated she broke up through her former boyfriend together she began occurring feelings because that Bill.

together for conference the future president, she was researching in the Yale library when she spotted that staring at her.

“I said if you’re gonna store staring in ~ me then I’m gonna store staring back, so we at least ought to recognize each rather names,” she recalled.

shortly after, on a day to view a mark Rothko arts exhibit, the two discovered it closed. Invoice Clinton managed to speak a janitor right into opening it, she said, and the remainder is history.

The means they regarded each various other was “was magical, electric, and also magnetic,” Clinton explained.

~ above Trump’s “Lock her up” chant

“He has made it possible for every the worst impulses,” Clinton said. “It’s like Pandora’s box, friend lift the peak off and also things start flooding out. That’s challenging to get back in the box.”

She rocks the end to The rojo Stones.

Clinton said she regularly chatted v Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger when she was very first lady, and also he’s currently a friend.

Senator lindsey Graham

“I don’t recognize what’s taken place to lindsay Graham,” Clinton said, adding that it was choose he had actually a “brain snatch.”

“Lindsey was an excellent company, he was funny, he to be self-deprecating,” the former Secretary the State and also Senator told Stern, remembering their time functioning together. “He also believed in climate change back in those days.”

“Has he marketed his heart to the devil?” Stern asked.

“I nothing know,” Clinton responded. “That’s a same question, however.”

Graham had actually transformed in prior of her eyes from one of Trump’s harshest doubters to his number one loyalist.

Trump to be shocked once she dubbed him come concede

“He was so shocked he might barely talk,” Clinton recalled. “He was an ext shocked than me, i think.”

Clinton’s humor came through

when she coughed at one allude during the interview, talk turned to the intense focus on Clinton’s health throughout her 2016 campaign.

“They do a large deal the end of it,” Clinton said, including that God forbid she would cough top top the project trail, “I was dying.”